SONNIE BADU’s “Teach Me How To Worship Conference” impacts manyMinister Sonnie Badu has successfully rounded up his “Teach Me How To Worship Conference” in Houston, Dallas, Massachutset, Worcester and Texas.

The four-day conference which began on March 20th in each of the three states, ended on April 5th. At each of the conference, the “worshipper” ministered to a host of people and taught on praise and worship. One of the many topics tackled at the conference was decoding the mysteries of worship.

In a phone interview with Sonnie Badu, he revealed that at the conference many people dedicated their lives to Christ while others gave testimonies after the conference.

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“One of the distinct testimonies’ was when a woman who had been operated on breast cancer had pulses. The pulses were not going, she was in pain and during the concert her cancer dried up and the doctors also confirmed that the cancer had dried up. In Minnesota too, there was great, great massive testimonies and Dallas over a hundred people gave their lives to Christ” he further disclosed.

According to Sonnie, the decision to organize the conference stems from his realization that the body of Christ needs to know who God is and the power of his might. All it took was for anyone who wanted to be a participant of the “Teach Me How To Worship Conference” to register online via the minister’s website . The event which was free for participants also saw Sonnie minister to the sick, lost and depressed.

The worship conference which has been running for 6 years has already made stops in several cities including Minnesota (USA), Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas and Rhode Island (USA), and is scheduled to be replicated in other countries like Canada, Australia, Nigeria and many other places around the world.


According to the minister, this marks the first half of the “Teach Me How To Worship Conference” so gospel music lovers and Christians should be on the lookout as there is no  doubt that very soon he will be in a city near you. The “Teach Me How To Worship Conference” was graced by many people from far and near.

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