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PHOTOS: TwentyPlus Group hosts 2017 Young Achievers Summit



The #HMYAS2017 left over 300 participants inspired in its wake with detailed information on what to do next in their chosen career paths to build upon their creative and innovative potentials. It is an undeniable fact that innovation in Africa is on the rise. What a wonderful place to hold such an event than the British Council (a place of learning, creative thinkers and innovation). From our very own bamboo bike to numerous applications developed by emerging African entrepreneurs, we are very confident of the future of creativity and innovation management in Africa. The summit began with an introduction from the British Council on the “Barclays Ready to Work Clinic”. This is a workshop designed by the British Council with supports from the Barclays Bank that seeks to help individuals develop skills necessary to help them excel in their various industries. The participants were taken through the details of the workshop. The learning experience was rich, well-tailored and satisfactory. The speakers provided an exhilarating experience as they shared their cogitations and rich knowledge on the subject “Creative Thinking – The Future”. They spoke about the importance of teamwork in innovation, how to develop the psychology of our “creative-active” minds and they also shared very inspiring personal stories that thrilled the audience and left everyone thoughtfully provoked to do more. The HM Young Achievers Summit was beyond doubt a very successful event. We expectantly await the birth of the next big idea from the African continent. We know it will come from Ghana because the audience were challenged to step out of their comfort zones and put themselves out there to give more to the success of societal growth. There were various performances to crown the success of the event. These performances really defined the theme of the event as the audience were dazzled with spoken word and musical performances from the likes of Gombilla, Jay Kophy and Ronny Music. These performances were truly African, with so much creativity in their content. The panel was made up of skilled experts in their respective fields of entrepreneurship and talent management. They addressed pertinent issues affecting the development of creativity and innovation in Africa. Some of the issues discussed were: “Why do young people struggle with innovation?” “What makes up the idea generation process” and “How to determine if a creative idea has innovative potential?” The YAS Awards recognized successful entrepreneurs in both the local and diaspora setting. The winner of the 2017 Young Achievers Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the local category was Bernnett Asiamah while Victor Adepoju won the 2017 Young Achievers Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the diaspora category with Rhoda Naa Yemoley Odoi picking up sponsor choice Award. Participants were also given certificates to honor their attendance at the event. They were also refreshed with treats from Guinness Ghana while AM & PM restaurant catered for the meals of the speakers and panelists with their beautiful home-made delicacies. The TwentyPlus Group of Companies wishes to thank all our sponsors, partners, supporters, speakers and participants for making the 2017 Young Achievers Summit a historical event in our progress of promoting the development of sustainable African businesses across Africa and the world. We look forward to hearing your success stories in this regard and we know that the rich experience and knowledge gained from this summit will transform your individual potentials into becoming the entrepreneurs and leaders that Ghana, Africa and the world needs. #YAS2017 #HMYAS2017   ]]>

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