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Places and Events in Springfield, IL this Weekend



When it comes to historical significance, Springfield, Illinois’s sixth-largest city, can hold its own. Abraham Lincoln’s life and legacy are alive and well in this community, which is situated along Route 66 and will mark its bicentennial in 2026. Visitors to Springfield may enjoy the city even when the weather is bad since there are several attractions and museums to see and restaurants to dine at. If you’re looking for events in Springfield, IL this weekend, here are the things you can enjoy.

State Capitol Building, Ilinois

A trip to a state capital would be incomplete without a stop to the statehouse. In addition, Illinois features a stunning State Capitol. The domed roof in the heart of the structure is much more stunning than it seems from the outside. Free tours of the State House are available throughout the day, except from 12-1 pm when the tour guides are taking a break for lunch.

The Pint of D’Arcy

A “horseshoe” is an essential part of every visit to Springfield. The cheese sauce is slathered over two slices of bread topped with cheeseburger patties and fries at D’Arcy’s Pint. Even though it’s painful, you can’t avoid it every now and again. This may turn out to be one of the best things for you in events in Springfield this weekend.

Custom Cup Coffee Shop

Springfield is a hotbed of local entrepreneurship. Micro roastery The Custom Cup Coffee Shop roasts its own coffee beans on-site and serves them to customers.



Located right in the heart of town, this small-batch, bespoke, and roasted-to-order coffee shop makes it easy to relax and take it all in. Located in Springfield, this is the best spot to get your caffeine fix and a slice of cake.

Death Customs Museum


The Springfield Museum of Funeral Customs is located near Oak Ridge Cemetery, the second most visited cemetery in the United States and the last resting place of Abraham Lincoln. Visitors to the museum will learn about the history of American funeral traditions, with a particular focus on the 1800s and Abraham Lincoln.



The museum’s collection includes reproductions of Lincoln, Kennedy, and Nixon’s caskets, as well as an 1870s house funeral and a 1920s embalming facility. If you do not find an event in Springfield, IL this weekend, a visit to this spot can be fun. Additionally, you’ll find a vast array of caskets and coffins to choose from, including horse-drawn hearses.


Proud Raven Totem Pole

Nearly everywhere in Springfield, Illinois, the hometown of 16th President Abraham Lincoln’s, there are statues of the former president: in front of the Illinois State Capitol, next to Lincoln’s Tomb, just across from the Presidential Library, and on an ancient totem pole, no less.



Originally carved in the 1880s in Tongass Village in southeast Alaska by the indigenous Tlingit people, a group of Native Americans who once occupied a long length of the Pacific Northwest coast and stands at more than 100 feet high, the Proud Raven Totem Pole is higher than Honest Abe. As for why the Tlingits picked Lincoln’s image, no one knows for sure.

Lake Springfield

To the south and southeast of Springfield, Illinois, lies a beautiful lake. The lake is really a reservoir that covers over 4,000 acres.



In addition to Forest Park and Tom Madonia Park West, there are a number of other parks located close to the lake. These two parks are connected by a bridge that spans the lake between them. On a lovely day, have a picnic in one of the many parks, which include playgrounds and picnic tables galore.


You can find more events in Springfield, IL this weekend. But do not forget to book early tickets for confirmed visits.


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