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PODCAST: DEM TIMES Episode 5 – Light Off



It’s “LIGHT-OFF” when the generator shuts down at Onuakrom Academy, leaving the school without power and its campus in total darkness. All the boys in Samuel’s dorm decide now is the time to break out for an evening of unsupervised fun, ditching the house prefect in the process without any hope of tracking them down.

How do they entertain themselves? Two words: Rap battle! But even that starts to get stale. Soon after, Samuel is peer-pressured into telling stories about his time pre-Onuakrom– after all, there’s a lot to discover and many questions remain unanswered. With his arm twisted and nothing else to do, Samuel dishes his tell-all backstory; an epic tale of life in the UK before coming to Ghana, loaded with untruths, exaggeration, and bold-faced lies.

How much of what Samuel says can be defined as “true” is anyone’s guess, since all he wants to do is be an entertaining narrator and make himself look good. Every story-telling choice Samuel makes may annoy his peers but, hey, at least they’re getting free entertainment.