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Q&A with William: TV producer, Ayerkie Narnor talks ‘Date Rush’, photography and more



It has sparked conversations, dominated headlines, and social media trends in an era where many individual’s true sense of happiness has been taken away.
Truly, the social media commentary that accompanies a reality show on a free to air channel on Sunday evenings is undeniably a proof of producing content that engages the audience. But, TV3’s reality show, Date Rush despite the excitement it brings to our homes, has come under several criticisms with people asking questions about the authenticity of the show.
Producer of the show, Ayerkie Narnor clarifies the frequently asked question about the show being copied from South African Tv content, the known and the known questions about the show, her life, and what to expect all in one Q&A interview.

Q: First of all, tell us about your criticisms why Date Rush?

A: I always find it difficult to answer this question. “who I am?” I’m a producer. I always see myself as a storyteller and a creative person that’s all.

Q: Why Date Rush?

A: Why not Date Rush? I don’t think there’s any special response to this question aside from the fact that my boss asked me to work on it so I obliged, that’s all.

Q: What goes into producing a show like Date Rush, especially looking at the sort of interest the show has generated?A: First of all, it is a lot of work but it is also the desire to succeed. And I always say that there’s always room for improvement and growth. I think that’s the main reason why it’s been succeeding. We know there’s a lot more we can do to improve upon the program. I feel there’s a lot more to do but continuous growth is the secret of our success.

Q: As a producer what are some of the challenges you encounter on the show?

A: Errm, every new project is a challenge. Aside from me and the team having to put in our all, we’ve not had any technical challenge so far. I think one of our challenges is, for our first and second seasons, people didn’t really know about the show therefore, delays the audition process. But now that it is out there, i think we’ll no longer face that challenge.

Q: Would you say the show has yielded the desired results?

A: Yes we’re happy at how far the show has come but we believe there’s a lot more we can achieve. We believe a lot more work can be put in, we believe a much wider audience can be achieved, so with that, i think it is 50/50. We’re excited about where it is, but we certainly believe there’s a whole lot more to be done.

Q: How do you respond to views that the show was borrowed or copied from South African TV content, Take Me Out?

A: You see, i learned that ideas are like birds, they fly around. There are several times I’ve had an idea and the next minute someone else is doing it. Just last night I was sent a message that Ayerkie, you said you wanted to do this, now this station is doing it, that’s the thing with ideas. Truly in this age that we’re in, we all do a lot of research these days. So what’s wrong in seeing that there’s an idea like this, we want to do something similar so we look at how this person did it, add and take out? I don’t think it is only ‘Take me Out’. There are other shows that are similar but not entirely the same thing. There are different versions, so what is so wrong about learning or taking cues and inspiration from other shows?  You see, Africa we’re so hypocritical that it is not even funny. Back in the day we used to laugh at the Chinese that they’re the copycats of the world but today, they’re the champions of the world. You can only learn and make it yours when you see someone doing something right. I don’t think Date Rush would be accepted like it has if it was the exact thing they compare it to. If we say we live in a global village, then let’s learn from others.

Q: There’s been a lot of talks about whether Date Rush is scripted, is that the case?

A: It is not scripted. Like I stated in another interview, we only create an environment for people to free their minds and say what they want to say. It is a reality show so we try as much as possible to be real. When we start recording, these guys come in and out several times so they get used to us. So they’re no longer shy anymore, they’re not timid. As to why people think it is scripted, I do not understand but I think it is emanating from the fact that they’re on their own trying to create a series or production. So there are videos circulating of them reading scripts and people are associating it with Date Rush. That video has nothing to do with Date Rush.

Q: Who qualifies to be on the show because it seems everyone has a well-defined profile?

A: Everyone deserves love! So long as you’re single and mature, you have the right to be on the show.

Q: Did you envision Date Rush being this huge? Because undoubtedly on Sunday nights, Ghana is virtually on lockdown with the young and old all glued to their TV sets.

A: (Laughs) When we started working, all we wanted to do was a good job and we also enjoyed the show. Date Rush is one of the few productions that whiles recording, you’d find me dancing with a colleague. We have so much fun on the show that our main aim was to do something good.

Q: There’s something about the DJ, he seems to have a song that corresponds with every moment on the show. Is it tabulated?

A: The DJ has also grown with the show because you’d realize that in the middle of the season, everybody is noticing him because he’s has also done his homework. He has understood the terrain and the way the show works now, so he knows what type of songs to select. He has really done a good job with the selection of songs he plays, and also we try as much as possible to be African with our selections.

Q: One question on the minds of people is whether the people who pair on the show actually go ahead with the dates? Do you have any follow up mechanisms?

A: We do, you realize that with every episode, we show you the previous couples, the dates they’ve been on, and what they’re saying and what they feel. Like we keep saying, Date Rush is only a platform for singles to connect. What you do afterward is up to you. We’d love it if tomorrow someone walks up to us that we’re getting married. We will gladly shoot that production. If you’re a young man and you truly want to go on a date, you will at least go out with 6 or 7 people before getting the right person. I’m not saying you have to sleep around. So yes, we do.

Q: Has the show recorded any marriages so far?

A: Not yet, in fact, I didn’t want to give it all out. I mean the season is not yet done so whatever happens we’d put it out there for you all if we have a success story or unsuccessful stories.

Q: Your host, Nii Kpakpo, what went into that choice?

A: (Laughs) First of all Kpakpo is fabulous, he’s great and the show in itself we wanted humor. Kpakpo is a very funny character but brilliant as well. And we wanted that combination that’s why we went in for him and we so do not regret it. He gives us humor but he’s witty and knows what to say at the right time.

Q: How is it like dealing with such a character?

A: He makes the work easy and fun because he knows his stuff.

Q: Would you say he has lived up to expectations?

A: He definitely has lived up to expectations. I think Kpakpo has done a good job, there’s nothing to be said.

Q: What has been the A factor about him?

A: The fact that he is a funny person, his jokes, and you see, there are people who try to be funny but are really not funny. Kpakpo is not that kind of person. He is funny naturally and that is what is working for us. He doesn’t force it so he doesn’t look fake.

Q: How is reality TV shaping ideas of men and women roles?

A: This is an interesting question. I think we’re in the time of reality TV or productions that are real. I mean when you go on Youtube, people are living their lives and they’re showing it and people buy into it. Shows like the Kardashians, Married to Medicine, House Wives of Atlanta, etc. Yes it is dramatized but it’s all reality TV and I think it is really big online and that’s the world we’re in now and definitely, Africa is part of this world. The only thing is, we as a people have our own identity and culture. I’m not a copycat, I do not believe in copying people but I believe in getting inspirations and building upon that inspiration to make it mine. There’s nothing wrong with getting an inspiration, the only mistake is taking inspiration and failing at it.

Q: Has our culture sort of limited our creativity in any way?

A: No, not necessarily. The only limitations have got to do with our minds, it has nothing to do with our culture. Sometimes when we say culture we make it seem as if it is some grandiose or weird thing. I mean if you have to come here every morning, that is your culture so our culture is never a limitation. It is just who we are and what we do. It is just that we have it in our minds that as blacks, people were limited. So we’re not as forceful and adventurous as we should.

Q: What key elements should a great reality show have?

A: (Laughs) I think every reality show is different so I think it is basically knowing exactly what you’re doing and what you’re looking out for. With Date Rush we’re really big on humor, fashion and dance so we harness on those things.

Q: In 2010, you took part in a beauty pageant, Miss Malaika with Berla Mundi, how did it go for you?

A: It was such an eye-opener. It is an opportunity I’m also grateful for. Yeah, we had the opportunity to travel to Egypt where you know Egypt is the hub of African identity, and getting to experience that looking at what we saw and learned, was a huge turnaround for me. I’ve always been passionate about who i am and where I’m from, but being part of that pageant and seeing and learning what we did when we traveled was an experience I’d always cherish.

Q: Would you say your exposure to the world of Entertainment has better positioned you in life?

A: Not entertainment necessarily, but it was more of an awakening, self-identity, getting to know who I am as an African. I think when you have a true sense of identity, you do not have any limitation or whatsoever, so whatever you do gives you a certain kind of confidence and belief.

Q: Do you still do photography?

A: It been a while I must say. Sometimes I miss it. I hardly do photography these days but I’m working on a book that is about photography and poetry so once in a while I’ll find time, travel, take some pictures and probably write. But the way I used to do photography then, the events, studio work, I don’t see my self doing that anymore. I definitely will do travel photography. I’ve been working on a book about photography.
Actually, I’ve had that book for years but this time it definitely has got to come out!

Q: What inspired that book and is it all about Photography?

A: It is photography and poetry. I traveled to Begoro, they have this beautiful place like a small village of rocks in different shapes and forms, so beautiful! I just had to capture that also, I love to write, I love poetry. So I did something on poetry and added it to the photography. I’ve had that book for 6 years, it was actually a project I started in Uni.

Q: As a creative person, what really inspires you?

A: Anything at all. I’m one of those people when i look into the clouds i see shapes and forms. Animals and faces, sometimes when i look at the wall, i see a pattern and stuff so everything inspires me. Music, people, nature, anything around me inspires me.

Q: How do you translate it into what you do?

A: I translate it into writing, photography, poetry production, etc. anything creative.

Q: Would you say you’re at your Apex?

A: Hell No! Not at all, i don’t think I’ve even achieved 1% of what I want to achieve. I feel there’s a lot more to give and a lot more to do. Look, sometimes when i sit back and I’m watching Date Rush, i cringe! I see the mistakes we do and i cringe but an ordinary person will watch and say it is perfect. There’s a lot more to be done creatively, technically and for me as a person, there’s so much more to give and do.

Q:  Any advice to people who aspire to venture into production or showbiz?

A: It’s a tough industry, never give up, do not compare yourself to other people. Be highly focused on exactly what you want and where you want to be. Our industry is all about show business; You have a lot of people showing but having nothing after the show. Understand that it is not just a show, it is a business, so have a plan and don’t give up. Keep pushing, eventually, they will see your worth.

Q: You appear to be calm, is that your nature?

A: I’m a very calm person but also strong-willed. I can also be very difficult when things are not going as they should. But hey, at the end of the day when you keep pushing, everyone else will understand why, when you succeed.

Q: Lastly, the now-famous Ignatius and Freelove brouhaha. People have tagged it as unfair treatment from Ignatius and totally disrespectful to women. Do you find any fault with what he did or to you it is just a show and he’s free to do what he wants?

A: (Laughs) Can I ask a question? Yes.
Do you remember the episode where Freelove said she didn’t like a guy because of his ears?  Yes, that’s all i have to say. How is it unfair if she turned her rush off on someone because of his ears and someone else has turned his rush off on her. Let’s be fair. I mean, women, sometimes we act as if the things we do,  when the guys do it to us it is like it can’t be done and shouldn’t be done and it’s weird and stuff. They turn their rushes off all the time on guys, so what’s the big deal?  And another guy comes in to turn their rushes off, after all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

Alright, thank you so much, Ayerkie.

A: Thank you, too.

Interview by: Willam Lamptey

Edited by: Joshua Quodjo Mensah

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How to Look After Your Health at Work



Although you might be a pro at looking after your health at home, when it comes to the workplace, many people do not take the precautions that are needed to stay healthy and safe. However, staying healthy in the workplace is important as only then will you be able to carry out your best work and impress your manager without having to take ample time off when you least want to. Then, here are some of the top tips that you need to follow to be able to care for your health and your safety in the workplace.

Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the biggest threats to your health in the workplace, and yet many people write it off as being a normal part of their everyday lives. However, jobs that give you excessive stress can mean that you start to suffer from serious mental health concerns and can lead to burnout. You might have to take time off for stress or even quit your job completely. Some of the jobs that offer people the most stress include those in teaching, healthcare roles, and business managers. Then, if your role is starting to cause you stress, such as the counselor stress that many people in mental health services experience, you need to make sure that you can take ample time off, that you practice self-care and relaxation in the evenings, and that you discuss with your manager about the possibility of extending any deadlines that you are struggling to meet easily.

Sanitize Your Hands

With a lot of people working in a small area, the disease can spread rapidly, and, before you know it, half of your office can be wiped out by the same bug. Then, to prevent yourself from falling ill and having to take a week or two off work, you should take precautions, such as sanitizing your hands. This will ensure that you can keep yourself safe and healthy when you are touching surfaces that many others have touched, even if your office is operating at full capacity. Even better, you should try to wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

Get Some Fresh Air

Not only can fresh air allow germs to disperse, but it can also help you to stay healthier and happier. Then, you should always try to sit near a window and to open any windows in your office space. Your office might also have air ventilation systems and air purifiers which can help to make the space aerated. You should discuss the option of getting these with your manager if they are not installed already. If you are unable to get fresh air in the office, you should use your breaks or lunch to go for a walk outside. This can help you to refresh your mind and to swipe away the tension of the last few hours while making your lungs breathe easier and getting your digestive system moving.


Even if you have a sedentary job, you must not forget the importance of exercise throughout your week. Exercise can lower your risk of getting heart disease or of having a stroke, for example, and can also improve your mental health and concentration, and energy levels. However, getting exercise on the job can be more difficult than you might expect. Then, you should try to fit in a couple of minutes of exercise on the way to work, even if this is simply walking or cycling to work. You might also consider using your lunch break to go for a jog, and some offices even have gyms attached for employees to use. If you are unable to get away from your desk, though, you should consider performing deskercise to keep your body moving and to stop tension and muscle stiffness from occurring.

Eat Well

If you want to look after yourself in a simple and yet effective manner, you should make sure that you eat well, even when your schedule is filled up with work commitments. There are many quick and easy homemade meals that you can prepare. You should at least make sure that you are consuming enough fruit and vegetables and that you cut out sugary snacks, which can be tempting to consume at your desk in that mid-afternoon lull. You should also avoid skipping meals altogether or eating at your desk, as this can drain you and can make you eat larger portions. You should also swap ready-made sandwiches for simple bread and butter ones that you have made at home and filled with your favorite filling, or even for something a little more extravagant. This will ensure that the chaos of work does not distract you from eating delicious meals and as well as you can.

Know the Health and Safety Policy

However, workplace accidents are still common in many industries, and you may get injured by incorrectly handling machinery or even by tripping up a loose cable. Then, it is vital that you know your company’s health and safety policy in detail and that you speak up when you are uncomfortable or worried about your safety at work. You should always make sure that you are wearing the right gear to protect yourself from dangers and that your training is up to date. You should never complete tasks that you do not know how to perform, and you should stay away from possible hazards and signage which might alert you to dangers. You should make sure that you take breaks and that you are not too tired when you are operating machinery that could harm you or others.

You should never let your job affect your health, and so it is important to know the best ways that you can stay healthy while you are performing your role responsibilities. Then, by following this guide, you will be able to reduce the number of times that you are sick, ensure that you can look after your body, and prevent any workplace accidents from occurring.

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Adobe Features Michael Aboya’s Photo On Lightroom’s Splash Screen



Ghanaian fine-art and fashion photographer, Michael Aboya’s  work has been used as the Splash Screen on the latest Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic.


What this means is, anywhere around the world when someone opens their Lightroom Classic software, they are welcomed first with Michael’s photo.


Considering the fact that Lightroom ranks as the world’s 2nd best photo editing software after Photoshop (also by Adobe), this is such a HUGE feat.

Adobe Lightroom is a creative image organization and image manipulation software developed by Adobe Inc. as part of the Creative Cloud subscription family. It is supported on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and tvOS. Lightroom also gives you everything you need to create, edit, organize, store, and share your photos across any device.


Truth is, every photographer in the world has either used or heard of Lightroom hence this achievement exposes not only Michael, but Ghana to the entire creative universe especially in Photography.


Michael Aboya also known as Aboya.8, is a fine-art and fashion photographer based in Ghana West Africa whose passion for arts and photography became real at age 19 when he lost his father to cancer in August 2016.


He stopped studying computer programming at the time and used the little savings and funds he had to buy a Canon T3 camera with a Canon EF 70mm – 300mm lens. In early 2017, he started working as a full-time photographer, dedicated to learning and very importantly becoming a better version of himself.


Today, as a visual artist working with photography, Michael’s purpose is to tell stories that inspire, empower and connect with the viewer. His images explore emotions, love and strength through composition, lighting, and subject matter.


Setting international records for Ghana seem to be a specialty for Michael as last year, he won the Best portrait photography 2020, by Agora Images in Spain, Barcelona. He was also adjudged the Author Of the best photograph in the world 2019 with his image dubbed “Songs OF Freedom” – Agora Awards 2019 in Spain, Barcelona.


In 2018 Michael swept Best eyes photography award, Best sound photography award, and Best horse rider Photography award.


Mr Aboya is currently an Adobe Lightroom Ambassador and has featured and partnered with the likes of BBC, SONY, Forbes, Adobe, Agora Images, NEWSDAY, to mention but a few.


See more of his works on Instagram via @aboya.8, or visit his website



See Michael’s work under Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic as published by Adobe here:|Adobe Splash Screen



By: Cwesi Ofori



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Takoradi creatives showcase their prowess during the Guinness Bright House Experience



After a successful launch in Accra, Kumasi and Tamale, the Guinness Bright House Experience finally made its stop in Takoradi much to the delight of ‘Tadi’ creatives and revelers.

The Guinness Bright House Experience is a model bar and a fundamental part of the Guinness Black Shines Brightest campaign and it serves as a cultural space and a hub for people to connect and energize each other with creativity, inspiration and, of course, a cold bottle of Guinness.

In Takoradi, the Bright House Experience started off with a fashion show where young and talented fashion designers across the Western Region showcased what makes them shine bright through a stunning display of amazingly creative designs.

Before Vanilla, a fast-rising vocalist and versatile songwriter mounted the stage to dazzle guests with his ‘Sikilite’ hit song, underground musicians in the region came to display their music and rap prowess to the admiration of all. This set the tone for the music aspect of the Bright House Experience.

Fameya and Mr. Drew did not also disappoint as they dropped hit songs after hit songs as guests were seen dancing and singing along most of their songs.

Incredible Zigi showcased why he is indeed the perfect fit as face of the Black Shines Brightest Campaign. He displayed so much creativity and energy with his dance moves. He eventually did his signature removal of shirt and the crowd went berserk with excitement. Incredible Zigi performed with his regional team of Afrozig dancers in Takoradi.

When the main act for the night, the ‘Confession’ hit maker Kofi Kinaata hit the stage, the crowd welcomed him with cheers and excitement, and he proved why he is the real “Fante” rap god by giving fans a performance to remember. Kofi Kinaata indeed ensured that guests left the event with a full appreciation of what ‘Black Shines Brightest’ truly means.

Before the Bright House Experience was the Guinness Creative Master Class in partnership with 3 Music Network where Michael Amofa (Incredible Zigi), Dance Artist, Choreographer, George, Mensah Britton, media personality, talent manager, entertainment pundit and brand, creative serial entrepreneur, Sadiq Abudulia Abu, Chief Executive Officer of 3 Music Network as well as Nana Kofi Asihene, music video director, creative consultant, and film maker and Kinorah Awini, CEO & content Developer at Telande World Studios Limited engaged young and budding creatives in Takoradi with the aim of spurring them to growth.

Guinness ‘Black Shines Brightest’ is a new Pan African campaign celebrating the iconic black liquid enjoyed all over the continent for over a century. This exciting new campaign is inspired by the bold and unique black beer of Guinness stout and brings together passionate and creative individuals to celebrate the spirit of Guinness and its home across African markets.

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itel Launches itel S17, itel Spirit 1 Laptop, Cinema TV Projector and Other New Products in Exclusive Online Launch in Ghana



itel, the global premium mobile phone and accessories brand, continues to prioritize giving its customers control, functionality, fun and value. In keeping to that tradition, the brand has added a line of new and exciting products to its fleet; the iconic itel S17 smartphone, the itel Cinema TV H1 Pro, the Spirit 1 Laptop and the itel Wireless Neckband N53F. These were announced in an exclusive online launch event held on Friday October 8, 2021.

The highly attended virtual event drew participation from celebrities and top industry leaders across Nigeria and West Africa, with itel brand ambassador Olamide- accompanied by Nollywood star Mercy Johnson-Okojie and celebrity TV host Stephanie Coker- on hand to talk about the sterling qualities of the new products. Starting October 9th, 2021, itel stores and authorised outlets will have their shelves filled with these exciting new products as the brand continues to seek easier ways to make life better for all.

itel S17: Specs and Features

A look at the itel S17 smartphone reveals a huge improvement on previous generations of the S series; yet the phone can be purchased at an unmatched price point that target consumers can afford. This gives credence to the International Data Corporation (IDC) report for 2020 which rated itel as the Number One Smartphone and Feature Phone Brand in Africa under $75, a recognition for its affordability and quality.

Tagged Capture Your Smile, the Smile Selfie smartphone is a game-changer, ensuring that you can look your best when you take a selfie with ease. This is supported by an 8MP front camera and a large 6.6-inch HD+ waterproof full screen that produces 3-dimensional, crystal clear images and videos. The battery has also been massively upgraded to 5000mAh, enough for up to 70 hours of music, 30 hours of chat, 7-10 hours of entertainment and 7 hours of selfie. With three rear cameras, taking a photo and recording videos have become more flexible and exciting. These allow more light to come in through the expanded lens, making the view wider and clearer.

Other features include the radial diamond texture that makes the device pleasant to touch and look at; beautiful, sleek exterior design; double safety feature with upgraded fingerprint sensor and face unlock; durable internal and external structures, dust, and moisture resistance and many more. You can simply walk into an authorised store and choose between the multicolor green, sky blue or deep ocean black variants- whatever tickles your fancy.

Breath-taking Cinematic Experience with the itel Cinema TV H1 Projector

Home or office, it doesn’t really matter. Whether you’re warming up on a large couch with family and friends as you enjoy the current episodes of your favourite TV show or presenting a life-changing pitch in the boardroom, this digital TV projector is as good as they come. With 100-inch wide-angled screen dimension, i-Cast support and 2×5 Width double speakers, you’re all set for a wholesome cinematic experience.

itel Smart Watch 1 for all times and seasons

This is another new product offering by itel. At first glance what you see is a truly attractive wristwatch but take a closer look and you’ll see why this wristwatch ranks high on functionality and usability. It is a lifestyle watch with features for sports, health, and entertainment. We can talk about its blood oxygen and heart rate monitors or its 7 sports modes all day long, but not to forget its music and camera control feature, smart notifications, and personalised menu.

It’s Thin, It’s Light, It’s The Itel Spirit 1 Laptop

Processor? Check. Memory? Check. Powerful, fast-charging battery? Check. This new laptop by itel offers you everything you need in a personal computer and so much more. With 1 TB in-built memory, 8GB RAM and Windows 11 operating system, there’s a lot to love about the Spirit 1 laptop beyond the elegant 15.6-inch FHD Screen and its thin, light design. It is also equipped with WiFi 5, allowing routers to engage with up to four devices at a time.

Get Your Groove On With The itel Wireless Neckband N53F

This is a next-generation wireless neckband brought to you by itel. The Wireless sound accessory is compatible with most mobile phones and computers on the market, giving you the crisp sound quality, you deserve. Its iconic magnetic earbuds will stay put in your ears and never fall off. This ergonomic design is further enhanced by a comfortable and stylish Neckband. It features a 10.4mm bass boost driver and is moisture resistant.

Join The Family That Enjoys Better Life

This list of new products embodies the passion and character of itel as it continues to sweep through Africa and the rest of the world with affordable but highly innovative products for the young at heart. Whether it’s the smile-capturing itel S17 smartphone, the cinematic delight of the itel H1 Cinema TV Projector, the unrivalled functionality of the itel Smart Watch 1, the super slim Spirit 1 laptop, or the dynamism of the itel wireless neckband, you too can purchase these products at any itel authorised store near you. Join the itel family and enjoy better life.

The itel-Buy promotion month is ongoing. Buy yourself any of our key itel products and win amazing gifts instantly from any accredited itel shop.

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The Success of Online Gambling Operators During the COVID-19 Pandemic



The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world forever. While it appears that the situation is gradually improving, the way that people do things is likely never going to go back to pre-pandemic levels.


Countless sectors were negatively impacted by the pandemic. This includes the land-based gambling sector. As casinos and bookmaker shops had to close for extended periods of time, they were going without revenue coming in the door and often had to rely on government support to keep paying workers.


However, online gambling operators were the ones to take advantage of this situation, as people were still looking for ways to place sports bets and play their favourite casino games when they could no longer do so in person. This article will look at the impact the pandemic had on the online gambling sector.


Closure of Physical Locations


As the pandemic started to set in, politicians and health officials realized just how severe this virus was going to be. In the beginning, most people would not have been able to foresee just how long this situation would last.


As case numbers of COVID-19 continually increased, public orders were released closing entertainment facilities like casinos, bingo halls, and poker rooms. The people who relied on using these facilities on a regular basis then had to start looking elsewhere to get their bets placed or play their games. The natural solution for these people was online gambling platforms.


While a lot of people who frequented the physical facilities already had been using online platforms, there was also a whole new audience exposed to the online space. This bolstered the number of people who were utilizing these platforms across the board, creating a boom in the sector.


People also had more time on their hands, as well as often having more disposable income as they were stuck inside their houses doing nothing. Therefore, the spending among certain types of online gamblers increased dramatically during the period.


Online Sports Betting


For some time towards the beginning of the pandemic, most major sports all across the world were cancelled. There were only very limited sporting events on offer. This led to people betting on anything they possibly could, including table tennis, drone racing, and darts. As a result of the lack of sporting events, online sportsbooks suffered for a while.


However, ever since sports returned in a major way, there has been a boom in success for these online operations. People realized just how important sport is in daily life to keep people happy and entertained. This led to a lot of people watching more sport and also placing more bets a lot of the time on these events.


Games of Chance and Games of Skill


While of course, physical casinos had to close their doors, games of chance and games of skill were still readily available to people through online platforms. As there was a lack of sports betting opportunities for some time, this led to more people turning to popular casino games as these were always going to be available to play. There has been a consistent increase in the number of people playing these games, as well as a resulting increase in profitability for the operators.


One of the interesting trends seen was a rise in the number of people playing online slots. However, there was also a drop in the number of spins per average session or for the total gaming sessions that last up to an hour. Therefore, a lower proportion of people were engaging in more slots play than pre-pandemic.


There have also been some restrictions brought into place by gambling regulators that have slowed down spin speeds, which could also be having an impact. The aim of these types of restrictions has been to try to better protect problem gamblers by cutting down on the number of spins they can do in the course of a playing session.


Players Looking at Other Options


One of the other trends seen during the course of the pandemic was casino players looking for fresh opportunities to express themselves. With the gambling regulators constantly putting in place strict rules on gamblers and platforms, people wanted to have a greater sense of freedom.


This is why non-GamStop casinos offered sites like have been gaining popularity. These are platforms that are not licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), meaning that they do not have to follow the strict rules and regulations of this body. Non-GamStop casinos often give you the chance to get access to a bigger game library, as well as more lucrative offers, and a better collection of payment options.


It is important that people are only using these platforms if they are fully in control of their gambling. That is because these casino sites allow people who are self-excluding through GamStop to avoid these blocks and to continue gambling.


An Interesting Future


The online gambling sector has been in a boom period thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the physical casino sector is looking to get back to pre-pandemic levels, online gambling operators have gone from strength to strength. This trend looks like continuing as more and more people get access to and start using the internet on a daily basis.


While restrictions are easing across the world, land-based casino operators will be hoping that the transition over to online platforms is not a permanent one and that people in their large numbers will return to these physical properties when they get the chance to do so.


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A Serial Entrepreneurs Guide to Finding and Developing a Business Idea



Most business ideas have been done repeatedly and, on some occasions, with a great deal of success. Finding and developing a great business idea can feel like an uphill struggle, but it doesn’t need to feel like this, and it does not need to be like this. If you conduct adequate research and if you commit to seeing through one idea, you will find it much easier to develop an idea, harness it, and make it your own. So, when it comes to finding and developing an idea, where do you need to start, and what should you be focusing on first.

Sticking and Committing to One Idea

You may have lots of ideas spinning around in your head, but it is important that you stick and commit to one at a time. Trying to do too much or spreading yourself too thin is not beneficial for anyone. So, before you try and take on more than you can handle, why not put together your list of business ideas and establish which one you will pursue and why. When you commit yourself to one idea, you ensure that you dedicate your time and energy to achieving the results and success you desire. To establish which idea, you need to stick with and commit to, you need to weigh up the pros and cons of each idea you have put forward. It can be so easy and so tempting to just run with the first idea that you write down or take a liking to, but realistically if you dive in too quick, you could end up on the road to failure, and this is, of course, not what you want.

A Beneficial Business Idea

You can still make money in business, even by helping others. Developing a business idea around something that gives back will leave you feeling good, and it will also leave the recipients of the business idea feeling good as well. As a serial entrepreneur, finding or launching an idea that gives back will be both appealing and rewarding. You will be fostering goodwill, and you will be launching and harnessing a positive image for yourself and your brand at the same time. So, what kind of business idea can you introduce that would or could benefit others? For example, you could put together treatment packages for professionals to ensure that they are practicing self-care, such as Self care for nurses or self-care for doctors. Or you could focus on putting together packages that support fellow small business owners. Supporting, helping, and assisting others is commendable and is something that can be worked into a watertight business idea.

Spotting a Gap within the Market

Having an idea that has potential is what every entrepreneur wants and needs, but how do you find an idea with real and true potential? Well, you spot and then exploit a gap in the market, of course. When there is a gap in the market, no matter how small, you can exploit it and turn it from a business idea into a profitable business. When it comes to spotting a gap in the market, you need to begin looking at areas or industries that you are interested in first and foremost. You will not be able to target all marketplaces and industries when looking for an idea that has potential. So, start by targeting areas that are of interest to you because when you are interested and passionate about a market or industry, you are more driven to succeed.

Conducting Market Research

When you have spotted a gap in the market, you then need to start conducting market research. When it comes to carrying out market research, you need to utilize both primary and secondary research to establish if your idea has the potential to make money or not. Investing in the market research may seem unnecessary, but it is crucial, especially in the early stages of business idea development. If you do not invest in market research, how can you confidently be sure that you are investing your time and money into a sound idea?

Seek Support and Assistance

When it comes to getting the right idea, you need to seek support and assistance as and where you can. For example, family members may be able to help you see something you may have overlooked or missed when researching ideas. In addition, you may find that trade bodies or other professionals may be able to provide you with additional figures, research, or statistics that you might not have considered before or had to access to. Do not be afraid to reach out to others for support and assistance because this guidance can help you determine which idea to go with and why. To get the guidance and support you need, you can take advantage of networking as well. Meeting new people and gaining new insights may even help you once again to see, or spot things that you might have missed previously.

Set a Deadline or Timescale

Researching a new idea can take up a lot of your free time. It is important that you establish a deadline and a timescale for researching and creating business ideas and bringing them to fruition, or else you will find that you will be investing a lot of time, effort, and funding and not really getting a lot in return. When you are researching and finding new ideas, you need to give yourself weeks and months, and not years. It is important to remember that you can over-research an idea, and in the process, you can end up wasting time, so establish a deadline as soon as you can to ensure that you can bring the idea to the market before somebody else does. When you have a deadline in place, you ensure that you make your research time count. Wasted time equals wasted money, and missed opportunities, so stay on the ball with your research, and do not go over the top.


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