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Q&A with William: TV producer, Ayerkie Narnor talks ‘Date Rush’, photography and more



IMG 20200520 WA0014
It has sparked conversations, dominated headlines, and social media trends in an era where many individual’s true sense of happiness has been taken away.
Truly, the social media commentary that accompanies a reality show on a free to air channel on Sunday evenings is undeniably a proof of producing content that engages the audience. But, TV3’s reality show, Date Rush despite the excitement it brings to our homes, has come under several criticisms with people asking questions about the authenticity of the show.
Producer of the show, Ayerkie Narnor clarifies the frequently asked question about the show being copied from South African Tv content, the known and the known questions about the show, her life, and what to expect all in one Q&A interview.

Q: First of all, tell us about your criticisms why Date Rush?

A: I always find it difficult to answer this question. “who I am?” I’m a producer. I always see myself as a storyteller and a creative person that’s all.

Q: Why Date Rush?

A: Why not Date Rush? I don’t think there’s any special response to this question aside from the fact that my boss asked me to work on it so I obliged, that’s all.

Q: What goes into producing a show like Date Rush, especially looking at the sort of interest the show has generated?IMG 20200512 WA0024A: First of all, it is a lot of work but it is also the desire to succeed. And I always say that there’s always room for improvement and growth. I think that’s the main reason why it’s been succeeding. We know there’s a lot more we can do to improve upon the program. I feel there’s a lot more to do but continuous growth is the secret of our success.

Q: As a producer what are some of the challenges you encounter on the show?

A: Errm, every new project is a challenge. Aside from me and the team having to put in our all, we’ve not had any technical challenge so far. I think one of our challenges is, for our first and second seasons, people didn’t really know about the show therefore, delays the audition process. But now that it is out there, i think we’ll no longer face that challenge.

Q: Would you say the show has yielded the desired results?

A: Yes we’re happy at how far the show has come but we believe there’s a lot more we can achieve. We believe a lot more work can be put in, we believe a much wider audience can be achieved, so with that, i think it is 50/50. We’re excited about where it is, but we certainly believe there’s a whole lot more to be done.

Q: How do you respond to views that the show was borrowed or copied from South African TV content, Take Me Out?

A: You see, i learned that ideas are like birds, they fly around. There are several times I’ve had an idea and the next minute someone else is doing it. Just last night I was sent a message that Ayerkie, you said you wanted to do this, now this station is doing it, that’s the thing with ideas. Truly in this age that we’re in, we all do a lot of research these days. So what’s wrong in seeing that there’s an idea like this, we want to do something similar so we look at how this person did it, add and take out? I don’t think it is only ‘Take me Out’. There are other shows that are similar but not entirely the same thing. There are different versions, so what is so wrong about learning or taking cues and inspiration from other shows?  You see, Africa we’re so hypocritical that it is not even funny. Back in the day we used to laugh at the Chinese that they’re the copycats of the world but today, they’re the champions of the world. You can only learn and make it yours when you see someone doing something right. I don’t think Date Rush would be accepted like it has if it was the exact thing they compare it to. If we say we live in a global village, then let’s learn from others.

Q: There’s been a lot of talks about whether Date Rush is scripted, is that the case?

A: It is not scripted. Like I stated in another interview, we only create an environment for people to free their minds and say what they want to say. It is a reality show so we try as much as possible to be real. When we start recording, these guys come in and out several times so they get used to us. So they’re no longer shy anymore, they’re not timid. As to why people think it is scripted, I do not understand but I think it is emanating from the fact that they’re on their own trying to create a series or production. So there are videos circulating of them reading scripts and people are associating it with Date Rush. That video has nothing to do with Date Rush.

Q: Who qualifies to be on the show because it seems everyone has a well-defined profile?

A: Everyone deserves love! So long as you’re single and mature, you have the right to be on the show.

Q: Did you envision Date Rush being this huge? Because undoubtedly on Sunday nights, Ghana is virtually on lockdown with the young and old all glued to their TV sets.IMG 20200512 WA0025

A: (Laughs) When we started working, all we wanted to do was a good job and we also enjoyed the show. Date Rush is one of the few productions that whiles recording, you’d find me dancing with a colleague. We have so much fun on the show that our main aim was to do something good.

Q: There’s something about the DJ, he seems to have a song that corresponds with every moment on the show. Is it tabulated?

A: The DJ has also grown with the show because you’d realize that in the middle of the season, everybody is noticing him because he’s has also done his homework. He has understood the terrain and the way the show works now, so he knows what type of songs to select. He has really done a good job with the selection of songs he plays, and also we try as much as possible to be African with our selections.

Q: One question on the minds of people is whether the people who pair on the show actually go ahead with the dates? Do you have any follow up mechanisms?

A: We do, you realize that with every episode, we show you the previous couples, the dates they’ve been on, and what they’re saying and what they feel. Like we keep saying, Date Rush is only a platform for singles to connect. What you do afterward is up to you. We’d love it if tomorrow someone walks up to us that we’re getting married. We will gladly shoot that production. If you’re a young man and you truly want to go on a date, you will at least go out with 6 or 7 people before getting the right person. I’m not saying you have to sleep around. So yes, we do.

Q: Has the show recorded any marriages so far?

A: Not yet, in fact, I didn’t want to give it all out. I mean the season is not yet done so whatever happens we’d put it out there for you all if we have a success story or unsuccessful stories.

Q: Your host, Nii Kpakpo, what went into that choice?

A: (Laughs) First of all Kpakpo is fabulous, he’s great and the show in itself we wanted humor. Kpakpo is a very funny character but brilliant as well. And we wanted that combination that’s why we went in for him and we so do not regret it. He gives us humor but he’s witty and knows what to say at the right time.

Q: How is it like dealing with such a character?

A: He makes the work easy and fun because he knows his stuff.

Q: Would you say he has lived up to expectations?

A: He definitely has lived up to expectations. I think Kpakpo has done a good job, there’s nothing to be said.

Q: What has been the A factor about him?

A: The fact that he is a funny person, his jokes, and you see, there are people who try to be funny but are really not funny. Kpakpo is not that kind of person. He is funny naturally and that is what is working for us. He doesn’t force it so he doesn’t look fake.

Q: How is reality TV shaping ideas of men and women roles?

A: This is an interesting question. I think we’re in the time of reality TV or productions that are real. I mean when you go on Youtube, people are living their lives and they’re showing it and people buy into it. Shows like the Kardashians, Married to Medicine, House Wives of Atlanta, etc. Yes it is dramatized but it’s all reality TV and I think it is really big online and that’s the world we’re in now and definitely, Africa is part of this world. The only thing is, we as a people have our own identity and culture. I’m not a copycat, I do not believe in copying people but I believe in getting inspirations and building upon that inspiration to make it mine. There’s nothing wrong with getting an inspiration, the only mistake is taking inspiration and failing at it.

Q: Has our culture sort of limited our creativity in any way?

A: No, not necessarily. The only limitations have got to do with our minds, it has nothing to do with our culture. Sometimes when we say culture we make it seem as if it is some grandiose or weird thing. I mean if you have to come here every morning, that is your culture so our culture is never a limitation. It is just who we are and what we do. It is just that we have it in our minds that as blacks, people were limited. So we’re not as forceful and adventurous as we should.

Q: What key elements should a great reality show have?

A: (Laughs) I think every reality show is different so I think it is basically knowing exactly what you’re doing and what you’re looking out for. With Date Rush we’re really big on humor, fashion and dance so we harness on those things.

Q: In 2010, you took part in a beauty pageant, Miss Malaika with Berla Mundi, how did it go for you?

A: It was such an eye-opener. It is an opportunity I’m also grateful for. Yeah, we had the opportunity to travel to Egypt where you know Egypt is the hub of African identity, and getting to experience that looking at what we saw and learned, was a huge turnaround for me. I’ve always been passionate about who i am and where I’m from, but being part of that pageant and seeing and learning what we did when we traveled was an experience I’d always cherish.

Q: Would you say your exposure to the world of Entertainment has better positioned you in life?

A: Not entertainment necessarily, but it was more of an awakening, self-identity, getting to know who I am as an African. I think when you have a true sense of identity, you do not have any limitation or whatsoever, so whatever you do gives you a certain kind of confidence and belief.

Q: Do you still do photography?

A: It been a while I must say. Sometimes I miss it. I hardly do photography these days but I’m working on a book that is about photography and poetry so once in a while I’ll find time, travel, take some pictures and probably write. But the way I used to do photography then, the events, studio work, I don’t see my self doing that anymore. I definitely will do travel photography. I’ve been working on a book about photography.
Actually, I’ve had that book for years but this time it definitely has got to come out!

Q: What inspired that book and is it all about Photography?

A: It is photography and poetry. I traveled to Begoro, they have this beautiful place like a small village of rocks in different shapes and forms, so beautiful! I just had to capture that also, I love to write, I love poetry. So I did something on poetry and added it to the photography. I’ve had that book for 6 years, it was actually a project I started in Uni.

Q: As a creative person, what really inspires you?

A: Anything at all. I’m one of those people when i look into the clouds i see shapes and forms. Animals and faces, sometimes when i look at the wall, i see a pattern and stuff so everything inspires me. Music, people, nature, anything around me inspires me.

Q: How do you translate it into what you do?

A: I translate it into writing, photography, poetry production, etc. anything creative.

Q: Would you say you’re at your Apex?

A: Hell No! Not at all, i don’t think I’ve even achieved 1% of what I want to achieve. I feel there’s a lot more to give and a lot more to do. Look, sometimes when i sit back and I’m watching Date Rush, i cringe! I see the mistakes we do and i cringe but an ordinary person will watch and say it is perfect. There’s a lot more to be done creatively, technically and for me as a person, there’s so much more to give and do.

Q:  Any advice to people who aspire to venture into production or showbiz?

A: It’s a tough industry, never give up, do not compare yourself to other people. Be highly focused on exactly what you want and where you want to be. Our industry is all about show business; You have a lot of people showing but having nothing after the show. Understand that it is not just a show, it is a business, so have a plan and don’t give up. Keep pushing, eventually, they will see your worth.

Q: You appear to be calm, is that your nature?

A: I’m a very calm person but also strong-willed. I can also be very difficult when things are not going as they should. But hey, at the end of the day when you keep pushing, everyone else will understand why, when you succeed.

Q: Lastly, the now-famous Ignatius and Freelove brouhaha. People have tagged it as unfair treatment from Ignatius and totally disrespectful to women. Do you find any fault with what he did or to you it is just a show and he’s free to do what he wants?

A: (Laughs) Can I ask a question? Yes.
Do you remember the episode where Freelove said she didn’t like a guy because of his ears?  Yes, that’s all i have to say. How is it unfair if she turned her rush off on someone because of his ears and someone else has turned his rush off on her. Let’s be fair. I mean, women, sometimes we act as if the things we do,  when the guys do it to us it is like it can’t be done and shouldn’t be done and it’s weird and stuff. They turn their rushes off all the time on guys, so what’s the big deal?  And another guy comes in to turn their rushes off, after all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

Alright, thank you so much, Ayerkie.

A: Thank you, too.

Interview by: Willam Lamptey

Edited by: Joshua Quodjo Mensah

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The Best Designer Clothing Brands



Ameyaw Debrah in Rabat e1674841605631

In this article, we will take a look at the Top Designer Clothing Brands of all time. These names are very good quality luxury brands. Because of the fantastic apparel, shoes and accessories are created using the most ideal. From which one can hope to find material, in the most unusual manner, by expert artisans.

Not at all like the quick style brands, and surprisingly some of the high design brands, the top of the line brands create rare or limited edition pieces. Which are often bought as brands. Driven by the world’s best design architects, these pioneering brands create exquisite styles which show one’s economic well-being and valuable and interesting character.

These popular clothing brands and Popular Clothing Sites are behind the most stylish trend patterns and styles that premium and instant design outfits replicate in large numbers every season.

From intelligent suits and popular dresses to cool shirts and stylish bottoms, these are the best brands of the last hundred years, known for remarkable style, quality, and leading ratings that you want to be aware of.

Louis Vuitton The Clothing Brand of Finance:

Louis Vuitton Malletier is a French clothing fashion brand and luxury goods conglomerate. Founded in 1854 by Georges Louis Vuitton, and it is believed to be the initials of the LV logo. The likes developed as a case creator and offered various advancements, for example, level-top trunk, lightweight materials, signature design, and tumbler lock.

These days, the Louis Vuitton originator brand is known for its whole spirit of progress, power of expression, and solid interest in grandeur. Named the world’s most influential luxury brand for six consecutive years (2006-2012). And with more than 460 stores in 50 countries, this original brand continues with its primary goal of exploring new expressive skylines.

Gucci, The Clothing Brand in Italy:

Gucci founded the ‘Place of Gucci’ in 1921 in France, Italy. The young Guccio worked with several high-quality brands in London – the brand worked on various products, including perfume, makeup and clothing. Like Savoy Lodging, where he fell head over heels for the English privileged class. Revived by the English title, Guccio returned to Italy to become a top-of-the-line planner organization.

Horse details distinguished Gucci’s early pieces. At the same time, special attention was paid to the blue blood of those days, who wore a variety of equestrian equipment and accessories. One of the most agent bits of the moment is Gucci’s famous loafers, which are on display at New York’s Metropolitan Exhibition Hall of Workmanship.

Chanel The Clothing of France:

Chanel is a French luxury-style house founded in 1910 by couturier Gabrielle Chanel, who was named the lead designer in Time 100: The Main Nation of the Hundred Years. Long hailed as one of the most prominent designer brands of its time, Chanel centers around women’s ready-to-wear, luxury goods, and accessories.

Today, Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld uses essential ingredients of the brand’s vocabulary. A double-C theme, chains, tweed, and gem planners give the brand an understated, contemporary twist. Like Gabrielle Chanel, Lagerfeld used hairdos, shades and fingerless gloves to create a striking designer brand image, easy to see around the world.

Prada The Clothing of Italy:

Prada is a designer brand launched by Mario Prada as a small cowhide products store. Prada was founded in Milan in 1913 by Mario Prada as a commercial designer brand of Italian extravagance calfskin. However, Prada had little influence on the style until Miuccia took over his grandfather’s organization in 1978.

As one of the most incredible designer brands of the present day, Prada incorporates the unmistakable components of a heritage of high-quality expertise with current environmental and social protection standards. Help and ethical submission. These days, Prada is directed by a progressive, creative team: Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, striking the perfect balance between idealism and fun.

Dior The Clothing of France:

It is commonly known as Dior; Christian Dior is a French inventor founded in 1946 by French-style fashioner Christian Dior. The French extravagance design house is controlled and led by French financier Bernard Arnault, who heads LVMH, the world’s largest luxury goods conglomerate.

Coordinated by president Pietro Beccari, the high-end Dior is considered one of the most compelling brands in womenswear and eveningwear. Arguably the most-regarded designer brand worldwide, Dior’s extraordinary visions have been worn by movie stars, heads of state, royalty and VIPs.

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Samsung Unpacked 2023: Get Ready for the Best of Samsung Galaxy, Built for Today and Tomorrow



Dr. TM Roh President Head of MX Business Samsung Electronics

Every year, mobile technology increasingly becomes the very core of our daily lives and the epicenter of innovation.

With these essential devices, we create and consume content that connects, inspires and entertains us. We stay immersed in the world of an epic game, even on the go. We keep up with colleagues and deadlines when we’re away from our desks. And we manage every part of our lives in one convenient place — from health and wellness habits to appointments, purchases, travel and more.

Our days revolve around these experiences, so people want devices they can depend on from brands they can trust. At the same time, global challenges like the climate crisis are making us rethink how we live. We have a responsibility to help create a better world now while working toward a more equitable and sustainable future. We believe mobile technology can be the catalyst to enrich people’s lives and help create that future we envision. And this is the reason why we do what we do in Samsung Electronics.

Setting New Performance Standards

There’s no better example of Samsung delivering on this vision than the Galaxy S series. This year, Galaxy S series has extended our innovation heritage by doubling down on our fundamentals.

That’s why our pro-grade camera system is getting smarter, offering the best photos and videos in any light among our Galaxy smartphones. Along with the hardware and software optimization, our newest chipset, born out of Samsung’s open partnership philosophy, enables the fastest and most powerful Galaxy performance. Our ecosystem connectivity is also getting easier and more seamless than ever.

At the top of the Galaxy S series is our Galaxy S Ultra. It’s the product you can trust to give you the best of the best with redefined performance and quality.

We fully merged the most beloved Galaxy Note experiences into Ultra, pioneering a smartphone with the power, performance and creative capabilities of two leading Galaxy innovations in one.

The Galaxy S Ultra has truly become the pinnacle of Samsung Mobile’s innovation, a marque that stands out against everything else, and soon we’ll show you what Ultra can do in even more device categories.

Innovation That Lasts

Performance is not just about more power. It’s also about innovation that lasts with less environmental impact.

We are committed to combatting climate change, and we are guided by our new environmental strategy that strives to make the technology we depend on more sustainable. That’s why we consider every phase of the product lifecycle with sustainability top of mind.

This means building devices that last longer with enhanced durability and reliability. This means incorporating more recycled materials into more components. This means collaborating with like-minded partners to bring people closer together and deliver positive change for people and the planet while setting new benchmarks for our industry.

Premium Experience Without Compromise

On February 1 at Unpacked, we’ll show how innovation and sustainability working together bring the ultimate premium experience.

At a time when the stakes are higher than ever, we’ve raised the bar by pushing boundaries for the mobile experience — delivering our most powerful mobile experiences you’ll continue to love for years to come.

Join us as one of the first to see the new premium Galaxy innovations. The event will be streamed live on Samsung.comSamsung Newsroom, and Samsung’s YouTube channel.

Date: February 1, 2023

Time: 6 PM


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Akwaboah Prepares For Valentine With New Kwabena Kwabena Collaboration




Highlife and Afro fusion sensation Akwaboah is preparing to dominate the airwaves in the month of February with the release of new music which features fellow Highlife and love crooner, Kwabena Kwabena.

Akwaboah had the most streamed song last year on Valentine’s Day with his hit song Obiaa dominating airwaves and digital platforms and he promises fans to expect another sensational highlife collaboration this time.

According to him the collaboration with Kwabena Kwabena was long overdue and it is only natural that the song focuses on love and comes with an authentic Highlife rhythm to it.

Akwaboah earlier this year intimated that he will be releasing back to back hits this year, culminating in the release of his much anticipated Lighthouse Album later in 2023.

The new song titled ‘My darling’ will be available on all digital platforms from Friday 27th January 2023. A video for the song is set to be released on Sunday 29th January 2023.

The multiple award winning artist, Akwaboah is also getting ready to host his fans and music lovers at his annual Shades on Love concert in Accra on 14th February 2023 and Kumasi on 18th February 2023, He will end the month of February with another show in London UK on 25TH February 2023.

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Ghana Youth Excellence Awards 2023 Officially Opens Nomination



Picture 1 23

Outstanding event company,  Apex Africa Concept has released nomination for the inaugural edition of Ghana Youth Excellence Awards 2023.

Dubbed ‘’GYEA23”, various youth across the  length and breadth of Ghana have been earmarked to be recognized across various sectors of our Ghanaian settings.

According to organizers,  nomination for the Ghana Youth Excellence Awards 2023 has been opened from 20thJanuary, 2023 to 20th February, 2023.

Ghanaian youth doing well in  leadership, sports, advocacy, health, security, music, movies, blogging and all sectors of our Ghanaian settings will be awarded at Ghana Youth Excellence Awards 2023.

The awards has been themed, “The Ghanaian youth is relevant in national development and nation building”. Organizers are going to focus on the reality that the Ghanaian youth is relevant in this trying times of national development and nation building.

Ghanaian youth who want to file for nomination should visit to file for nomination or contact 0598225556. Below are the categories,

Outstanding Youth Personality Of The Year

Youth Leader Of The Year

Youth Politician Of The Year

Youth Advocate/Activist Of The Year

Youth Entrepreneur Of The Year

Youth C.E.O Of The Year

Community Development Youth Of The Year

Foundation/NGO Of The Year

Youth Philanthropist Of The Year

Real Estate Developer Of The Year

Youth Teacher Of The Year

Youth Military Officer Of The Year

Youth Police Officer Of The Year

Youth Nurse/Doctor Of The Year

Youth Banker Of The Year

Youth Model Of The Year

MakeUp Artist Of The Year

Fashion Designer Of The Year

Fashion Personality Of The Year

Hairstylist/Barber Of The Year

Ushering Urgency Of The Year

Modelling Urgency Of The Year

Therapist Of The Year

Youth Blogger/Publisher Of The Year

Youth Author/Writer Of The Year

Youth Photographer Of The Year

Youth Media Personality Of The Year

Social Media Influencer Of The Year

Youth Artiste Of The Year

Emerging Artiste Of The Year

Music Producer/Engineer Of The Year

Best Rapper Of The Year

Dancehall/Reggae Artiste Of The Year

Youth Manager Of The Year

Actor/Actress Of The Year

Video Director/Producer Of The Year

Best TV Series Of The Year

Movie Of The Year

Video Vixen Of The Year

Graphic Designer Of The Year

Pencil/Visual Artist Of The Year

Event Of The Year

Event Company Of The Year

Content Creator Of The Year

MC/Hypeman Of The Year

DJ Of The Year

Spoken Word Artiste Of The Year

Youth Footballer Of The Year

Football Club Of The Year

Youth Athlete Of The Year

Sports Manager Of The Year

Sports Journalist Of The Year

Sports Personality Of The Year

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Binance Charity selects 1000 Africans for tech scholarship in collaboration with Utiva



Wide BC Announcement Design

Binance Charity, the philanthropic arm of Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure provider, and Utiva, a technology education company in Africa that helps young people learn tech skills, today announced that they have selected the 1,000 Africans who will be taking part in a free 1-year intensive skill training program. The scholarship year is set to kick off on January 29, 2023, with a virtual launch day.

As unemployment rises across the continent, Binance and Utiva remain committed to providing digital education to enable more Africans to explore global career opportunities and secure roles as tech professionals.

This scholarship program has enrolled young Africans between the ages of 18-35 from 19 countries, providing them with a platform to learn technology skills for a 12-month duration. Classes have been designed for beginners in collaboration with Binance Academy and include skills such as web development, front-end development, full-stack development, cloud computing and blockchain modules.

Binance Academy will further support this initiative by providing Web3 crash-course content to students and by offering live and recorded training sessions to Utiva instructors. Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded an NFT certificate as digital & verifiable proof of having successfully completed the program.

“Today, we’re celebrating the 1000 students selected for full scholarships as part of our Binance Charity Scholar Program. This is our most ambitious education outreach to date in the region and the overwhelming positive response further bolsters Africa as a key hub for emerging tech talent. We’re so excited for these young people, as they embark on an exciting new career journey,” said Helen Hai, VP of Binance and Head of Binance Charity.

Angela Naa Yaboley Okantey, a Ghanaian scholar, said: “I am very excited to have been selected for this scholarship program because it will provide me with financial support and opportunities to pursue my professional goals in the tech space as well as interact with other like-minded individuals. Overall, I believe that this scholarship would be an invaluable investment in my future and enable me to be a part of an industry reshaping the world.”

Renee Ovwigho, a Nigerian scholar, said: “I am thrilled about this opportunity because it would push me toward a successful career in Data Analysis. With many industries adopting blockchain technology recently, this would enable me to learn and provide me with the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to society.”

Miracle C. Amakom, a Cameroonian scholar, said: “As an engineering student, I’ve been on the lookout for reputable programs to get great training and professional development and I am super excited to be a part of this. Looking forward to my journey of becoming a full stack developer as this has always been my passion.”

The programme includes students across Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya and more. The collaboration aims to build a path for economic prosperity for the continent through skill training and access to vast job opportunities in the technology and Web3 sectors.

This project is part of the wider Binance Charity Scholar Program, enabling the next generation of digital leaders to develop their skills, knowledge and experience without financial barriers. Applications to study as part of this program have surpassed 80,000 worldwide since June last year.


Binance is the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider with a financial product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange by volume. Trusted by millions worldwide, the Binance platform is dedicated to increasing the freedom of money for users and features an unmatched portfolio of crypto products and offerings, including: trading and finance, education, data and research, social good, investment and incubation, decentralization and infrastructure solutions, and more. For more information, visit:

Binance Charity

Binance Charity is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of blockchain-enabled philanthropy towards achieving global sustainable development. Binance Charity aims to transfer philanthropy by developing a 100% transparent donation platform based on blockchain to build a future where technology innovation is used to end all forms of poverty and inequality, advance sustainable development and ensure that no one is left behind. To date, Binance Charity has supported over 2 million end beneficiaries through various projects. For more information, visit:

Binance Academy

Binance Academy is a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency education platform featuring hundreds of hours of content on blockchain, cryptocurrency, Web3 and more. Launched in 2018, it serves millions of learners across the world in more than 25 languages. All content on Binance Academy is completely free.

With no advertisements, no requirement for payment or registration, everyone can learn at their own pace and even earn free crypto through learning by taking part in the Learn and Earn program. Other educational initiatives of Binance Academy include the University Outreach Program, Student Ambassador Program, partnerships with top online learning platforms, professional associations, industry alliances, and others.

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South Africa Tourism (SAT) successfully participateds in Fitur 2023



South Africa Tourism (SAT) successfully partakes in Fitur 2023

South Africa’s appearance at the Fitur Madrid (International Tourism Trade Fair) 2023 held at the Ifema trade fair centre of Madrid (Spain), which ended this week, was a triumph for Team South Africa.

Fitur is the global meeting point for tourism professionals and the leading trade fair for inbound and outbound markets in Latin America.

It is known as one of the year’s first appointments, bringing together diverse tourism professionals worldwide to showcase their wares during an important booking cycle in the Europe Tourism value chain.


The 2023 fair was attended by over 600 exhibitors and official representatives from 70 countries (including tourism ministers from 21 countries).

“FITUR 2023 was a resounding success and a platform where we once again showcased South Africa’s unique experiences and readiness to welcome visitors from across the globe.” said the South African Tourism (SAT) Regional General Manager (Europe) Ian Utermohlen.

“We conducted 25 high level meetings and discussions at the South African Tourism exhibition stand, with the intention of fostering meaningful relationships in the market. This saw us amongst others engage with Real Madrid and the Committee of Tourism Film Festivals on potential collaborative efforts in the Spanish & South African Markets”.

South Africa’s strong contingency of exhibitors included Joburg Tourism, Amazing Africa, Ates Africa Safaris & Tourism, Catalina Tours SA, Aquila Collection and AM Lodge | Luxury Safari Lodge.

Among the South Africa exhibitors at the #FITUR2023 were three SMMEs, Kwanda Voluntourism, Timeline Travel & Evo Trak Quad Safaris who valued the opportunity to participate on this global tourism platform. “A part of driving transformation in the industry and opening up market access for the emerging operators, it is imperative that we elevate and expose SMMEs to our Europe Tourism value chain like FITUR,” he insisted.

On Thursday 19th January South African Tourism hosted a press conference that garnered great response and enthusiasm from 30  Spanish media and trade stakeholders that  were in attendance. “Our objective was to bring the Spanish media into our confidence and ignite excitement with the processes and thinking behind our in-market demand work, the importance and value of the Europe South Markets, while showcasing our exceptional performance” Utermohlen emphasised.

South African Tourism’s stand in Madrid welcomed up to 495 quality visitors who engaged with exhibitors & delegates while enjoying biltong and some quality South African wines, The Golden Kaan Shiraz and Delheim Chenin Blanc.

One of the observations that came from many of the exhibitors on the stand was that they (exhibitors) are seeing shorter lead times for business – meaning, all the business that is coming their way is for either this year or next year.”

“This indicates how eager people are to host their conferences and bring incentive trips to South Africa shortly. This is a shift from the pre-COVID-19 environment as lead times were much longer,” he re-emphasised.

Utermohlen believes South African Tourism’s relentless Europe marketing efforts are beginning to bear fruit as buyers who visited South Africa stand in Madrid were confident in selling South Africa to their customer base

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