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#RayOfHope: Celebrities, social media users, others fight to save the life of popular artist Ray Styles



In less than 24hrs since the news of popular artist Ray Style’s health condition broke, Ghanaians the world over have been raising awareness and donating to help save his life. 

For the over three hundred thousand followers, there’s a lot to look forward to on the Instagram page of penciled celebrities. The good, the bad, and the ugly in society, worldwide. The offer on the table is of tantalizingly eye-pleasing genius craft from the hands of an artistic creator, his work is  the kind that churns our eye-popping reactions from the designs and paintings.

Society is once again awakened by a snapshot of life be it social issues, relationships, marriage or our favorite celebrities are seen through the lens of  this loved pencil artist. His work is shared, often with viral intensity.

For Ray Styles, the talent behind the popular ‘penciled celebrities’ works, time is running out.  The works that get the social media paparazzi drooling might soon be in short supply as the talented artist is now in a desperate state, with his health failing him by the day.

Emmanuel Apraku, as the artist is known in real life is said to have been diagnosed with a liver disease.An artwork in circulation on social media captures the ‘penciledcelebrities’ star in a frail state. His condition appears to be deteriorating hence the need for an urgent surgery.


With several celebrities adding their voice to the campaign, initiatives like #5gh4Ray among others has helped in the fight to secure funds for Ray’s surgery.


The general public is been encouraged to make donations through the mediums below.

Contacts for donations



Account Number: 2030446110918


Mobile Money

Momo Number: 0244706308

Account Name: Joana Otchere-Derah

Momo Number: 0249495920

Account Name: Emmanuel Apraku




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