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From refugee to Global Shaper Watch the story of Yawa Hansen Quao on Under 40 CEOs



From the chats that we have had on the television series thus far, we know that challenges abound in business. We also know that a myriad of challenges have shaped the Young African Business Leaders we have had a chat with on the show and Ghana’s Yawa Hansen Quao is no exception. Yawa Hansen Quao, once a political refugee is a Ghanaian founder, social entrepreneur and a feminist. She sits on the board of Ashesi University College, serves on the Advisory Board, Women’s Institute for Global Leadership, Benedictine University, is founder of the Leading Ladies Network (LLN), and a member of the African Leadership Network and the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community. She is a force to reckon with in the education and well-being of the girl child. Under 40 CEOs currently airs on TVC Entertainment Nigeria from 7.30pm every Friday; and exclusively in Ghana on GH ONE Television. Under 40 CEOs is a 30-minute television series that tells the stories of these CEOs, in a bid to showcase the sheer amount of resourcefulness of the individuals. When the stories are told, some will term them superheroes, but we attempt to demystify them by digging deep to discover what makes them tick, they are a new breed that must not be threatened by extinction. They are an inspirational bunch and the goal is to replicate them. They are the new school heroes to many, however we choose to call them our Under 40 CEOs.]]>