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Rev. Father Dumelo? John Dumelo reveals his mom wanted him to be a Priest



Ghanaian actor and political aspirant, John Dumelo, has revealed his mom always wanted him to be a priest.

According to the award-winning actor who grew up in a Catholic household, his mom was pushing for him to go to the seminary but it just wasn’t his calling.

John was speaking in an interview with Rev. Erskine on the Y-Leaderboard Series on YFM when he made this revelation.

“I used to serve mass and at a point, I think my mother even wanted me to be a Reverend Father but that calling, I beat am. When you serve mass well, they’ll probably tell you to go to Pope John Senior High School and continue to the seminary and so on but nah”, he told host Rev Erskine.

The actor who recently celebrated one year of marriage bliss with his wife admitted that he enjoyed serving mass when he was young.

He however, added that he cannot serve anymore because he’s grown now.

“Now I grow so I no go fit serve mass but it was a beautiful experience”, he added.