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Watch: KiDi prefers ‘friends with benefits’ to true love



Lynx Entertainment’s KiDi has stated his preference for relationships with no strings attached.

According to the singer, true love is hard to come by hence, his preference for ‘friends with benefits.’

In a one on one interview with on Front View on TMGHLIVE, the ‘Say Cheese’ singer stated that he’d choose friends with benefits over true love anyway.

“The thing is you can never know when there is true love, cause I’m thinking about all the times when I thought I was in love but I wasn’t, So I prefer friends with benefit because it’s easier. You get to have a friend but with benefits,” he stated in a chuckle.

KiDi is currently out with a new body of work titled ‘Blue.’ It’s a compilation of five special songs from the award-winning singer.

Watch the video below: