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‘Rumours that I have enhanced my buttocks are not true’ – Benedicta Gafah



Actress Benedicta Gafah is known for her hour-glass figure which some believe to be fake. However, the actress has publicly debunked those rumors.

Social media users some time back made fun of her alleged fake hips and called her all sorts of names to the extent that she had to turn off her comments sections to avoid further trolls.

After months of remaining silent, she has finally opened up on the rumors saying the story of her undergoing surgery to enhance her shape is false.

“When I began my movie career, I heard a lot of rumours that I have enhanced my buttocks but it is not true. I was having a lot of weight at that time. Now I have slimmed down and I take very good care of my body. A lot of changes do occur in the body when you are growing,” she said.

On why she chose to lose some weight, she explained that her waist grows bigger whenever she puts on weight, therefore, she took that decision.

“My waist grows bigger when I put on weight so I had to advise myself.”

She concluded by saying she always laughs when fake rumors about her are reported in the news.

Watch the video below.

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