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RYLTY Strikes Gold with Debut Music Video ‘Replay’




In an electrifying display of artistic prowess, Ghanaian rising star RYLTY has taken a giant leap forward in her debut music video for her latest single, “Replay.” Helmed by the visionary director Onasis Gaisie and brought to life by Directors of Photography Kwame Boadi and David Nicole Sey, this visual masterpiece celebrates music, dance, and genuine emotion.

The video features an ensemble cast of exceptional talents, including DJ Kess, Gilbert from the empowering collective “Free the Youth,” and the dynamic professional dancer Oh Sea, hailing from the UK. This collaboration of diverse talents comes together to elevate storytelling and evoke a myriad of emotions.

As the melodic strains of “Replay” fill the air, the video takes us on a journey of connection and camaraderie. The story unfolds with friends reaching out to RYLTY through text messages, inviting her to join them in a memorable hangout. A subtle nod to her debut track, “Non Stop,” playing in the background, adds a touch of continuity, anchoring her artistic journey in the fabric of her musical identity.

The video’s visuals are a study in contrast, transitioning seamlessly from the comfort of RYLTY’s personal space to the exhilarating energy of a pulsating club. This dynamic shift captures the essence of her journey as an artist, symbolizing her transition from introspection to embracing the vibrant world of music and dance.


RYLTY’s innate fashion flair takes center stage as she graces the screen in chic ensembles. Her style choices mirror her individuality and also infuse a touch of sophistication into the video’s aesthetic.

Through this video, RYLTY proves that her artistic journey is marked by creativity and authenticity, setting the stage for a promising future in the music industry. As the rhythms of “Replay” echo in the hearts of listeners, RYLTY’s debut music video stands as a testament to her remarkable talent and a preview of the extraordinary musical odyssey ahead.

Watch the video below:

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