“>Samsung Rewards Lucky Customers in Xmas PromoSamsung Ghana has rewarded lucky customers with various exciting prizes in second week prize presentation of the ongoing Samsung Christmas promotion.The event which took place in front of the Samsung i2 Shop in Osu saw the lucky winners walk away with brand new Samsung home theatre players, microwaves, DVD Players, LED Flat Screen TVs, Shopping Vouchers among others.Mr. Caleb Newton took away a brand new Samsung Microwave while Mr. Joseph Akwanda took home a brand new 32-inch Samsung LED Flat Screen Television. Mr. Stephen Laryea also won a Samsung Microwave.

According to Mr. Joseph Akwanda who was one of the lucky winners on the day, he bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy phone on 26th December to surprise his wife this Christmas and followed procedures to register the phone on the e-warranty platform which automatically entered him into the promotion.

He said that he later received a text message announcing that he has successfully registered his phone on the e-warranty platform and now has a 24 months warranty on the phone, the message also alerted him that he has been entered into the promotion and that he could be a lucky winner.

“After my entry was received, I received a text message again that I have won a brand new Samsung LED TV. Initially, I did not believe it because I felt it was a scam, but it was when I received a call directly from Samsung to confirm the message that I realized it was true. I am very happy today because I use all kinds of Samsung products at home so I take this opportunity to tell everyone out there to buy a Samsung mobile phone to enter the promotion because it is real,” Mr. Joseph Akwanda revealed.

Another winner, Mr. Stephen Laryea, who also won a microwave, said he bought a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and also entered the draw after he received the text message for the promotion. He also encouraged others to participate since the promotion had a lot to offer


The Samsung Christmas promotion is a nationwide promotion seeking to reward 50 lucky winners each week with Samsung’s range of consumer electronics, Smartphones and an all expenses paid trip to South Africa, for 6 lucky monthly winners.

To participate in the promotion, customers are required to register their Samsung mobile phones on the Samsung e-warranty platform by typing REG *IMEI number # to the short code 1453 across all networks. The IMEI number can be found on the phone’s packaging or by dialing *#06#. It can also be seen in the empty battery slot on a white label which reads IMEI.