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Save The Environment Project partners with Legon SRC



Save The Environment Project (STEP), which is being executed by Miss Malaika 2011 finalist, Emma Awunyo has scored another effective alliance or endorsement by signing a significant partnership memorandum with the Students Representative Council of the University of Ghana, Legon. Speaking at the signing, Emma Awunyo highlighted the current state of environmental degradation and the rampant disregard for environmental issues not only in Ghana but globally. She recounted how certain human activities have overtime impacted on life and nature, ciiting the increasingly frequent incidents of hurricanes, mudslides, floods, droughts, loss of cultures, and diseases as examples. She further lamented on how Africa, the second largest continent which has over half of its population relying on the environment for sustenance, apparently trails behind other continents   in charting the cause of eco-friendliness. “I believe all would agree with me that if vast efforts are made towards treating the environment as a friend and harnessing its benefits in proper manners there will be vast improvements in human health, millions of people will be living longer, healthier lives than ever before not counting the many economic benefits that can be realized for not only Africa but the world; in this generation and more especially for subsequent generations to come after us.” Ms Awunyo acknowledged that the STEP initiative would need effective partnerships with the youth, who account for more than half of the population of Ghana.  she therefore described the partnership with the student representative body as a strategic partnership in achieving STEP’s vision of an environmentally friendly Ghana, Africa and world one ‘step’ at a time. Daniel Thiombiano, President of the University of Ghana, SRC narrated how he stood as one of the countless people who had personally suffered bereavement due to factors which were attributed to environmental degradation. He lauded the initiative and pledged a personal commitment and the continued commitment of the SRC in working together to ensure the realization of its objectives.]]>


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