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Shane Eagle premieres otherworldly visual album Xenergy: The Final Saga exclusively on Apple Music



Hip hop artist Shane Eagle has made massive industry strides since first appearing on reality TV show The Hustle in 2015, dropping his critically lauded debut album Yellow in 2017, starting his own record label (Eagle Entertainment), and ultimately establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the burgeoning hip hop scene.
Now with his latest visual album, Xenergy: The Final Saga, available exclusively on Apple Music, Shane emerges as a pioneer of future entertainment. Directed, produced and created by Shane himself, the rapper has assembled a team of young, forward-thinking artists, graphic designers and filmmakers, who have aided him in creating an otherworldly accompaniment to his music.
The seven tracks that make up Xenergy: The Final Saga are a collection of fan favourites from his acclaimed mixtape Dark Moon Flower (2019), which have been selected to build anticipation for his forthcoming tour that was postponed  earlier in the year.
Set in a simulated world called “Xenergy”, Shane describes this newly-created existence as “a meditative space in time, which prevails in the mind state of one who has found a balance between chaos and peace”. With each live performance taking place in a different scenario, all narratives are drawn from Shane’s personal experiences of loss, pain, hope, inspiration and gratitude – all expressed in the making of DMF.
With a penchant for producing slick-packaged work, Shane Eagle’s first visual album is testament to an artist that is constantly thinking and creating outside of the box.

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