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Sonnie Badu Criticizes Absentee Fathers, Calls for Active Involvement in Parenting



Sonnie Badu, the acclaimed UK-based Ghanaian gospel artist, has boldly asserted that absentee fathers are essentially worthless.

He insists that a man must actively ensure his presence in his children’s lives, even amidst relationship challenges like divorces.

In a recent interview on 3 Music TV, Badu holds absentee fathers accountable for young boys grappling with questions about their sexualities. He deems fathers who shirk their responsibilities in scenarios of divorce, leaving stepfathers to take charge, as offensive and highlights the detrimental impact on boys growing up without a male role model.


Badu emphasizes the vulnerability of girls without a father figure, often leading them to seek shelter and love from other men, exposing them to potential abuse. Additionally, he points out the undue burden on wives who, in the absence of responsible fathers, must take on both parental roles to maintain household stability.

Addressing the fundamental responsibility of providing, Badu criticizes men who neglect their duties, leaving women to fend for themselves and their children. He urges fathers to take their roles seriously, emphasizing the pivotal importance of fatherhood in fostering a healthy family environment.

Sonnie Badu further advised every man to actively seek and connect with their children, regardless of the circumstances. The singer’s upcoming ‘Rhythms of Africa’ concert is scheduled to take place at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) on December 9, 2023.

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