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Sorry South African women, don't pack your bags for Ghana yet.. we are not all well endowed



So after I published Ameyaw TV’s interview with Dr Kwasi Debra on the top 5 most popular cosmetic surgeries in Ghana, the initial error in our heading that suggested Ghanaians are going in for penis reduction, has spread like fire. The post went viral with several comments from the world. Women, particularly from South Africa, even want to pack their bags and move to Ghana to enjoy what Ghanaian men have that they are going under the knife to reduce. Meanwhile, folks in Nigeria have been throwing spanners in the works, to create doubt that Ghanaian men are that endowed! Anyway, since my article has been used as fact, I wish to clear the air on the matter. In our interview with Dr Debra he listed reduction of ‘man boobs’, as one of the common procedures Ghanaians go for. This was misconstrued as reduction of ‘Manhood’, hence the initial headline. So im sorry to disappoint all the South African ladies who were planning to move to Ghana. LOL!]]>