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Stacy Amewoyi’s PRICE OF LOVE Provides The Blueprint To Finding A Permanent Partner



Let me open my piece with a powerful quote in the Price Of Love, she wrote; “Being in a relationship is like taking care of a plant that’s if you stop watering, it eventually dies.” If you won’t take anything away from this powerful book written by internationally acclaimed Ghanaian author, Stacy Amewoyi, keep this very quote in mind as it will form the foundation for you finding, staying and knowing how to handle your partner in your current or next relationship.


In this masterpiece, the author went through a process of thorough researching to find the solutions to several problems that we take for granted in our everyday love life. The fact that many relationships are ending earlier these days than normal show there’s a huge gap to be filled by every single person in love. Relationships without doubt start with the physical attributes of the person from afar, but a lot of us take less time to dig deeper into inward attributes that may manifest as time fly by. No one is perfect as Stacy Amewoyi gladly pointed out in the Price Of Love, however, noting the basic things that contribute to lifelong happiness is has important as daily oxygen.


Stacy Amewoyi further throws light on the issue of money being the root of joyous relationships in this modern era, the effect of new technology or what’s called social media as well in courtship or marriage. Most people provide the view from the angle they want the world to see it, and it goes to say, that fact that a lot of the rich couple look happy on camera, at events and more doesn’t mean that’s the reality in their homes. “Money can help create a better environment for love but not buy it, money can buy sex and image but not make someone genuinely love us,” this particular quote allows for a general diagnosis of your partner and where to draw the balance between money and love.


According to Stacy Amewoyi, money helps solve the needed problems but can’t make the heart thoroughly happy, love can be found from lack of money. Love in its entirety comes from a place of maturity, in this context maturity can’t be equated to age but growth in the mind, “Mature man has a good head on his shoulder to love, respect and treat you with kindness.” For a man to be able to love a woman, he must know most of the things that make her happy. Find yourself first, before you go searching for love.


Price Of Love will make you question more decisions before, during and after relationship, the beautiful thing is, the author took time to also provide the needed solutions recommended by experts around the world and in some cases even you using words from the holy book (Bible) to help you create the right path to follow.


Stacy Amewoyi rose to become an established author and philanthropist, a feat she took constant determination and hard work to achieve; she grew up as an orphan. She dedicated her entire life to helping the less privileged in society via her Stacy M. Foundation for the past twenty-something years, which commitment towards improving the lives of these children across Ghana hasn’t faded. She has disclosed her intention to build state of the art shelters in Ghana to house a lot of street children, providing basic education, vocational training, and more. Even though she has admitted the difficulty associated with all these philanthropic decisions without any external support, it’s a burning desire that can’t be stopped.


Stacy Amewoyi developed the knack for writing and sharing real-life stories with the world through her first set of best-sellers, which include;


The Language And Keys Of Love:


The Kings Choice – My True Life Story: You Only See My Beauty You Don’t Know My Story:



Also check out her critically acclaimed three-part novel,  “The Missing Fathers.”


The Missing Fathers Volume I: When All Hopes Fade Away:


The Missing Fathers: “Dear Father, Read This & Come Back” Volume II:


The Missing Fathers: “A Time Capsule Of The Globe” Volume III:


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Ghanaian fintech raises $17 million seed money to support cash flow for commerce in Africa



Image Credits: Float

Cash flow is a major pain point for small businesses in Africa. Long payment cycles, which can take 30-90 days after services or products have been rendered, and little or no capital, of which research says 85% of African small and medium businesses are subject to, are the main culprits of cash flow issues.

Many startups are solving these problems for African SMBs in one form or another, and the demand for their services has seen Ghanaian startup Float pick up a significant round of funding. The fintech which provides credit lines for businesses has raised $17 million, funding that it will be using to bolster its offerings and expand geographically.

The seed round was a mix of $7 million equity and $10 million debt. While Cauris provided debt financing, Tiger Global and JAM Fund, the investment firm of Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen co-led the equity bit. Other VC firms involved in the equity round include Kinfolk, Soma Capital, Ingressive Capital and Magic Fund.

A couple of angel investors also took part: Y Combinator CEO Michael Seibel, Sandy Kory of Horizon Partners, Ramp founders Karim Atiyeh and Eric Glyman, Gregory Rockson of mPharma and Dutchie founders Zach Lipson and Ross Lipson.

CEO Jesse Ghansah started the company, formerly known as Swipe, with Barima Effah in 2020, and following its rebrand as Float, went live with its product in June 2021. The idea for the YC-backed Ghanaian fintech came during the chief executive’s time at OMG Digital, a media company he founded that also got into YC, in 2016.

“We needed credit and proceeded to get an overdraft from a long-term partner bank where we had transacted more than $100,000. But the bank wanted us to deposit 100% collateral in cash before they could give the overdraft,” the two-time YC founder told TechCrunch in a June interview.

“I also remember taking money from loan sharks with ridiculous interest rates, sometimes as high as 20% a month, to meet payroll. That threw me into solving those problems with Float.”

It’s an identical problem for more than 51% of 44 million formal SMBs in sub-Saharan Africa who say they need more finance than they can access to grow their businesses, per research. Float provides credit to some of these businesses that find it challenging to get from traditional banks.

In addition to flexible credit lines for businesses to cover cash flow gaps, Float also has software tools for businesses to manage accounts and wallets in one dashboard, as well as automate bills, vendor or supplier payments and invoice collections. The company aims to serve as the “financial operating system” for Africa’s small and medium businesses.

Other features on the platform include invoice advance, opening a business account, payment links, managing budgets and spend cards.

The company has also introduced some more features recently: revenue advances and instant payouts. With the latter, Float wants small businesses to use its platform to tap into their revenues instantly instead of using gateways, which take days to settle. Its invoice factoring helps businesses with outstanding invoices get cash advances.

Ghansah stated all these features provide different forms of credit for various industries and verticals across the continent.

“The big challenge is that credit needs of businesses are very different. The credit needs of retail are very different from the credit needs of a services business, or the credit needs of agriculture, business or pharmaceutical or medical supplies businesses,” said the chief executive.

“So we are trying to dig deep into which credit products work for certain verticals. And so that’s what we’ve been working on so far.”

In the seven months since Float’s launch, the cash flow management and spend platform has onboarded hundreds of businesses in a wide range of industries — retail and manufacturing, fintech, e-commerce, media and health.

Float has also hit $10 million in credit spend and cash advances to businesses in that time. The company claims to have seen its payment transaction (invoicing and vendor payments) volume, in eight figures, increase 26x.

Float isn’t the only African fintech newcomer with plans to be the “operating system” for small and medium businesses in the region. Prospa, Brass and Sparkle are a few of these startups that provide financial and cash flow support and software services to businesses.

Each company claims not to see the others as competition; first, they believe the market is big enough for all parties to coexist. Second, there’s a feeling of superiority in their products — though they won’t say this publicly.

For Float, it prides itself on giving businesses access to financial and software services simultaneously. And then in providing readily available flexible and short duration working capital instead of outright expensive loans.

“I think that a part of how we differentiate ourselves is just how flexible our credit is, in terms of the speed of access, how quickly you can draw down on credit,” said Ghansah. “And then, like it’s flexible in terms of how you can just take it out for a day and then repay the next day, for example.”

Float, present in Ghana and Nigeria, intends to use this new capital to set up entities in Kenya and South Africa by Q2 as soon as it gets licenses to operate, Ghansah said on the call.

The company will also use the investment to improve its cash management platform and launch new credit products tailored to specific business verticals and industries.

“Float set out on a mission to provide more cash flow and liquidity for millions of businesses across the continent to help them grow and reach their true potential,” said the chief executive in a statement.

“With this new funding, we will continue to refine both our credit and software products to deliver the best experiences for our fast-growing customer base. We are excited to be the growth partner of choice for businesses in Africa.”

Culled from TechCrunch

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All new Ghanaian shows in January 2022, from The Angela Bamford Show to Accra Medic



From the brand-new medical drama Accra Medic to a new talk show hosted by Angela Bamford to a new sitcom starring the award-winning media personality Caroline Sampson, here are all the new shows from Akwaaba Magic to stream on Showmax in January 2022.

Date My Family Ghana | Stream now

Ghana is the latest country to join the Date My Family franchise, a dating reality series that follows single people as they attempt to find love with three potential dates. But it’s not your typical dating reality show – the singles’ friends and family are involved in the matchmaking, and it can get embarrassing really fast.

Before the hopeful singles lay their eyes on their potential dates, they have to meet their loved ones. Then they get to take their pick, depending on whether they were impressed by the family or not.

Accra Medic | Stream from 19 January 2022
Accra Medic is a medical drama that explores the lives of the staff at an Accra hospital. While also navigating the challenges in their personal lives, the series will follow them as they fight to save the lives of patients in a hospital that’s suffering from mismanagement in a country with an ailing healthcare system.

Directed by Emmanuel Apea (Run Baby Run), Accra Medic stars Edward Agyekum Kuffour (Inside Out), Desiree Crentsil (Noko Fio), Kweku Elliot (To Have and To Hold) and Aaron Adatsi (Public Figure).

The Angela Bamford Show | Stream now
Hosted by Ghanaian media personality Angela Bamford, The Angela Bamford Show is a Ghanaian variety talk show that explores topics that are otherwise considered taboo in the average African society. The show unearths forgotten and “controversial” topics and brings them to the fore, creating new thought-provoking and pertinent dialogue, centred on the unique African experience.

The Osei’s | Stream now
Starring Jacinta Ocansey (Ghana Jollof), Jeffrey Nortey (Inside Out) and Andrew Tandoh Adote (Terminus), The Osei’s is a comedy series that follows a man who relocates his family from Kumasi to a lavish new home in Accra after winning the lottery. Becoming rich and famous overnight, the family has to deal with new money, family and intrusive neighbours in their own way, often leading to hilarious outcomes.

The Osei’s is directed by Kwabena Gyansah, whose other works include the award-winning 2018 film Azali, Ghana’s first-ever entry to the Oscars.

Co-Habits | Stream from 20 January 2022
This romantic sitcom follows a young couple who navigate side-splitting reality checks when they decide to test-drive their marriage by discreetly cohabiting to reduce their chances of divorce.

Directed by Peter Sedufia (Aloevera), Co-Habits stars Fiifi Coleman (Ties that Bind), Caroline Sampson and Jackie Ankrah (Inside Out).

Sheroes of our Time S2 | Stream now
Hosted by Ghana’s media personality and actress Anita Erskine (Dede), Sheroes of Our Time is a talk show that celebrates strong and unique women around the world who have successful stories to share, inspire and engage other women across generations and continents.

Culture and Money S2 | Stream now
Hosted by renowned radio presenter Bianca Buckman, Culture and Money explores the relationship between creativity and money, featuring conversations with successful cultural influencers such as musicians, fashion designers, chefs and sports stars about their craft and money – how they make it, how they manage it and how they keep it going.

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New year savings; top 5 cost-effective things to shop online in 2022



And just like that, in a flash, 2021 is gone. With all the hopes and promises, all the cheers and tears. The successes and failures are all but distant memories now. Welcome to 2022! A few years after the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has seen many lives all over the world almost return to normal. However, with many different waves of the pandemic as well as a plethora of variants and strains popping up daily, everyone seems to still be on edge.

Over the past few years, two words have been on everyone’s lips.

‘Safety’, which practically forms the basic need in such times cannot be overemphasized. However, the other unmistakably important twin word happens to be ‘cost-saving’. Bread weaners have been lost, many fathers and mothers laid off from their jobs and a general level of hardship has caused a lot of people to be very conscious of how they spend. Jumia, Ghana’s leading ecommerce platform discusses the top 5 cost-effective items to buy online this new year.


  1. Food / Groceries – Arguably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of survival or living life itself. Food! Can we even survive without it? Well, maybe for a short while. Even when we fast or starve for a while, the health implications are damaging. This new year, buying food or groceries online can help you save a lot of money. Online shops and food delivery services provide a wide range of options at discounted rates. This makes it possible for you to compare prices from different vendors in order to make informed choices. In some cases, new year promos make it possible for you to shop at heavily discounted prices as well. What’s better? You get the food/ grocery items delivered to your doorstep at reduced shipping fees or sometimes even free of charge.


  1. Back to School items – The turn of the year always comes with huge responsibilities for parents and guardians. Immediately schools reopen, then there is that vital issue of school fees, feeding fees and other back-to-school items. This can get quite overwhelming especially after all the spendings during the Christmas and New year festivities. Books, school bags, stationery, provisions and other essentials needed for all levels of the educational ladder are in high demand. This often causes a spike in prices which isn’t pleasant for any parent or guardian. Buying these items online saves a lot of time and cost. Online shops like Jumia are running ‘’Back to School’’ promos with heavily discounted items of up to 50% while giving away some of these items for as good as free. Getting all your orders conveniently delivered to you at home or picking up at a station close to you also saves parents the hustle and time of roaming through town to buy these items. Online delivery and its related shipping/ pick-up fees are also more affordable.


  1. Clothing & Cosmetics – ‘’New year, new me’’ they say. What about changing that wardrobe and getting rid of some old clothing? Sometimes that’s all you need to kickstart the new year. A fresh start is always better with fresh clothes if you can afford them. This helps to also get rid of old, unused clothes. You can even gift them out to other family members, friends or the needy. Where else to find good quality but less costly shoes, bags, shirts, skirts, trousers, underwear, make-up kits etc? Your guess is as good as mine! Clearance sales are ongoing everywhere this new year with new trends coming up and brands needing to get rid of old stock. This is the best time to take advantage and shop. For employees returning to work, what an opportunity to go back into that office looking ‘’dapper’’ for less


  1. Electronics – At the end of each year, many top electronic brands clear out their warehouses and shops to make room for the new year releases. 2021 models or older are sold online at heavily discounted prices to make room for 2022 models. Smartphones, laptops, refrigerators, air conditioners, blenders, microwave ovens, audio devices etc are selling fast this new year and many customers are saving a lot. With the ongoing African Cup of Nations as well, this may be the best time to buy that television set and soundbar or home theatre system you have always wanted.


  1. Airtime, gift vouchers & bill payments – Although this may not traditionally pass for an item to shop for online, it has become increasingly important that we pay our bills and buy airtime or internet data through online platforms like JumiaPay to save cost and time. Sitting in the comfort of your home or office while paying for your electricity, water, DStv and other bills has become the new normal. These days many people buy their apple gift cards, PlayStation vouchers and do other financial transactions online. This helps to save a lot of time and money as they avoid the long queues, traffic and human interaction. Although online payments may attract some charges, this is cost-effective as compared with physically going to the service providers one by one to pay all the bills.


It’s a beautiful brand new year with so many months, weeks and days to go. It is important that we save a lot of time and money on anything we can. The above list is not exhaustive and based on your own needs and preferences, you can go online and shop for all your essentials.

Have an amazing 2022!!!


Credit : Bennet Otoo (Jumia Ghana)

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Hollywood Stars Who Definitely and Probably Used Steroids



Anabolic steroids, also known as steroids, are synthetic substances that mimic natural testosterone. Testosterone, the hormone responsible for growth, particularly muscle growth, is.


Bodybuilders want testosterone to be a profit, so they have a strict regimen that focuses on maximizing testosterone’s anabolic (growth-enhancing) effects.


Some bodybuilders desire more than what their bodies naturally produce. Anabolic steroids are a well-known choice in bodybuilding. This is also why anabolic steroids are frequently prescribed as a testosterone replacement therapy.


Steroids have been shown to significantly impact protein synthesis or the process by which the body stimulates muscle tissue growth: more protein synthesis, more gains. For a detailed guide on steroids and SARM, visit the website thblack and read on to know about the Hollywood stars who used Steroids for bodybuilding.


It’s difficult to find male celebrities who openly admit to using testosterone replacement therapy due to the stigma attached to steroid use. There are still some men who will not hesitate to tell the truth. Here are some.


Arnold Schwarzenegger (Actor and Former Governor of California)

It’s not easy to be at the top of bodybuilding, but it is possible to stay there by doing more than just pumping iron. This is especially true when you consider landing roles in films. Sometimes, you may need testosterone replacement therapy. This is what happened with Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that he had used it. However, he said it was pretty new at the time. The Austrian Oak said he didn’t regret becoming a steroid user and getting into the habit. He stated that they all used it under the supervision of doctors and other health experts. He said that he took steroids up to the day of competition, as did other competitors.


Although steroids are not banned in most bodybuilding contests today, some contests that require competitors to test for natural supplements rather than anabolic steroids have them tested before the competition.


Joe Rogan (Podcaster, Comedian and UFC Commentator)

Joe Rogan is well-known for his podcast. However, it would be an understatement to say that Joe Rogan is familiar with all performance-enhancing drugs.


Joe Rogan was a commentator, host, and interviewer in contact sports before he became one of Spotify’s most famous voices. He could get the inside scoop on what’s going down behind the scenes. This often involves steroids to achieve a lean physique.


Joe revealed that he had used testosterone replacement therapy for over a decade. Joe also admitted to using HGH, or human growth hormone.


HGH, a popular performance-enhancing drug similar to steroids, is known to have more physiological benefits than steroids. This is in contrast to steroids which are purely used to improve physical performance. The drug’s anti-aging benefits include restoring hair growth, increasing sex, better vision, and improving memory.


A side effect of human growth hormone is a bulging stomach. Joe certainly has a lot of that in his midsection.


The FDA has not approved HGH, is banned in many states, and most of its claims are regarding health and anti-aging.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Actor and Former WWE Superstar)

The Rock was a legendary wrestler in the 90s. Compared to today, the Rock’s size will be a lasting memory for fans. It’s easy to think of steroids and admit it in a 2009 interview.


The Rock claimed that he used steroids with his friends while playing football for the University of Miami Hurricanes. He said that he started using steroids more frequently as he became a wrestler and that it is something everyone does in sports and entertainment.


Like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, the industry still has a culture that is hostile to the use of performance-enhancing drugs for strength, muscle mass, and overall improvement in wrestling performance.


50 Cent (Rapper and Actor)

50 Cent can be either a nobody or a great rapper, depending on who you ask. His appearances in films have made him look ripped and bulky, whereas he was previously younger. Steroid use can easily be attributed to such dramatic weight and muscle gains in such a short period.


Although he never admitted to using it, he was part of an investigation into steroid use in 2008 with other artists from the rap scene.


Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is a Hollywood actor and an action icon. His roles in iconic action films will be remembered forever.


Sylvester’s films are physically demanding, so maintaining a solid physique was one of his top five priorities. Rambo had to fight against Father Time, just like the action stars of the 80s or 90s. He needed HGH for this.


“As you age, the pituitary hormone slows down, making you feel older and your bones more narrow. This stuff gives your body an energy boost and makes you look and feel great,” the Rocky actor said to customs officials in 2007 after being arrested for smuggling drugs into Australia.


It was also apparent that Sylvester Stallone wasn’t the only one who used it. Janice Dickinson, the ex-wife, said they would share testosterone and steroids. Stallone would deny this.

Charlie Sheen (Actor)

Charlie Sheen was the first TV actor to be paid the most for his role in the hit series Two and a Half Men. We would become more well-known for our substance abuse because of several bizarre events.


Charlie has admitted to using steroids for eight consecutive weeks in 1989 while filming Major League. He told Sports illustrated once that his fastball “went from 79 to 85” after taking steroids for Major League.


He also acknowledged that the side effects of testosterone boosters were not pleasant. He said that he could become more aggressive.


Oliver Stone (Film Director)

Oliver Stone is now well into his 70s but still maintains a youthful appearance due to the anti-aging benefits of HGH.


Vietnam vets didn’t anticipate a long lifespan, but access to anti-aging substances may make them rethink their outlook on life.


Jeremy Jackson (Actor)

Jeremy Jackson was a well-known name in the 90s, especially if people tuned in to Baywatch. He spent a minimum of $200,000 for drugs, injections, and steroids three years ago in an attempt to make a comeback. He was most famous for his use of human growth hormone injections.


Being strong and big is one thing. But being famous for being strong and big is quite another. While the former is not subject to real-world pressure, the latter encourages people to look forward and see you strong and big – as actors do. This is how it feels to be a Hollywood star.


Although being a big hunk is not tricky in your youth, it can be hard to become a great actor as you age.

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Top 4 Sci-Fi Movies from 2021



Science Fiction movies are a fascinating genre – they can provide escapism for the viewer, and at the same time they also provide commentary on society and people. In 2021 there weren’t many Sci-Fi films released, so it didn’t seem like it was a big trend – although out of the few Sci-Fi movies that were released, there were some that proved to be massive blockbusters, which shows that the genre is still highly profitable for the film industry.

We spoke to TechQuarters, a London-based Managed IT Support London company, about Sci-Fi movies. As a tech company themselves, they love to watch Science Fiction in their free time. One of the best things about Sci-Fi movies is that they can be as funny or as serious as you want. The whole point of the genre is to tell stories about how science and technology affects human beings, which can have serious consequences (think of Black Mirror) or funny consequences (like Back to the Future).

So, below are the 5 best Sci-Fi movies that came out in 2021.



The 2021 blockbuster was the third attempt at adapting Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction novel, which tells the story of the son of a noble family who are responsible for protecting one of the most valuable and important substance in the galaxy. The original book came out in 1965 and went on to become one of the most popular and widely read Sci-Fi books of all time. For a very long time, the book was declared unfilmable – the density and complexity of the book was a major barrier to it being successfully made into a film.

The earliest attempt to adapt the film was in 1971, however the producer in charge of the project died in 1974, and production stalled. In the second attempt, the filmmakers planned to turn it into a 10-hour epic. Unfortunately, the project was also doomed to fail, as was the third attempt. Finally, in 1984, a new project started which led to the David Lynch directed film in 1984 – this version was very unpopular.

The 2021 Dune film represents the first time the book has been successfully adapted in the eyes of the fans. The film received highly positive reviews, and a sequel was greenlit shortly after the box office release.


The Matrix Resurrections

Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated, but least expected sequel in recent memory, The Matrix: Resurrections is the continuation of the classic Matrix trilogy. It all began in 1999, when The Matrix was released, and almost immediately became a Sci-Fi classic that would influence popular culture for a long time to come.

The film was extended into a trilogy the continued the story and expanded the world that was built in the first film. Many people were confused by the ending of the third film in the series, and much speculation has been made about what happened to the main characters. Those speculations are answered in full with the latest instalment, The Matrix: Resurrections, which was released just before Christmas.

The Mitchells Vs. The Machines

This is a film that has had some difficulties before release. Originally, the film was planned to be released to theatres by Sony Pictures in 2020 – this was just before the COVID-19 pandemic, and due to the fact that many venues were forced to close down, Sony decided to sell the distribution rights to Netflix. In April 2021, the film had a limited release in cinemas and then it went to Netflix

The story is of a dysfunctional family that has to fight their way through a robot uprising during a family road trip. The idea of robot uprisings has been popular ever since the first Terminator film came out in 1984, but this is one of the few times where the subject has been told in a funny way. . The film has received critical acclaim since its release.


Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time

This 2021 Japanese animated film is based on the original animated series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is one of the most well known and well loved Japanese anime series ever made. The story is set in the future after a global attack was launched on humanity by a race of possibly alien beings – giant creatures that have immense and terrible powers. The story follows a 14-year-old boy who is made to pilot a giant robot in order to fight the invaders.

After several projects that attempted to re-write and present the story the way in which the writers had originally intended, a new series of films called Rebuild of Evangelion, was finally made. This series is a complete retelling of the original series, but with new animations, new scenes and settings. The final film, Evangelion 3.0_1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, is the fourth film in the new series.

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George Quaye, others inducted as Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana (ATWAG) executives



The Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana (ATWAG) held its handing over ceremony and new year party on Saturday, January 15, 2022.

The programme took place at the Accra Tourist Information Centre, with members of the association and other arts stakeholders in attendance.

The induction and handing-over ceremony was conducted by Mr Prince Osisiadan, a Lawyer, who urged the members to be wary of defamatory stories that may land them in trouble.

This comes after ATWAG elected new executive committee members on December 17, 2021.

The Chief Executive Officer of ImageBureau and host of Showbiz A to Z on Joy FM, George Nii Armah Quaye, was voted as President of the association. He took over from William Asiedu, a venerated journalist.

The Vice-President position was won by freelance radio and television host Livingstone Lotsu, who took over from Francis Doku, General Manager of MGTV (TV3 and Onua TV) and arts writer with Graphic Showbiz.

Hagar Gyebuwaa Owusu of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation emerged as
the Treasurer of the Association, with Rebekah Awuah taking over from arts and entertainment journalist, Reagan Odei Ofosu Osarfo (Nana Reagan) as secretary.

Fashion designer, Vera Adu-Amaning also took over from Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah, a writer with as the organiser.

The Research Officer position for the next four years will be occupied by Stanley Awuku Wilson, a blogger with Ashaiman TV.

Citi FM’s Kwame Dadzie handed over the baton to entertainment journalist, Gloria Akpene-Acquah aka MzGee as the Public Relations Officer.

The out-going President, William Asiedu, in his address, recounted the hard work and dedication that went into building the association and admonished members to uphold the tenets of the profession and work towards making their work as arts and tourism writers more impactful.

Speaking at the ceremony, the new President of ATWAG, George Nii Armah Quaye promised he would do all things within his power to elevate the association from where the previous administration left off.

He, therefore, urged the members to put all hands on deck to make sure they achieve their desired goals.


The Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana (ATWAG) is an association of Ghanaian arts writers/journalists and media workers.

ATWAG seeks to promote arts, tourism and culture reporting in Ghana while developing the professional capacity and the welfare of its members.

ATWAG is also aimed at promoting co-operation and collaboration among its members and players in the arts, tourism and culture value chain.

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