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When Stars Rant! Asem takes on MUSIGA and event promoters in Ghana



asem bye byeAsem on Wednesday took to twitter to ‘expose’ some unprofessionalism going on within the Ghana music industry. It was mainly around the recent concert in Tamale organized by MUSIGA to mark the annoversary of the British Council in Ghana. Asem seemed to have an issue with the event’s promoter, Verus Nartey over issues with payment…check out the rapper’s tweets:

The level of un professionalism exhibited by some event org/promoters in this country is disgracefully shameful — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
Do you guys remember the show in Tamale I couldn’t go last week told yall about ? — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
Ok so some un professional event promoter who didn’t honour his end of the bargain is threatening the innocent Musician hmmm — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
After offering my availability on event day you declined and made no effort to book different flight or make full payment — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
Not Forgetting that my artist image had already been used to promote the show 2 make money meanwhile Artist hadn’t been fully paid — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
I said arrange another flight n u didnt cos u wanted 2 cut corners, but what I want him 2 know is I’m a Kwahu Nigga n I don’t go like dat — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
If We All Stood On The Grounds Of Principle ppl like verus nettey’s trickery would never see the Light of Day. — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
Lmao chale my manager just emailed me whatsapp conversation between him and this verus nettey character, herh this guy be funny guy oh — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
Chale guys I’m gonna share private information with yall for the first time cus I’ve been pushed to the wall, Ns3m Foo Ahyi — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
I Want To See By Retweets How Many People I’m Preaching To This Afternoon, Before I Continue the Filla Moasum Y3 Mo D3 lol — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
Now That I’ve got ur attention let’s continue from where I left off — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
So this verus guy booked me for a show through My Company WBDN and made down payment upon agreement that before show day all money b paid — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
How do you expect to leave Accra sit on a plane which could Crash To Tamale when I haven’t been fully paid my Show fee? #Verus Nettey — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
Management didn’t even want me to do the Show based on this verus characters behaviour with other artist in the past when it came 2 money — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
I only decided to Travel to Tamale to Perform for my fans based on the respect I had for the show sponsor which is British Council — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
Only for this questionable character to tell me to come to Tamale before I get my full payment,God forbid what if d plane crash and I die? — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
Verus Nettey I no send you for show ooo, I no come beg you for show your outfit called My Outfit, we gave you my terms and u agreed — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
For purpose of this Filla By agreeing to my terms this verus character was supposed to make down payment and pay the rest before show day — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013
One will say what if he paid me all and I didn’t show up? There’s something called Track record and let’s just say mine is better than his — ASEM (@AsemWORLD) November 6, 2013


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