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The Sultan Center Kuwait lauds Princess Asie Ocansey



Mr Hani Ishmael, Group Head of Resourcing, and two team members made the first TSC official visit to Ghana in 2011 to recruit and hire the first group of Ghana workers from the duly licensed agency in Ghana, SOS Labour Ghana Ltd. TSC had read about SOS Labour’s excellence in manpower supply with major companies like McDonalds and Canada Bread in Canada, several top hotels in the USA, Fenner Dunlop in Australia, as well as many large companies including Nakilat-Keppel and ACTS in Qatar. While in Ghana, the TSC team saw the potential of Ghana as a viable source of workers as the retail supermarket business was also booming in Ghana. According to Mr. Hani Ishmael, TSC was impressed with the SOS Labour and Channels of Blessings International Life Skills Training Program – the Certified Global Workers Program – which prepared the workers with international work ethics and life skills, making them very successful working legally overseas. The program was supported by a weekly radio program, ‘Travelling Overseas God’s Way’  on Sunny Fm in Accra, which provided important information about the high moral standard required in preparation for sustainable legal migration. ‘This unique program made this first batch of Ghana workers very successful for TSC. The workers are hard-working with a very high level of attendance, retention and performance. Positions held by the workers are mostly stockers, cashiers, warehouse-men, butchers, caterers, assistant supervisors,’ said Mr. Hani Ishmael. ‘This Generation of Ghanaian Youth Deserve to Work Overseas as Documented Workers,’ said Princess Ocansey.’ Illegal migration must end by our Government playing a very vital role to boost legal migration by signing Labour MOU’s with key nations to boost foreign exchange remittances back home to grow our economy. No more dying in the deserts, no more dying in banana boats..the era of legal migration is HERE and NOW, and here to stay! The Ghana workers honoured are: Seth Martey, Castro Sogah, Elizabeth Akate, Fred Setsofia and Joseph Nketiah who have shown outstanding performance during this first year at TSC. The Sultan Center operates 14 major retail outlets in Kuwait. The company also encompasses restaurants and catering, trading, fashion, telecommunications, security, and investments. TSC employs over 7,000 staff and is pleased to have Ghana as a new addition to its diverse workforce. SOS Labour Ghana Limited is a world renowned legal migration company with manpower supply operations and partnerships in the USA, Canada, Australia, Bahrain, Qatar, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and also in Europe. SOS is well known for its joint proprietary ‘Certified Global Worker Program’ in partnership with its sister NGO, Channels of Blessings, to provide a very successful International Life Skills training program for both local and international job seekers which teaches the workers to strive for 100% attendance, 100% performance and 100% retention. SOS Labour Ghana is represented in Kuwait by world renowned international human rights Attorney Al Saqabi. For more information please contact: Rev. Seth Martey, SOS Welfare officer in Kuwait on 965-9667-1264  or by email [email protected]  URL:  in Ghana  call Nene Kubi Daniel on: 00233-30330-4343.]]>

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