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Suzzy Williams Didn’t Die By The Accident; She Was Killed By Her Boyfriend – Late Actress’ Mother Reiterates



In a shocking twist to the tragic death of the late Ghanaian actress, Suzzy Lebene Wiilliams, her mother, Mrs Cecelia Williams has once again come forward with startling allegations, alleging that her beloved daughter’s demise was not caused by the accident, but rather a deliberate act orchestrated by her then Boyfriend, Edwin Eastman.

It will be recalled that the popular actress lost her life 18 years ago after a car crash on the La-Teshie Nungua Highway in Accra. The actress was reported to have died out of the accident, however, her mother,  believes her daughter was murdered.

According to her, events prior to and after the death of her daughter gives her a firm indication that Suzzy did not die through the accident as it was reported by the media and believed by everyone.


In a candid interview on No1 Fm, Suzzy’s mum claimed that she possesses evidence suggesting foul play in her daughters death. She firmly believes Edwin Eastman had ulterior motives and was involved in a sinister plot that led to the fatal accident. Cecelia revealed that she suspected Edwin to be an evil man the first time she saw him, describing him as a ‘grave looter’.

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According to her, she warned Suzzy the day she came home with the guy for her birth certificate because  her daughter had suffered a previous broken heart and so therefore didnt want her to end up in same situation. Unfortunately, her daughter did not heed to her advice and drove out with the guy, and that was the end.

She explained by saying, ”They came to the house that morning and Suzzy said she needed her birth certificate and I asked her who the guy was. She told me its her new boyfriend and I told her I dont like the guy. I pulled her to the room and advised her against the guy but she wouldn’t listen. I told her the guy will kill her but she accused me of being superstitious because her dad use to say that. I told her not to drive but she told me nothing will happened to her.  I dozed off and I saw the scene of an accident. I woke up and called my husband and told him there was going to be an accident but he brushed it off.”


She continued; ”Yes, Suzzy didn’t by accident, Suzzy was killed, it was a framed up something. It was a calculated thing, because after her death, someone came to warn me that I should be very careful or else I will loose my life like my daughter did. Even though Suzzy owned the car, she wasn’t the one driving, it was Edwin. And truely, after he was arrested, he confessed that he was the one who was driving but was afraid to say it initially.”

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