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‘Syte Girls’ on the Mauve!



'Syte Girls' on the Mauve!

Last Saturday saw the “Obromankoma” 🐘 girls sojourn to their alma mater for the Mfantseman Girls’ 63rd Speech Day. This time hosted by the 98 class.

Okay, let me pause here and talk about something which I find very unfortunate. Come on Holico girls’ especially those who hosted the recent speech day.

It’s always good to give back to your school. Especially the impact it has had on you and also do something great for the next generation.

Before I continue let me quickly put this across. This blog and the topics shared here is for light stuff and just tongue in cheek when it comes to rating the fashion of schools, especially that of girls secondary schools in Ghana.


It’s witty and also a different way to school rivalry that already exist. This time taking a fashion approach. Are we not tired of all the hard news? Why don’t you want to destress by reading a witty article? Anyway!!!

Holico divas you couldn’t take a joke. Besides, the combination of purple and blue you did, had some of your mates, seniors and juniors raising eyebrows of that color mixture. But I will revisit that issue another time.

Back to the mauve divas. To be honest 98 girls, you guyz got off on not so good foot. You ladies copied verbatim or “imagetim”if there is a word like that 😂😂😂😂 from the 2001 gey hey girls. Eiii no creativity kwraaa… why?

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The only difference is the colors but the artwork screams gey hey.
I promise not to disclose… whose idea was it to copy from 💛💚😂

The fashion for the main day was just ok. Nothing extraordinary. I reckon the plan was not to come and out do eachother. Just to play safe.

That not withstanding some looks caught my eye though.

I saw some bad fashion too. Some of those who planned to come and out slay had their seamstresses thinking otherwise for them.


Ghanaian seamstresses and their unsolicited discretion. Anyway, let’s see the slaying that went down.

img 3366
I like this, the cut was good. But the illusion net colour around the bust area doesn’t cut it. If the seamstress had searched further at Makola she would have found the brown that works with her skin tone.
img 3322 1
Simple and nice… the puff sleeves did the trick.
image 1
Everything ✅ but not the shades 🕶️ there was nothing to weld on that day abi?
image 1 1
Fascinator and outfit ✅ 😍 again the illusion net doesn’t match her skin tone.


img 3334
This is elegant… the lady in the red fascinator was the outfit a jumpsuit?
img 7301
This is simply nice without a doubt. It would have popped if she had maintained the mauve for the slit without mixing it. The sleeves I’m not sure of🤔
img 3337
Lady on the right, that’s how you do an illusion net. I had to zoom to see it. It blends in so well with your skin tone. 👌🏾😍 lady on the left’s outfit reminds me of an outfit I saw one the Gey Hey girls wore for their just ended speech day. It’s giving low budget. More like what you “ordered vrs what was delivered “ come better next time.
image 2
Gorgeous… it’s giving what it’s meant to give!
img 7302
Squad goals
img 3346
The Sunday fashion saw an improvement. The fascinators were indeed a statement piece.
img 3345
Come on girls 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 those fascinators are doing the most.
img 7339
Love it 😍
img 7337 1
Come on mauve queens 💃
img 3341
Giving rich Aunty vibes. 😍😍😍

Well done ladies, I knew Syte would not disappoint me “like that” regardless, your sisters from Kakumdo are still on my top list.

99 year group the baton is with you. Better come all guns blazing 🔥 🔥🔥 next year.

I’m also waiting for Abugiss, Roses and all the girls girls schools.

By Nana Kwesi Acquaye


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