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Tems Launches ‘Leading Vibe Radio’ on Apple Music 1



Nigerian singer-songwriter, producer and Apple Music Up Next alum Tems has announced ‘Leading Vibe Radio’, a new biweekly radio series airing on Apple Music’s global live-streaming radio station Apple Music 1. On ‘Leading Vibe Radio’, Tems says she will be “shining a light on women, artists, and creatives that are finding their way, finding their voice, and talking about how to be good soil—something that greatness can grow out of,” and bring “Africa to the world.”


The inaugural episode of Leading Vibe Radio is an introduction to Tems, her co-hosts and her new show. She answers questions from her co-manager Muyiwa and brother Tunji, and shares details, stories and thoughts about her life, her childhood, her creative process and her taste in music. The trio expands on the episode’s broad theme of ‘Leading The Vibe’, as we eavesdrop on honest and real conversations, soundtracked by a personally curated playlist featuring some of Tems’ favourite songs and artists, old and new.


Video trailer, key quotes and image below. If you’re able to use, please credit to Leading Vibe Radio with Tems on Apple Music 1.


Leading Vibe Radio with Tems will air biweekly on Saturdays on Apple Music 1 at 7am PT / 3pm UK, beginning April 2nd.


Listen live for free at or anytime on-demand with an Apple Music subscription at

VIDEO | Leading Vibe Radio with Tems: Trailer



Tems tells Apple Music about ‘Leading Vibe Radio’

Tems tells Apple Music about the show title and how she developed the “Leading Vibe” brand from her 2018 single, “Mr Rebel”

“I don’t know why or how that phrase came into my song. Afterwards I realised that it came for a reason, and Leading Vibe is really what it says: leading the vibe and creating opportunities for people, creating an alternative, and helping people navigate life. It’s helping people to become leaders, helping people to find their own voice, their own sound, their own thing—and to get the best of life.”

Tems tells Apple Music about the purpose of the show

“‘Leading Vibe Radio’ is really aimed at talking about real things, shining a light on women, artists, and creatives that are finding their way, finding their voice, and talking about how to be good soil—something that greatness can grow out of.”

“Africa is the source, so pay attention. There are many ‘leading vibes,’ and it’s about all of us collectively coming together to lead the vibe—that’s Africa to the world.”

Tems tells Apple Music about the importance of finding your own sound/voice

“Finding a sound, and finding your own thing is really just the beginning to evolution. I want that for everybody. If everyone found their thing, life would be so much easier in general—especially coming from Africa where it’s really hard to find your thing. Because when you’re in survival mode, you’re not thinking about yourself or finding the ‘inner you’ or doing anything. You really just want to make money and be great and you want to come out of the struggle. I want that for everyone. I want everyone to find their real sound, because that’s maximising your potential.”

Tems tells Apple Music about building communities of empowered women

“Women need each other. We need to be there for each other in a real way—and I think, for a long time, not just in music but also in life, women haven’t really had a community, a real type of understanding. It’s because most of the time women are pitted against each other. There always has to be one ‘top person.’ But imagine if we were all ‘top’—then the standard of living would be better. I see it’s happening already because we’re all realising that we need each other. Nobody can do it alone.”

Tems tells Apple Music about her co-hosts

“Muyiwa [Awoniyi] is my manager, and he was my friend first. He has a lot of wisdom, and that’s the point of this radio show: to help people increase their energy, to edify what’s already in them. Tunji [Adetunji “Tunji” Paul] is my older brother, and he’s the person that I used to make music when we were much younger. He is really into highlighting Africa, and creatives. He’s a digital artist; he’s a software engineer, and he’s someone that loves the intricacies of music.”


Tems on the role of music in her life and childhood

Growing up, I just remember, we had a Celine Dion cassette, and we used to listen to Celine Dion when I was really young, like nursery, and I just know it made me feel alive. And that was my introduction. That was what I understood as music at that time. And that formed my own understanding of it.

And it never became, “Oh, wow. So music is life,” or, “Music does something, heals you inside, or does… Wow.” It’s just a knowing. I don’t need to tell you. When did you realize you could breathe? When did you realize that, inside of you, your heart is actually beating? When did you say, “Oh, wow. I can breathe. Whoa.” There isn’t actually a realization. It’s just a knowing. And if you don’t know, then you are not awake.

Tems on singing as a child

I remember when we used to have breakfast, Tunji used to actually tell me to shut up all the time. He used to be like, “Why do you always sing?” And literally, that was everybody’s reaction to me. We could just be at breakfast, and maybe there’s a cereal box, and it says “So good for you” on the cereal box. I would literally just be like, “So good for you. So good.” I literally make a song out of that “So good for you.” It was just coming out anywhere.

This is not something I intentionally did, like, “Oh, I’m going to make a song.” It just started happening, and I wasn’t aware of it. It still happens now, where sometimes I’m looking for something, then I realize, “Wait, I’m singing something. When did I start singing this random thing?”

At what point could I possibly have realized that, “Oh my God, music is this”? It’s just something that has… As I live and breathe, I’m going through experiences. And these experiences translate into feelings within me that I have to release. It’s like eating and… And so basically, I digest experiences, and I have to let it out. It has to come out.

Tems on confidence

I would call myself confident, for sure. I think when you have a certain level of awareness, you cannot not be. It’s like if the lion realizes he’s a lion, then what is the reason for him to act like a rat? Imagine a lion. He knows he’s a lion. Why… That’s not even an option. That’s not even in his mind. And I feel like the more you realize who you are, the more confident you are because you know what’s important. Nothing else matters. And I haven’t always been confident. I think as children, we’re all confident. I think we’re born into this world full of new adventures, and we just go into them, and we just do things. I think, along the way, life happened. And my confidence was actually… Actually, there was a time that I had no self-worth or value, or I genuinely believed I was meant to be the mat that people stepped on.

I just had people around me telling me I was not anything. And when someone tells you long enough and they treat you that way… And I was isolated for a long time. When I was in school I couldn’t eat in public. I wasn’t someone that people liked. And I was like, “Yeah, if my presence is bothering people, I’m just going to move away and not be with… I’m just going to do my thing and go and find what I like. And I’ll find one friend, maybe, and then me and the friend would be friends.”

Tems on copycats, originality and finding your own sound

I think it’s better for whoever to find themselves and what they like. And when you’re aware of yourself, then you’re aware of how your music sounds holistically. You’re aware of what you are doing and who you are. And to be honest, music always sounds better when you block all those things out. I had a phase when I used to listen to Kate Nash. Do you remember? She’s this British singer that is like really, really, really, really happy, happy, happy. And then I started making music like that. That’s where I got whatever British accent. The completion of my British accent, wherever that comes from, it’s from me making those songs to sound like her. And obviously, at some point, I knew that was what I was doing. But I did it to check if I could, not to actually be that.

The reason why I was making songs that emulated her was because it was something I had never heard before. And I was trying to see if I could do it. And when I decided that I could, I wasn’t interested actually in being that. I just wanted to be me. So, I just continued on my own journey.

I think the difference is, I think when you are not aware, when you listen to artists that you like, you take them on, as you, rather than as people to learn from. It’s not actually the music that you should copy. It’s the principle behind the music. It’s not about, oh, how does this music sound? It’s the principle behind the sound. It’s the messaging. It’s the meaning.

When people listen to music that has meaning it lasts. When people listen to music that doesn’t have meaning, but is fun, then it is what it is. It’s fun for the time. And then they drop it and they never go back to it because it was easily digestible. But when you have a song that has meaning, it makes you think. It makes you heal. It makes you rediscover something.

Tems on whether she sees herself as a leader

In a way I do, but I see myself as a servant leader. I see myself as someone who aims to serve, aims to help, aims to heal, aims to make life a little better. And in me doing that, I recognize that that will cause an effect of followership, which is just the way life goes. Because people that follow me are leaders in themselves. This is the leading vibe. I’m the leading vibe, but so are you. It’s a movement. It’s the ocean, it’s… While leading the vibe, you’re leading the vibe from following my vibe and making your own vibe and people are following your vibe. And then becoming leaders themselves. And that’s the point.

Tems on the misconception that she and Tunji came from a rich background

I’m just sending big love to my mom, to our mom, because of who she is. And she stopped at nothing. We couldn’t afford to go to the school we went to, some rich kid school. Everybody in that school knew that we weren’t rich. My mom was the doctor of the school clinic. My mom got a job at my school. Yeah, it wasn’t roses. But we are around people that could speak English, so we thank God that we are. We thank God that we don’t look like what we went through.

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“Boborebobo” hitmaker Minister Isaac Sie back with “Kamale Mulele”



Renowned Ghanaian gospel musician Minister Isaac Sie returns with a brand new single titled “Kamale Mulele”.

The “Boborebobo” originator and hitmaker, who has been on a long hiatus, has made an unpredictable comeback with a new single that is set to become the new catchphrase on the internet as well as the airwaves.

“Kamale Mulele,” according to Isaac Sie, means ‘God is king,’ and it is inspired by the wonderful works of the creator and his kingdom that is about to come.

For Isaac Sei, God has unlimited attributes, and the title of his latest banger is just one of them.

Although the gospel star has been painfully sidelined by prestigious awards schemes in Ghana despite creating hit songs like “Boborebobo,” his latest song isn’t targeted at any award scheme. However, if it grabs the attention of awards schemes, he won’t deny them the honour.

“Award is not the main objective for my latest single, but welcomed if it comes,” Isaac Sie disclosed in an interview.

The DHE GILLY RECORDS label frontman advised his loyal fans who have been supporting his career and been through the thick and thin with him that they “should look up to God.  He is KING!”

The song is available on all digital stores across the globe.

Stream the full song below, and don’t forget to share your candid views.


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Quad’s Debut Song, Southside, Is Set To Bring Down The House



While many do not begin at all, the beginning of others is nothing to write home about. It is therefore, amazing how a musical career that saw its potential at an age as early as fourteen has grown through thick and thin without an iota of a thought of giving up. Professionally known as QuaD, Selassi Addaison realized his passion for music when he was only fourteen years of age. While in Junior High School, he tried his hands, or better still his voice, on a cover of a then very popular song, Illuminati, by Sarkodie. Amazed at how good it was, he knew music was going to be a major part of his life. Even though aware of his undying connection with music and his quest to pursue it, he had to put it on hold for a period, while he prepared to sit for his final basic education examination.

              He officially started his music career while in Senior High School, and his has been a display of pure talent and brilliance since. This does not however, seek to connote a notion that he has encountered no setbacks over the period. Considering how long it had been since he put music on hold, he had some challenges trying to rebirth his lyrical dexterity. Fortunately, he got necessary help from a fellow up-and-coming artist, Nathaniel, to whom he looked up. It was through Nathaniel that QuaD made his debut performance in University of Ghana, Legon. Motivated, inspired and supported by his mum, uncles, Nathaniel, Big Dee, Big.K Dj and a few colleagues in school, he was and still is determined to leave no stone unturned in his quest to chalk several successes in his musical journey.

             Drawing inspiration from amazing people like Sarkodie, Kwesi Arthur, Burna Boy, Rema, Dababy, Roddy Ricch, Kendrick Lamar, among others, QuaD envisions a music career that brings smiles and hopes to many, while serving as a means of entertainment. He is hence, so glad about the maturity and evolvement of his music life at the tertiary level, and seeks to, in that vein, express his utmost gratitude to Faygo, Bxndit, and all Clan members, without whose support he wouldn’t have reached his present peak. It is noteworthy that in 2020, QuaD released a freestyle titled Veli flow.

               To make a formal and gilt-edged entry into the world of music, QuaD releases his debut song, Southside, mixed and mastered by Bxndit, and produced by Faygo. Born and bred in the southside of Ghana, he realized how harsh and difficult life there is, so much that giving up has almost become an immediate resort whenever hit with the intensity of the reality and severity of life at the south. The song therefore, seeks to give hope to anyone whose dream may be on the verge of being awakened from, and to remind them not to lose sight of their goals, but believe in themselves and work at materializing them. It  goes on to encourage everyone to support the dreams of the up-and-coming ones, and urge them to reach for higher heights.

It promises to satiate his fans with a new hope to do, and he definitely cannot wait for it to be heard.

You can stream Southside on any digital platform here;

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Quavo x Takeoff Present New Single & Music Video “Hotel Lobby”




Over the years, Quavo and Takeoff have gone wild once or twice. However, they go wilder than ever on their new single and music video “Hotel Lobby”—available today via Quality Control Music Group/Motown Records.  Quavo and Takeoff reveal a woozy and wobbly banger on a whole different level..


Listen to “Hotel Lobby” HERE and watch the music video for “Hotel Lobby” HERE.


The airy cinematic production and ominous beat set the tone as Quavo and Takeoff trade one intoxicating bar after another. Co-directed by Keemotion and Quavo, the music video serves as an insane homage to the cult classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas directed by Terry Gilliam and co-starring Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro. In the clip, Quavo and Takeoff assume the roles of Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo cruising through the desert with a “mobile pharmacy” before pulling up to a Las Vegas hotel and barely passing the doors to check in. All kinds of psychedelic, tripped-out trap madness follows as they deliver the South’s first proper hip-hop homage to the late Hunter S. Thompson. It’s unlike anything either of these two multiplatinum GRAMMY® Award-nominated superstars have done either solo or as part of Migos!


It also paves the way for more music to come.


Takeoff recently dropped off “Crypto” with Rich The Kid. It has already amassed over 6.5 million Spotify streams and 4.7 million YouTube views on the music video. Receiving critical acclaim, HYPEBEAST proclaimed, “the new single sees the Migos rapper embrace his love for cryptocurrency and the fortune that it has brought him.”


Meanwhile, Quavo served up the intense “Shooters Inside My Crib.” It posted up 6 million Spotify streams and 6.6 million YouTube views on the music video. Touted among the “Soundsystem 50,” High Snobiety observed, “Quavo skates over the Ayo-B-produced beat effortlessly teasing us about an upcoming project.” REVOLT added, “‘Shooters Inside My Crib’ sees the North Atlanta star harmonizing about past struggles and current successes.” Sports Illustrated summed it up best as “an absolute banger.” Not to mention, he joined NBA2K22 as a playable character and will star in a new action thriller Takeover.

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Rising Singer-Songwriter Malachiii Unveils Debut EP ‘The Ascension’




Elevating music to another stratosphere altogether, rising singer, songwriter, producer, and artist-to-watch Malachiii presents his debut EP, The Ascension, today via Motown Records. Listen to it HERE.


The Ascension highlights Malachiii’s artful approach as a future-facing curator, alchemizing vibes and styles into a multi-dimensional pop, hip-hop and R&B sound of his own design. Anchored by his production skills, the project boasts fan favorites including the vibey track “I’m Back,” the powerful anthem “Hold Me,” as well as the melodic “Free My Soul,” which Euphoria raved as “an upbeat listen with a mellow undertone, morphing multiple genres into one sound.” The EP fittingly closes with “Back When We Were Kids,” a nostalgic track featuring guitar riffs that seesaw back and forth between emotionally charged verses.


Speaking on his debut EP, Malachiii shares, “The Ascension is my true introduction to the world. This project is so important to me because it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The listener will get a chance to see different sides of me musically, while reflecting on my journey with “ascension” in all things in my life.”


Check out the tracklist for The Ascension below, and watch Malachiii pull back the curtain on his production process in his ‘Behind The Beat’ video series HERE and HERE. It’s Malachiii’s year, so hold on tight!


1.    Elevate

2.    Hold Me

3.    What’s In Store

4.    I’m Back

5.    Free My Soul

6.    Next To Me

7.    Back When We Were Kids

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Stunna 4 Vegas Drops New Album “Rae Rae’s Son”



After releasing a barrage of fiery singles, burgeoning star Stunna 4 Vegas’ (Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment / Interscope Records) unveils his blistering new album Rae Rae’s Son. The 12-track effort is a slam-dunk for Stunna enthusiasts who crave his high-octane energy and robust swagger. Fans who reveled at Stunna’s previous records “BMF,” Ice Wear Vezzo, and “Pay Me To Speak” will love the album’s latest record, “Sad Song,” featuring Spinnabenz. Listen HERE.
To celebrate the release of his new album, Stunna will perform three concerts including performances in Charlotte (May 21), Dallas (May 29) and Billings (June 9). YRB Teez and SSG Splurge will accompany the Billion Dollar Baby star on his trek. Fans can purchase tickets HERE.
Since he joined Billion Dollar Baby and Interscope in 2019, Stunna 4 Vegas has emerged into one of the roster’s most promising talents, with over 816 million streams in the U.S. alone. His frenetic energy and ear for top-tier street anthems launched the run of success that began with his Big 4X mixtape release that cracked the top 50 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Results only improved with the January 2020 release of his debut album, Rich Youngin, which shot into the top 30 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and the top 20 of the Rap Albums list on the heels of hits such as “DO DAT,” featuring DaBaby and Lil Baby and “Up the Smoke” with Offset. His credentials only grew with a heavy touring lineup in 2021, including featured performer slots at Rolling Loud, Made in America, and OVO Fest and headlining his national tour.
Rae Rae’s Son Track List
  1. Rae Rae’s Intro
  2. The One
  3. Pay Me To Speak
  4. BMF ft. Ice Wear Vezzo
  5. Going For Nun
  6. Suspect
  7. Activated
  8. Sticks
  9. Fye ft. YRB Tezz
  10. Skurrt
  11. Sad Song ft. Spinnabenz
Stunna 4 Vegas Rae Rae’s Son eAlbum
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paris jackson out with new single, “lighthouse”



paris jackson

Today, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actress, and activist paris jackson unveils her brand new single entitled “lighthouse” out now via Republic Records—listen to “lighthouse”HERE. “lighthouse” was produced by singer, songwriter, musician, and producer Butch Walker.

The single is released alongside the official music video, which was inspired by the iconic video for Nirvana’s “Sliver.” In the video, paris pays homage with a photo of Kurt Cobain—a full circle moment to the original video. Watch the “lighthouse” video HERE.

The song channels unbridled nineties rock energy as it harnesses the power of a classic alternative dynamic with a twist of its own. paris’ hypnotic verses give way to a chantable chorus, “I can feel the lights go low, but I don’t wanna let go now, maybe if I turn around you’ll see me, and what you used to be,” before a hummable guitar solo.

On the song, paris says, “I continued to write about this same old heartbreak that ‘wilted’ is about. A lot of the new songs coming out are similar stories about the same person and heartbreak. I guess I’m just exploring different feelings. ‘wilted’ was a more melancholy record, and now I’m exploring more of the anger…”

paris recently lit up SXSW with her debut performance at the festival, landing looks from BillboardThe Recording Academy’s Grammy U, and more. Back in 2020, she delivered her debut album, wilted, joined by collaborators Andy Hull and Robert McDowell of Manchester Orchestra. Upon arrival, it captured #1 on the iTunes US Alternative Albums Chart and incited the applause of NPRRolling StoneAssociated PressEntertainment WeeklyE! NewsPeopleNMENYLONRefinery29WWD, and more. Additionally, she ignited late-night television with an emotionally charged rendition of “let down” on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!paris remained prolific in 2021 with The Struts’ collaboration “Low Key In Love,” before sharing the lost EP as a surprise gift for her fans in early 2022. Now, paris jackson re-introduces herself with an honest and raw signature sound.

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