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The 14-Club Rule



What number of covers do you need to play within the golf course? Is it accurate to say that one is enough? What exactly are those?

US Golf Association rules take into consideration upwards of 14 clubs in your golf sack. Less clubs are allowed. Head covers are not needed, and most ardent golf players use covers just for their driver, fairway woods, crossover clubs and putter. Nonetheless, there are additionally exceptional club covers you can use..


Driver Head Covers


Typically the most costly club in your pack is the driver. This club can cost a golf player as much as $500. To ensure that speculation, driver head covers are prescribed to keep the club head from harm like scratches, scratches and gouges. Most driver covers are made of neoprene or material and some have an elastic or latex internal coating.  As indicated by various golf club retailers, a driver head cover is remembered for the acquisition of another driver. In any case, there are numerous styles that are accessible off-the-rack.


Fairway and Hybrid Club Covers


Fairway wood head covers, similar to driver covers, are typically made of neoprene or material, however they are more modest to fit cozily on club heads that are by and large more modest than a driver. Ordinarily fairway and mixture club covers incorporate a weaved or stepped image showing the club it covers. For instance, a 5-wood may have the number 5 stepped on the head cover. A mixture cover may have a comparable relating number or the level of space set apart on it. The quantity of fairway or half and half clubs in your pack is an individual inclination, however most golf players use covers to ensure these clubs.


Iron Covers


Plastic or neoprene iron covers are not as normal. Each iron taken care of has its own plastic, perfectly sized cover. On the off chance that you have a standard iron set (3-iron through pitching wedge) that would be eight irons with a cover for everyone. Numerous golf players incorporate a sand wedge, whole wedge or other sort of wedge in their pack that would require extra head covers. Retailers like Golfsmith say that virtually all iron head covers are auctioned in off-the-rack sets.


Putter Covers


Putters are commonly the second most costly club in a golf player’s pack. Some can cost a few hundred dollars. At the point when another putter is bought, a putter cover is most consistently included. These are for the most part made of plastic, neoprene or fabric and are generally intensely padded to secure the metal materials used to produce the putter. Like the head covers for different clubs, putter headcovers can likewise be bought independently, contingent upon the sort of cover a golf player likes.


Novelty Covers


The vast majority of the forte or oddity golf club covers are made for the driver. The assortment is wide and golf retailers say the market for these sorts of headcovers has consistently been lively.

There is always no restriction on the type of clubs you want to carry on the course – you can carry multiple putters, multiple drivers, or some left-handed clubs and some right-handed.

That said, I recommend coming to the club that will make everyone’s head turn. The number may be limited, but the style isn’t. 


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