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The evolution of Kanye West – the story of Kanye and how he became the figure he is



Kanye West, 43 years old, rapper, producer, designer and presidential candidate has been one of the most prominent personas the past 20 years or so. He is a very controversial figure and married to one of the most beloved and hated people on the planet, Kim Kardashian.

Most people around the world know of Kanye and most people have listened to his music or worn some of his design. Kanye has always been a strange figure. From making a public service announcement awkward to Mike Myers or interrupting Taylor Swift at the Grammys. Kanye West is infamous and beloved.


Kanye is a man of luxury and style and will forever and always be dressed and in the mood for online casinos in South Africa – most artists can’t say that. Continue reading to learn more about the great Kanye West.


His early career

Kanye started out as a producer and a small one at best. He wasn’t recognized by the rap community as a great producer or rapper. He was determined though and found himself in a room with Jay-Z – one of the biggest. The two hit it off and that was the start of Kanye’s career. Being good friends with Jay and developing his personal style he started to become more and more known.


He began producing for artist on the label Roc-a-fella, which is Jay Z’s record label, and quickly got well known. This led him to believe that he could do what others couldn’t. He thought he was better than the rest, and he might have been right. Because he went on to change the game.


Getting the breakthrough

Kanye got a huge breakthrough with his first two albums. The College Dropout and Late Registration were his first two studio albums and were massive hits. Kanye playing on the college-thematics and vibe was a metaphor for the way he was treated by the rest of the music community. He felt like a dropout and when his first album was a success, he felt like he was enrolled late for college – college being the stand in for the music industry.


His first album got 10 grammy nominees and received the greatest rap album award. Songs like Jesus Walks and Through The Wire was – and still is – some of his biggest hits. These two albums went on to define Kanye West for some years. The cocky rapper quickly became godlike – or at least he thought he was.


Some years later the college trilogy was complete with Graduation. This was also a shift in style and tone for West, who found himself being acclaimed as one of the biggest in the game. The title track Stronger is one of his biggest songs.


How he changed the game

The real story of Kanye starts with 808s and Heartbreak. This is probably the West album that has changed the music industry the most. The Weeknd would not have been the artist that we know of if it wouldn’t have been for this album. His album features heavy use of the 808 drum machine that wasn’t popular until because of it’s electronic sound. Songs from the album like Bad News and Heartless were some of the biggest hits closing out the 00’s and going into the 10’s where Kanye continued to blow everyones mind.


In 2010 he released My beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and is to this day his most selling album. It is by far the album of West’s that has the most hits and most sold copies. The album is his magnum opus and stands to this day one of the best rap records of all time. Yet we shouldn’t discourage the fact that the rap album that has left everyone’s jaws on the flaw is his next album featuring Jay-Z


The biggest rap album of all time

Jay-Z and West, long time friends, joined forces to create the album Watch The Throne. The album consisted of beats made by Kanye and lyrics written by both artists. The album cover is a testament to the sheer gravitas of the album. The art is filled with gold and shows a full golden pattern of what looks like a gold plated ceiling.


The album is one of the biggest rap albums of all time. It sold more than 400.000 albums in the first week and set numerous downloading records on iTunes. The album features other artists like Beyonce and Frank Ocean.


Summing up

This article wants to explain the rise of Kanye. Kanye West is way more detailed than this article shows and be sure to read further for even more information about the artist that keeps surprising and keeps making music and designing weird clothing.




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