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The Latest Trends in Fashion Scrubs for Nurses



Nursing uniforms have evolved considerably over time, from floor-length dresses to stylish and colorful professional attire. The modifications made aid functionality allowing nurses to smoothly carry out their duties without their uniforms coming in their way. 

Now you see nurses in healthcare facilities wearing short sleeve tops with pants, associated with their distinct roles or teams. This trendy medical uniform in different patterns and colors is called a scrub. With the arrival of designer wear and digital prints, fashion scrubs for nurses have modernized their overall appearance. 

The variety on offer breaks the monotony bringing much-needed cheer all around. Nurses feel good while adorning their fashionable attire, and the same positive vibes get passed on to their patients.

Modern nursing scrubs are far more comfortable and easier to maintain as they are no longer pure white. Cotton is a popular choice of fabric for these scrubs, owing to it being breathable, durable, and high on comfort. 

Some of the latest trends in fashionable scrubs for nurses include:

Pants with Drawstrings

Given your long working hours, drawstrings on pants are way more comfortable as you can fasten them as per your preference. Unlike gartered waistbands, these do not cut you irrespective of your waist size. 

Scrub pants are not bulky around the middle and offer a smoother fit. Even the wide-leg trousers enable free movement without catching you tightly around the legs. Deep pockets are also provided to store small medical instruments, notes, stationery, phones, power bars, etc.

Styled Tunics

The scrub tops are available in varied styles and stretch fabrics, each one ensuring nurses, have a variety to choose from. They all make a fashion statement from mock wraps, scoop, and v-necks, to necklines with piping trim and button-down collared tops.  

Flattering Combinations

As a nurse, you can choose from among light-colored and darker colored scrubs, pale pastel shades, to medium-bright tones. Trending medical apparel comprises both matching tops and trousers in solid colors and combinations in contrasting colors. The latter gives a modern feel while maintaining its functionality.

Side Slits

To ease movement and for better air circulation, fashion scrubs for nurses come with side slits. Usually, the length of the tunic determines whether slits are advisable or not. Shorter tops with slits are undesirable as they only expose parts of your body as you go about your work.

Feminine Touch

Gone are the days of unisex scrubs with the introduction of lace-inspired looks, ruffle-trimmed edges, and embroidery accents. Lending an additional feminine touch is the front darts that make your top look shapely as it sits well on your upper half. 

Attractive Prints 

An exciting trend is the emergence of scrubs in attractive prints. If you are attached to a pediatric ward, wear a scrub displaying Disney characters that your young patients find relatable. Scrubs also come in humorous prints that bring a smile to even the young at heart.

The best part is medical scrubs today are wrinkle resistant. They make you feel good and motivate you to do complete justice to the job at hand.