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The new Snapchat filter that has the world shocked and talking!!!

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The new Snapchat filter that has the world shocked and talking!!!

The new Snapchat filter that has the world talking

A new Snapchat Filter that let’s people see what they would look like as a different gender has users around the world talking!  The Snapchat Gender Change Filter gives users a glimpse at what users might look like as the opposite gender.

The Male Female Swap Filter is taking the internet by storm by creating amusing and oftentimes disturbing gender swap images.

The Snapchat gender change filter makes it super easy to go from male to female or vice versa. To use it, simply open up the app and go to the filters. If you want to use the male to female Snapchat filter, swipe right a few times until you see the filter with eyes and a purple ring around the circle. Make sure the camera is facing your face, and then use the button above the filter list to take the photo and apply the gender-swapping effect.

If you want to use the female-to-male Snapchat filter, then do the same thing, except this time; use the filter with the beard and a purple ring instead.

The filter is already getting people into trouble. But this guy’s prank on his girlfriend went a bit wrong when she definitely didn’t see the funny side.

Posting on Facebook, Ryan Hill described how he used a filter that ‘makes you look like a girl’ on a photo of himself, and sent it to his poor unsuspecting girlfriend… along with the caption ‘I have your bf’s t-shirt on’.

He wrote: “Snapchat has a filter that makes you look like a girl, so I thought it would be a good idea to wind my gf up and send her this, she didn’t take it well.”

It’s safe to say she was not happy in the slightest.

The photo does actually look pretty convincing, so you can see why his girlfriend was drawn in by it.

To really wind her up, he played dumb and sent her another message to enhance the prank: “Don’t look at the snap I just sent you xx”

Of course, he knew only too well that she was about to see what looked like a pretty girl wearing her boyfriend’s clothes. Brutal. Understandably pissed off, she replied saying: “Are you fucking serious. Don’t even bother coming here after work.”

Continuing the wind-up, he responded by saying: ‘Why what was it?”

His poor girlfriend replied: “Why the fuck is another girl got your t-shirt on. You’re getting blocked.”

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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