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The Why’s And How’s of Coffee Enemas



An enema is an injection of fluid that is inserted into the lower bowel via the rectum. An enema is used to help initiate a bowel movement and clear out the intestines. Similarly, a coffee enema is a type of enema where a mixture of caffeinated coffee and water is injected through the rectum into the colon.

Origin Of Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas are believed to have originated during the early 1900s as a form of cancer treatment. Max German, a German-American doctor, proposed a treatment that involved using coffee enemas for a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Gerson believed that the positive detoxification effect of coffee enemas was responsible for the recovery of his patients. The rigorous program introduced by Max German became popularly known as the Gerson therapy. In fact, it helped make coffee enemas more popular across the world.

Other than coffee enemas, Gerson therapy also included eating a diet that is high in potassium and low in sodium. According to Dr. Gerson, this approach would help repair damaged cells and even help the body fight against cancerous cells by fixing the tissue damage.

Coffee enemas stimulate the flow of bile and glutathione production, which leads to the detoxifying process that involves clearing out your colon and intestines. Some of the various benefits offered by coffee enemas include:

  • Relief from constipation
  • Increases energy levels
  • Boosts immunity
  • Treats autoimmune diseases
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Removes parasites from the intestines
  • Treats cancer
  • Treats depression
  • Prevents yeast overgrowth

While no scientific evidence has proven or disproven the effect of coffee enemas on medical conditions, it is still useful in clearing out the digestive tract. In fact, coffee enemas are more commonly used as an alternative to laxatives that are used for cleansing the bowel before medical procedures like endoscopy, etc.  The procedure is very easy where the coffee brew is mixed in the right proportions and is inserted into your colon via your rectum.

More About The Coffee Enema Procedure

The coffee enema can either be performed at home or at a nearby clinic. During the procedure, you may experience pressure, cramping, or fullness. The caffeine in the brew may also cause you to feel shaky or even experience heart palpitations. In fact, some people use coffee in their enemas to remove toxins from their bodies. Medical professionals recommend drinking plenty of water after the procedure to prevent dehydration.

How To Make A Coffee Enema At Home

  • Add two tablespoons of coffee to one liter of distilled water. You can either make the coffee enema brew in a traditional coffee maker or a traditional saucepan. However, make sure that no grounds are left in the coffee brew.
  • Allow the coffee mixture to cool to room temperature. Never use the coffee brew before it has cooled down.
  • Place towels on a bed and ask the person who will be receiving the enema to lie down on it on their left side. It is a good idea to ensure that the bed is within walking distance to the restroom, as the person will need to use it urgently after the enema is administered.
  • Instill the coffee brew into the rectum via an enema system. You can easily find them at the local pharmacy. They often come with a water bottle and tubing that can be inserted into the rectum.
  • A water-based lubricant is applied along the edge of the tip to make the insertion process easier.
  • You need to instill as much of the coffee enema brew as possible into the rectum. However, the entire solution may not go in. In such cases, do not force the administration.
  • After the coffee mixture has been inserted into the rectum, it needs to be held in for at least ten to fifteen minutes.
  • The person will then need to visit the restroom sooner rather than later.
  • In some cases, the enema might have to be repeated if the first try did not yield satisfactory results.

While preparing the coffee brew, you need to remember that decaffeinated coffee will not work. They do not contain the required cafestol, which is responsible for initiating the cleansing procedure.  If you are using a traditional saucepan to make the concoction, avoid using one made from aluminum as leaching may occur which will lead to other health ailments. Some medical professionals recommend using a binding agent like China Chlorella about twenty minutes before the enema is administered. This helps the body with the complete removal of all the toxins in your body

How Often To Use The Coffee Enema

Dr. Gerson recommended using the coffee enema more than once every day regardless of whether you have cancer or not. In most cases, the first coffee enema insertion only pulls out toxins from the colon and does not have an effect on the small intestines yet. The coffee has a therapeutic action on the liver and gallbladder, thereby causing bile to be dumped on the small intestines, which need to be further removed. It is advisable to take a second coffee enema about four to six hours after the first one. This allows enough time for the toxins to reach your intestine.

Coffee enemas are a great way to detoxify and improve your overall wellbeing. It helps you get started on the path to healing, rebuilding and regenerating. After the detoxification process, the efficiency of your organs gets back into gear and you only need to use an enema if you feel the need for another cleanse. If you want to monitor the toxins that are removed from your body, you can opt for a hair tissue mineral analysis.

Interestingly, cleaning out your colon and your intestines once in a while is a great way to clear out any toxins in your body.  Many people opt for a body cleanse when they binge on unhealthy food, feel unhealthy, feel constipated, and experience stomach troubles and so on. At the end of the day, a coffee enema is a recommended method to cleanse your colon and improve your overall health.