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There is a floral dress for every occasion



There is a floral dress for every occasion

I remember once asking Ghanaian designer, Kwab Asamoah once, if his clients in the US loved the colourful vibrancy of  African wax prints. His answer was that most people didn’t mind but it was a little loud and out of place for most formal settings.

He also agreed that knowing to blend elements of bright and colourful fabrics with others can tone down the loudness and make it appropriate for almost any occasion.

Floral dresses fall into the same group. They can be used to represent elegance, sophistication, and femininity. Floral dresses are excellent for every season, even though they are associated with spring and flowering. Designers can create collections based on abstract or realistic florals in a variety of styles. In recent times, floral dresses have become a favourite for bridal teams and wedding guests, has an impressive selection to choose from.

Floral dresses are frequently associated with charm, tenderness, and being whimsy. While they are typically worn in casual settings, you can tweak them up for a more formal and elegant look. 


By combining intelligent style, appropriate accessories, and a touch of confidence, you can transform a flowery dress into a stunning combination great for parties, meetings, and special occasions. Soft pastels, muted tones, and conventional black-and-white flower motifs are all excellent choices for a formal setting. 

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A well-fitted sheath dress or an A-line style may immediately improve the formal look of a floral print. Avoid matching floral pattern shoes with these gowns, especially those with a vivid or dark backdrop colour. Choose a purse that contrasts with the dominant colour in your flowery ensemble.

For a fashionable style, pair a strapless floral short dress with platform shoes and heels. How can you take this look from summer to winter without losing its edge? Simply add a long-sleeved shirt for extra warmth and style. If you want to be a little more casual, choose white trainers instead of heels. However, whether it’s platform sandals or trainers, a small flower pattern dress may be worn with a variety of shoes for the optimum fit.


With winter on the way, knowing how to wear a flowery dress in winter is a fun and fashionable way to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Previously, these flowery patterns were believed to be romantic but not particularly fashionable. They were mainly saved for the months of April through August, when the weather was nicer.

Things have altered in recent years, however. Floral prints have made a strong comeback, and they are no longer only trendy; they have become more intriguing and stylish. They can even give classic all-black ensembles a run for their money, especially for evening looks!

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