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There’s hope: They do play Ghanaian music on Nigerian radio after all!!!



IK OsakioduwaI know there has been a growing debate on how Ghanaian radio stations play a lot of Nigerian music but the same cannot be said about Nigerian stations playing Ghanaian music.  You can remember that in my recent interview with Big Brother Africa host, IK Osakioduwa , who is also a radio host on Lagos-based  Rhythm 93.7, I pointed it out to him and he said that was not really the case. IK said, “Are you joking? Let me tell you the truth. Ghana has taken over Nigeria on the music scene, and what is selling now is Ghana. So every Nigerian has one song that sounds Ghanaian. Many people have started making Ghanaian accents on their songs. So whether it is Olamide or K-9 incorporating Ghanaian mannerisms on their songs or whether it’s just putting Ghanaian songs like Atumpan or Sarkodie on air.  Maybe it’s the big names that are selling and not so much for the younger ones. But that is why we are doing such and exchange.” Well, during my recent visit to Nigeria for the Africa Movie Academy Awards I must say I did hear some Ghanaian music on radio, especially on Rhythm FM.  Among the artist I heard were, EL, Sarkodie, Dr Cryme, D-Black as well as some acts and songs that I had never heard of back home in Accra. I guess the situation isn’t as bad as we feared but surely a lot more could be done to improve airplay of Ghanaian music on Nigerian radio.]]>


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