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There's a new Sheikh in town! Why does Fred Nuamah keep dressing like this?



fred nuamah (2) fred nuamah at launch of kontihene album[/caption] [caption id="attachment_50007" align="aligncenter" width="750"]fred nuamah (1) fred at potomanto premiere[/caption]

I have been wondering why Ghana Movie Awards CEO, actor and producer, Fred Nuamah has been dressing like this of late.  Fred, who has been known for his sharp suits in the past seems to have found a new style for his enigmatic personality. Now he if often spotted in casual jalabiya at events. Is this to reflect a certain status or is it his new found love for simple things? I have spotted him back to back on two nights wearing a jalabiya. Well, I asked him about his new style and he just laughs whenever I do…will he be wearing a jalabiya to the Ghana Movie Awards this year? Hmm only time will tell….




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