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Top 10 Reasons to Start Your Own Business While Studying in College



A Snapshot of the Dynamics of Life

While growing up, we were led to believe that the cycle of life is being born, going to elementary or primary school, high school, join college, get a good job, marry then get a family of your own. In most cases, whoever told you that, is maybe, say 60% correct because a lot of changes occur once you are done with high school.

Some people decide not to go to college and pursue their dreams-some of these people even end up being so successful that no one would ever believe they never went to college. Others never really completed pursuing their college degrees for a reason or two. Click here to see a number of such cases.

However, not all of us are that lucky to have ready opportunities waiting for us after high school. To make it worse, 90% of parents will definitely not be happy to see their children drop out of college. You’re probably here because you are in college or maybe planning to join one; and wondering whether you can start a business while still studying. Well, in this article, you shall clearly understand exactly why you should start your business while at college. You shall also know how today’s very successful entrepreneurs who started their businesses while at college made it.

Classes are really time-consuming and definitely saps the energy out of you and you need time to rest. But what about your free time? What do you really do? Why don’t you turn that time into something that can get you some extra cash? Note that campus is the only place that you will get ready customers and if your idea is service delivery, students are very ready and eager to test and promote your idea for free. If in doubt, remember that the world’s biggest companies Google and Facebook were first used in college.

Why You Should Start that Business While in College

Here are the top 10 reasons as to why you should consider starting your own business while still in college;

  1. Ready customer base

If you are in a well-established college that has hundreds if not thousands of students, count that as a plus for you. Students are always there ready to buy anything as long as it is cheap. If you have an idea, say the next Facebook or the next Google, the students are always there and you will definitely have an easy way of collecting your data through their honest opinions. If your products are nice, word will spread like wildfire advising other students come to try your services as well. However, the main secret to a success here especially if you’re involved in selling something, be friendly and make lots of friends, you will come to understand what the phrase ‘Tell a friend to tell a friend’ really means.

  1. You have little to lose

In most cases, those in campus don’t have many responsibilities yet. Most students don’t have children or are not the breadwinners of their families as the majority mainly depend on parents and guardians for pocket money and survival. This is the best chance for you to venture into business without really having to worry what you are going to eat later on-or rather you won’t be stressing over paying someone else’s school fees or rent.

  1. You have all the time in the world

As a student, you definitely have to balance between studies and other stuff. When you do the math, you really have lots of free time in your week if not in your day. In most colleges we have interacted with, students have on average two classes in a day. That’s at most 6 hours in a day. Sometimes you got a class in the morning or afternoon other times. Why don’t you use the time you are not in class or studying to run a business? Instead of binge-watching many TV shows at ago, why not watch an episode a day and spend the other times doing something that is the money generating for you?

  1. You gain early ‘Real world’ experience

Yes, the real world. It’s tough out there, guys. The truth is that there’s no better way to learn than by doing. And starting a business while still in college is the best way to do just that. Make practical use of the skills you learn in class while still learning them! Despite what some of your professors and lecturers might tell you, the key to running a business is not an A in economics, but by having an understanding of how running a business is in reality and how to best market to your consumers.

  1. Lots of resources at your disposal

Let’s face it guys, you pay quite a lot of money to these institutions. Do you really want to leave college without making the most out of your money? There are libraries of course where you can learn more, but haven’t you thought about the free Wi-Fi or halls that may not be occupied? These are some commodities most businesses pay a fortune for.

  1. You can easily get mentors

Another thing you get for ‘free’ is your professors and lecturers. Those guys love it when a student involves them and seeks their advice pertaining to issues such as starting businesses. Moreover, get in contact with someone who is successful in the same field you want to get into and seek their advice. Sometimes the person you would like to get a piece of advice from is a CEO of some big company and is so hard to find, in that case, contact their secretary, tell them who you are and ask to book an appointment. Most times, the successful love to share with upcoming individuals and you’ll definitely get a meeting with them, someday.

  1. You will gain work experience

Believe it or not, some students actually graduate college without a single job experience. While internships with big companies are certainly a plus for someone, they’re extremely competitive. Having a start-up business experience on your resume or CV as early as when you join college, can be equally impressive. Your level of hands-on experience will far surpass that of any student intern at whichever company.

  1. You get a good control of your life-early enough

Running and managing a business needs someone with a sound mind. Moreover, here you get to train on how to handle responsibilities early enough. Some businesses will even harden you to withstand pressure and learn of ways to cop up with it sooner. Sometimes when you start a company, sometimes you may mismanage your finances but you slowly learn to manage your money correctly.

  1. You get to identify your passion early

There’s a famous quote that an average person should have three hobbies; the first one for enjoyment e.g. traveling, the second one to keep your body fit e.g. swimming, sports and the third one is to get the money. The third one is of course, the one we mean. That is the one folks like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs had in common-they had a passion in computers and they discovered that while still in college.

  1. You can afford to fail

No one really wants to fail at something especially after they have invested in them. The sad reality is that many successful stories such as the one for Colonel Sanders show that the founder of KFC did not fail and get rejected once, ten times, a hundred times but more than a thousand times! Well, for your case, it is easier as you do not have kids or people who depend on you-in most cases. But then, in today’s ideal world, when your business keeps on failing, then there must be something wrong or something you may or may have not done.  Final thought Entrepreneurship is a slow, intriguing learning experience. If you can summon the courage to make the jump, you are sure to have a rewarding and life-changing experience and success. If anything, this article proves one thing that is very important for our millennial generation that you don’t need a college degree to start your own business!So while the thought of starting your own business might seem a bit grim at the moment, you should still consider it. The risk isn’t as bad as it seems - and the perquisites are just so impressive!

Author’s bio. Daniela McVicker is a freelance writer, blogger, and editor at Top Writers Review. She graduated from Durham University and has an MA in psychological science. Her passion is travel and finding ways to enrich students’ learning experience.]]>


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MTN Ghana Rewards Loyal Customers At ‘Glitz And Glam’ Y’ello Soiree



Mrs. Jemima Kotei Walsh Chief Customer Relations Officer presenting a smart device to a customer at the Yello Soiree 1

MTN Ghana has held its flagship ‘Y’ello Soiree’ after a 3-year break. The comeback edition themed ‘Glitz and Glam’, was held at the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra.

The Soiree is organized to celebrate and reward selected customers for their loyalty to the MTN Brand. The event also created the opportunity for management of MTN Ghana to interact and reconnect with these customers.

A series of activities were organized to give customers the opportunity to win exciting gifts such as the latest versions of the iPhone and Samsung phones. 50 smart devices were won by customers at the event. In addition, four customers won all-expense paid tickets to watch the Ghana versus Uruguay match at the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

At the event, Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana, Selorm Adadevoh, expressed his gratitude to all customers for trusting the brand. “We feel privileged to have you, our customers, join us for this year’s Y’ello Soiree and to have this opportunity once again to spend time, share experiences and acknowledge you for your immense contributions to the growth of the business. We truly appreciate your time, support and loyalty over the past years,” he said.

Mr. Adadevoh gave key updates on how the business is aiming to enhance its customer experience.. He said, ‘’We announced our new position symbolized by a brand refresh and a revised strategic vision, Ambition 2025. The key messaging in our brand refresh sets out to motivate all of us especially Africans and for that matter Ghanaians to take the needed steps to drive progress.”

“We have also invested in 2022 USD220 million in robust infrastructure and technology ecosystems to create more value for our customers. A similar amount is planned for 2023. Indeed from 2021 to 2025, we have pledged to spend One billion dollars to improve and expand our network and this is a promise we intend to keep,” he concluded.

Chief Customer Relations Officer at MTN Ghana, Jemima Kotei Walsh, said the soirée was an opportunity to meet customers and thank them for their loyalty to the brand. She said, “At MTN, we believe that the customer is at the centre of everything we do and that is why we always put them first. The future is always bright, and we look forward to more engagements.”

Dignitaries including the South African High Commissioner to Ghana, Her Excellency Grace Jeanet Mason and MTN Executives graced the event while Ghanaian Afropop, RnB and Afrobeat songwriter and musician Camidoh, thrilled customers.

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Ghanaian forex trader, Rutherford Orlean-Banks is ready to heed his call to guru-hood



ISC 107

Rutherford Orlean-Banks (Maybach Forex) never imagined he would one day become a professional forex trader with success this enviable and limitless. But today, he is one of the best out there, and we sat with him to hear about his epic journey to riches and the legacy that awaits him in the years ahead.

After a challenging nine-year run in the volatile world of forex trading, you best believe Rutherford Orlean-Banks (Maybach Forex) has seen it all, both the good and the ugly. “Do you know how many beginners quit forex trading in their first two years?” he asks a few minutes into our conversation. “90%. I’m part of the 10% that never give up. That was never an option for me because it was either forex or nothing”.

It was a grueling path to success, no doubt, especially with Rutherford (Maybach Forex) setting his dreams of tertiary education aside. But after years of not caving in; amassing the requisite hard skills; overcoming the dreadful learning curve that broke the hearts of many; and standing financially sound than ever imagined, Rutherford (Maybach Forex) is finally ready to step forth and heed his call to guru-hood: “I want to lead the next generation of Ghanaian forex traders to success and provide a platform with which I can empower anyone interested to take up the business of accessing the financial markets seriously”.

ISC 103

It is obvious the requirements for having such a lofty goal are hefty, and in a field as fiscal as the Maybach Forex leading light’s, affluence lies at its core. Lucky for him, the young, adept trader is brimming with the two. “I made my first $100,000 somewhere in 2019”, he shared, adding: “That was my big breakthrough. It was a well-deserved break from the punches the markets had thrown at me since I began in 2013, and it set the pace for my subsequent exponential growth”.

Beyond these mouthwatering figures, however, lies Rutherford’s (Maybach Forex) brilliance in accessing the financial markets. This distinct skill has since seen him inducted into the Hall of Fame of HotForex Markets Group. Outside of this stunning achievement, the super-composed forex whizz also holds a “Platinum Trader” badge on the reputable Cypriot broker’s platform and awards that include: Trader of the Month (January 2021), HotForex Traders Awards Winner (January 2021), HFM Traders Award Winner (May 2022) and Trader of the Month (June 2022).

Simply put, the Ghanaian is a beast in the relevant field. And with a top reputation, consistency and a good understanding of the world’s financial markets under his wing, Rutherford (Maybach Forex), just like the financial titans who inspire him – George Soros, Ray Dalio, Paul Tudor Jones, etc. – is ready to mentor the next generation of forex traders in Ghana. He is eager to weigh in on the hype about forex trading in the country after watching from the sidelines for so long.

As such, there is more to expect from Rutherford Orlean-Banks (Maybach Forex) in 2023. He plans to host a podcast, YouTube channel and a MasterClass to help instill the combative spirit of the forex trading’s successful ten-percenters (like himself) into anyone willing to be independent of the system and succeed at it. Get up to speed with what he has coming our way on his social media profiles below:

Snapchat: Richtrader_arow

Instagram: investor_maybach

Twitter: arrow_maybach





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Ghana’s Adonteng Boateng receives U.S. President Lifetime Achievement Award



IMG 20221205 WA0021

Bishop John Adonteng Boateng, Founder of Divine Word Ministries, has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the President of the United States of America, Joseph R. Biden Jr.

The awards scheme organised under the auspices of the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation was held on Friday, December 2, 2022 at the Hilton Long Island in New York.

Astute individuals honoured for their longtime commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service.

Bishop Adonteng Boateng was among the honorees on the awards night, as he was adjudged one of the changemakers in American society.

Ghana's Adonteng Boateng receives U.S. President Lifetime Achievement Award

Ghana’s Adonteng Boateng receives U.S. President Lifetime Achievement Award

His citation read: “The American story depends not on anyone of us, not on some of us, but all of us. I congratulate you for taking it upon yourself to contribute to the public good.

“And I am proud to present you with the President’s Lifetime Achievement award in recognition of your 4000 hours of service to this great nation.

“By sharing your time and passion, you are helping discover and deliver solutions to the challenges we face—solutions that we need now more than ever.

“We are living in a moment that calls for hope, light, and love. Hope for our futures, light to see our way forward, and love for one another.

“Through your service, you are providing all three. On behalf of the American people, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to you for your volunteer leadership, and I encourage you to continue to answer the call to serve. The country is counting on you.”

Ghana's Adonteng Boateng receives U.S. President Lifetime Achievement Award

Ghana’s Adonteng Boateng receives U.S. President Lifetime Achievement Award

The highly respected spiritual leader has, over the years, embarked on social responsibilities to feed and clothe the homeless in the United States.

Adonteng Boateng, who is an International Police Chaplain in the United States, is one of the few Africans who has fostered unity among communities and their police departments.

He has over the years touched the lives of families and offered scholarships to young individuals to study at top universities in America.

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How To Plan The Perfect Wedding In 2023




With so many important details to consider from your venue to the dress, from your guest list to the photographer – the best way to start planning your wedding is by making a list of your priorities.

What do you want most? Is it an intimate gathering with close friends and family members? Do you want an extravagant celebration for all of your favorite people? Or do you want a more relaxed event that combines family and friends with some of the most important people in your life?

Once you’ve gotten a handle on your priorities, it’s time to think about the details. Here are some things that are worth considering:DesertStyleShootSUBM 60 of 200 small 683x1024 1

Book your venue

If you have your heart set on a specific venue, be sure to contact them well in advance – especially during peak wedding season. Many venues book up quickly. There are some instances where you may lose the opportunity if you wait too long.

Choose wedding events

Whenever you have settled on a tight spending plan, date, and scene for your wedding, the time has come to pick your marriage party. Ten months out from the much anticipated day is the ideal chance to go with this choice because your marriage party will actually want to help and support you in the preparation of the remainder of the wedding subtleties.

The number of attendants at your wedding party is at your discretion. However, it is customary to select those people closest to you who will be most helpful in coordinating the rest of the wedding arrangements.File Apr 21 3 16 07 PM

Plan your wedding dress

At least 10 months before the wedding, you should be shopping for an outfit to wear on your big day. This will give you time to order your outfit and get any alterations done. Remember that the people in your bridal party will need their outfits and alterations as well!

Choose your vendors

Hiring a wedding planner will make your experience more luxurious and streamlined. This will allow you to enjoy all the luxuries of a world-class resort in addition to the special moments of your wedding day.

Once you’ve selected a date, you’ll want to begin planning your dream wedding by choosing a photographer, videographer, and florist.

Print invitation cards and send them.

To ensure that your guests can attend your event, plan your wedding card design and send them save-the-date cards six months before the wedding. Your simple wedding cards should be sent out six to eight weeks before the big day, and make sure to include an RSVP date three weeks before the wedding. While having a destination wedding, you will need to give your guests even more notice and adjust your wedding timeline accordingly.

Get your wedding ring

A luxurious time to shop for wedding rings is six months before the wedding. This will provide you ample time to find the perfect ones and have them engraved if you desire.

Print wedding registry

Before you begin to print your wedding invitations, you should have completed your registry and combined it with your partner’s registry if you have separate registries.

Choose gifts

It is customary to present your attendants with gifts to show your appreciation for their love and support leading up to your wedding. Brides often choose to present these gifts during the rehearsal dinner or wedding day, but it is a good idea to have them shipped 2 months in advance of your wedding so that you can be sure that any items requiring personalization are sent ahead of time.

1 month before the wedding

A bit more breathing room. One month before the big day is crunch time. You still have some critical tasks to complete to keep your wedding timeline on track, including:

  • Practicing wedding vows
  • Checking all dresses size
  • Finalizing guest count
  • Planning seating arrangements
  • Planning entry of bride and groom.

If you’ve made it to this point, congratulations! You’ve read all of our tips and tricks for planning the perfect wedding in 2023. We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey and wish you all the best in your future wedding.

Now go on and get married!

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Meet Mustapha Diyaol Haqq: the Tech Entrepreneur set to Revolutionise Africa’s Maternal Care



Mustapha Diyaol Haqq

Mustapha Diyaol Haqq is a young Ghanaian innovator and founder of Sinuosity AI. An artificial intelligence research centre in Accra, Ghana. Sinuosity AI focuses on Research and Development of AI systems for applications in Health and Agriculture. 

In 2020, Mustapha’s Okuafo Foundation won the global Zayed Sustainability Prize’s food category in UAE to democratise the foundation’s AI enabled mobile app for early detection of pests and diseases as well as provide smallholder farmers with precision agriculture technologies to enable them grow food sustainably. 

Sinuosity AI has since been working on solutions to improve the quality of Africa’s healthcare systems. The company is developing AI-assisted prognosis tools for patients and care providers. One of the major areas of concern is maternal care and service delivery in hospitals and clinics. 

Beginning early next year, Sinuosity AI is launching Preggy Health in Nigeria. A personalised care solution for expecting mothers. The platform offers stress-free antenatal care for pregnant women. With Preggy Health,   Gynaecologists and Care providers can leverage patient data insights for AI-assisted prognosis. The platform uses predictive analytics and machine learning to accurately predict anomalies and complications for pregnant women. 

Using industry-leading encryption technologies, Preggy Health provides a secure place to store all antenatal records. The Preggy Health mobile app allows users to track their daily lifestyle. Users can track their diet, prescription adherence, sleep patterns, vitals and the baby’s health and development and more. 

Preggy Health promises Personalised Support and Care Planning, eliminating the stress and inconsistencies during antenatal care visits. 

“Healthcare and Agriculture are some of the few sectors that have seen significant applications of AI in recent years. We are excited to be at the forefront of pioneering AI applications in these sectors.” – Mustapha. 

“We envision a world with Preggy Health where Doctors can keep an eye on their patients even at home. A future where expecting mothers are conscious of their daily lifestyle and Preggy Health offers a simplified way to track their progress, health and wellbeing. How cool would it be, for care providers to know ahead of your due date, risks of complications during delivery and prepare ahead of time by having a specialist ready?.” Mustapha explains.  

Mustapha Diyaol Haqq was recently named amongst the 2022 Class of 50 Next. A list of people shaping the future of gastronomy by the World’s Best Restaurants. 

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Italian Trade Agency hosts trade delegation for Agrofood and PlastPrintPack West Africa Exhibition




Screenshot 2022 12 05 at 12.55.47

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA), under the auspices of the Italian Embassy in Ghana hosted a dinner for the visiting Italian trade delegation to the Agrofood and PlastPrintPack West Africa Exhibition in Accra, Ghana on Tuesday, November 30.  (more…)

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