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Top 8 Types of Clutter to Clear with Junk Removal



Do you need a junk removal company like this to help eliminate the junk cluttering your space? Have you ever called a removal service and gotten denied for some item’s removal?  This is quite rare; this happens because the removal policy of the state does not allow the disposal of certain items.

Aside from the policy, California and a few other states do not junk-remove monitors, cell phones, TVs, and few other items that could become hazardous waste. Pretty much all of your clutter is suitable for disposal. In this article, we’ll discuss different types of clutter that are suitable for disposal.

Functional Junk

You might stop needing a home or office equipment that is still valuable. For instance, your youngest child is seven, and while cleaning out your garage, you discover an age-long baby stroller that is still in good condition. It is obvious that your kids have outgrown the use of a baby stroller. 

The baby stroller has become junk for you, and there is a need to clear the clutter. Using a junk removal service is even more important in this situation because the baby stroller is in perfect condition, and you have to donate it to someone that needs it. Jiffy Junks can save you the stress of looking for anyone around your neighborhood who needs your junk.

Old Junk

If you’ve stopped using an item for a long span of time, what is the possibility that you’ll use the item now or in the future? Items like that are considered ‘not useful’ and need to be disposed of. Past lifetime clutter does not only mean you’ve got a change of lifestyle, and your items are now cluttered. It also means your materials are now becoming cluttered because they are no longer in trend.


Past lifetime clutter includes wears you’ve overgrown, old shoes that are no longer repairable amidst others. These items are no longer useful, and they are specifically within the range of clutter suitable for removal services. Instead of cluttering up your home space with these items, get professional junk removal services to get them cleared.

Bulky Junk

Are you just moving to your newly built residence or workshop? The probability is that some materials from building the apartment would still be found around the premises. Even though the site is not a new one and you’re just doing away with stuff in your current home, there would be some junk. You might be making changes to the appliances, sofa beds, chairs and all. A junk removal service would be suitable for lifting the furniture, removing the hot tub, armoires, and couches.

Miscellaneous Clutter

As often as mishaps occur, they are never desired. If you mistakenly ram a truck into your wooden shed and the damage is beyond re-using the materials. Or perhaps, the roof of your dilapidating warehouse got blown off by a thunderstorm, and you don’t feel like repairing it. Asides from picking out the valuable items, it is unnecessary to let the other items litter your premises. Do not go through the rigor of clearing the area yourself. A junk removal service would do.

Recyclable Clutter

It is important to realize that not all junks cluttering up your space completely worthless. Materials turn clutter when they no longer serve their purpose to us. Steel and aluminum cans, PET plastic bottles, newspapers, glass containers, and other materials are recyclable. You should stop burying junk because of the environmental hazard and the call to fight climate change. Support recycling by calling up a junk removal service today.

Gift Clutter

Gifts are common to everyone as we’re either giving out gifts or receive them at one time or the other.  Giving or receiving gifts is cool, but when we begin to receive gifts we do not need, they begin to clutter our walkway and workstation spaces. Funny, we received these gifts from a hearty or voluntary giver, we begin to feel skeptical and guilty about removing the gift clutters. Now that you do not use these gifts that are beginning to clutter up your home, it is best you clear them with a clutter service and not feel guilty about tossing them away with the gift.

Expensive clutter

There’s hardly anyone that hasn’t bought an expensive product they are not currently using. This is not because the product is bad. Meanwhile, because you’ve spent massive amounts on buying such products, it becomes challenging to eliminate them. You should keep this sort of material without using them. These are expensive clutters, and no matter the cost, they add no value if you don’t use them. You won’t recover your purchasing money if you keep the products either. Junk removal services are only suitable for the removal of expensive clutters.

Memory Clutter

Memory clutters are one of the most common types of junk, and the trouble with its disposal is that it is most times emotional. You always feel the item has a historical value, and it is like losing a part of yourself. However, the world is evolving. If you keep every item you’ve ever used or that you share a connection with, you may get your entire attic and walkway cluttered and blocked. So while it’s nice to keep your late granddad’s boots, fishing line, and the pink jacket you wore as a toddler, you can simply take a remarkable photograph of these items before calling a junk removal company to clear up the clutter.

Conclusion On Junk Removal

Finally, many clutter types are suitable for junk removal, and the list is close to being endless. With Jiffy Junks, you receive well-suited same-day services and inexpensive quotations. 



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