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UBA Ghana Awarded Best Prepaid Card Bank By Global Technology Partners



United Bank for Africa (Ghana) Ltd. has been awarded the number one in prepaid cards in Ghana by technology partners, Global Technology Partners (GTP).

Presenting the award, Ike Anison, SVP, Head, Acct Mgt, Global Technology Partners, mentioned the flexibility of GTP and how they bend backwards to support partners like the bank to offer excellent service to our customers.

He commended UBA Ghana for embracing the concept of Prepaid cards to make transaction easier for its customers.

He also noted that Mastercard prepaid and virtual card will soon be introduced to the Ghanaian market after the completion of pilot with Ivory Coast.


Receiving the award, Managing Director and CEO, UBA Ghana, Olalekan Balogun thanked GTP for one of the oldest relationships and how they have worked closely to improve UBA’s market penetration.

He noted that prepaid cards are very convenient and secure to use but less popular in Ghana. Reason why Africa’s Global Bank, United Bank of Africa is among the few banks that provide Prepaid cards. The UBA Visa Prepaid card is EMV Chip certified and offers power, convenience, Security and prestige of Visa.

Mr. Balogun added that the card, currently, has been designed to serve two entities, being individuals and corporate. Under corporate, there are two offerings that are provided; Corporate Expense and Co-Branding.

The UBA Prepaid card which is embedded with an array of fraud detection and prevention capabilities is able to mitigate fraud to a certain level. The card is embedded with a chip and requires pin prior to every transaction.

The card has a transaction velocity limit set on it which prevents the user from exceeding the spend limit and also doing excessive transactions within a short period of time.