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UK events promoter threatens to sue Kwabena Kwabena, but do they have a case?



kwabenaUK-based Ghanaian events Promoter, Gye Nyame Entertainment, is threatening to drag Ghanaian musician Kwabena Kwabena to court, for breach of contract. The musician is alleged to have breached a contractual arrangement that would have seen him perform at the former’s show in Luton on December 21. Kwabena Kwabena was said to have entered into a ‘Performance’ Contract with Gye Nyame on September 12, and went ahead to collect a 1000 pounds out of an agreed 3000 pounds fee.

According to Gye Nyame Ent, “This goes beyond a mere breach of contract; there is an element of fraud and dishonesty out there. Kwabena Kwabena came to the UK few days to our agreed date and even spoke to us about his presence in the country. But he somehow flew back to Ghana to perform at other Events he was booked for, knowing he was already contracted to perform at our event.”

Below is a the contractual document entered into by both parties. But a look at the contract shows that Kwabena Kwabena was not the one that signed the artist part… I need a lawyer on this one. haha