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University of Ghana Students’ Representative Council (UG-SRC) to host cohort 2 of Skill-Up for Jobs bootcamp 2024



Tsikata Zz

The UG-SRC under the leadership of 2023 -2024 led by Frank Tsikata, in collaboration with Global Entrepreneurship Network-Ghana (GEN-Ghana) will host the cohort 2 of, UG-SRC Skill-UP for Jobs Bootcamp which is slated for July – August 2024.

The UG-SRC (Skill-UP for Jobs™)  Bootcamp project is an experiential training and exposure programme that has been designed to train, inspire, and equip 1000 students per cohort with job creation skills. It is intended to be a weekend training programme over a one-month duration comprising in-person practical skills and virtual soft skills sessions that will focus on sequential employability skills in selected disciplines. 

The participants are coached to apply and showcase the acquired skill in micro-projects at the end of the training in the form of a prototype on proof of concepts. Experts from industry have been poached to mentor the participants on their microprojects.

The bootcamp training programme will be climaxed with a Skills for Job Conference and Exhibition, where students will have the opportunity to ask questions from industry experts on the skills needed for current and emerging jobs of the future. This is expected to motivate students to appreciate skills training at first hand.  

The goals of this student-initiated project include to:

  • Bridge the entrepreneurial skills gap of students 
  • Respond to the changing employment situation by encouraging initiative
  • Create an enterprise culture and stimulate entrepreneurial activity
  • Increase the rate at which students participate in experiential learning
  • Provide insights and connections for students to be part of mentoring networks


  • The  programme will feature  practical masterclass Skills training 
  • Skills for Jobs Summit and Expo event. 
  • Affirmative action for gender and persons with special needs have been mainstreamed

Four Key Practical Skills Training Clusters which advance the targets of the UN agenda 2030 (SDGs) have been selected. These include Creative Arts, Food- and Agri- Business, Digital and Tech Skills and Micro Manufacturing. 

“Young people continue to be the hardest hit by the job crisis. There are multiple and complex causes behind youth unemployability. Young people often have little or no labour market experience, and frequently lack relevant skills. The challenge of quality and relevance of the skill acquired in formal education can be harnessed by the UG-SRC through the Skill-UP for Jobs Bootcamp as an added specialised experiential learning during the students life on UG campus. 

Of the two routes for young people to enter employment, the labour-market training is being adopted due to its mass accessibility and cost effectiveness than work experience programmes at workplaces,” says Frank Tsikata, President UG-SRC 2023-2024. 

“GEN-Ghana is delighted to be working with UG SRC 2023-24 leadership to implement this project at the University of Ghana. We call on corporate organisations, development agencies, public sector institutions and the UG community to support this project,” says Stephen Gyasi-Kwaw, Country Founder/ MD (GEN-Ghana)

The expected outcomes include:

  • Participants will be exposed to employability and job creation  opportunities 
  • Participants will create new business & new markets
  • 1000 students will be directly trained and equipped with job skills 
  • Contribute to the Ghana’s achievements of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Provide students with life-long skills and experiences to thrive economically whilst helping Ghana to prosper
  • Interactions with mentors will influence student perspectives on the possibilities open to them after graduation
  • Participants will appreciate work and its function in the economy
  • Participants will develop work habits and attitudes necessary for job success

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About UG-SRC:

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) is the umbrella body of all undergraduate students at the University of Ghana, Legon. The SRC as the official mouthpiece of the entire student body advocates for the interests of students and fosters their welfare as well.  The SRC communicates the interests of students to authorities and represents the student populace on the university council and other boards. 

Also, it coordinates the activities of academic, cultural, religious, political and recreational clubs and societies. The SRC also fosters good relations between students of the University and the outside world by coordinating with other student organisations in Ghana and elsewhere in matters of mutual interest. In recent times, the SRC has assumed more prominently the added role of being development partners of the university and the Ghanaian society at large.

About GEN-Ghana:

Global Entrepreneurship Network – Ghana (GEN-Ghana) is an entrepreneurship and innovation advancement organisation that provides and promotes a platform of local, / international programmes and activities aimed at making it easier for anyone to start and scale a sustainable business. 


We work by fostering deeper cross border collaboration and initiatives between entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and entrepreneurial support organisations. We work with government, corporations, NGO’s, development agencies to fuel healthier start and scale ecosystems that create more jobs, wealth, educate individuals, accelerate innovations for sustainable social and economic impact.

GEN-Ghana is a company limited by guarantee under the laws of Ghana, registered in March 2010. We are a member of Global Entrepreneurship Network which operates in over 160 countries independently, working to build one entrepreneurial ecosystem around the world. or 

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