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Watch: Usher stars in 'Looking 4 Myself', a digital film for Samsung Smart TV



Samsung has unveiled a new film titled – “Looking 4 Myself” starring Usher promoting its Smart TV. Directed by Rich Lee, the film features two Ushers facing off against each other, as “down-to-earth” Usher seeks revenge against “celebrity” Usher after fame causes the demise of his romantic relationship. The film follows the two Ushers as they battle each other in an elaborately choreographed dance routine across downtown Los Angeles. As the face-off between the two Ushers ensues, the motion-controlled Samsung Smart TV plays a role in the film’s story in a variety of innovative ways, such as when Usher’s dance moves control a variety of features of the Samsung Smart TV.

The film which brings Usher and Samsung together to create an artistic and provoking digital film experience also seamlessly integrated Samsung’s Smart TV into the story in a way that sets a new standard in content marketing.

Vice president Yoon Jung Lee of Samsung also added: “We can’t think of a more compelling way to demonstrate the Samsung Smart TV technology than by integrating it into the choreography of our digital film collaboration with Usher.

“This effort once again demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to developing irresistible content for our consumers that builds the Samsung brand in new and innovative ways.”

The Samsung Smart TV features breakthrough motion controls, which allows viewers to zoom in on images, adjust the volume, and even navigate the menu using the flick of a hand instead of a remote control. In addition, the Samsung Smart TV creates an immersive social media experience for viewers.

Since the film’s debut on 13 June it has received over 19 million views.



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