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Watch: Give me constructive criticisms instead of bashing me- Wendy Shay to the media



Ruff Town records signee, Wendy Shay is celebrating 2 years of her presence in the Ghanaian music industry.

In an exclusive interview with Ameyaw TV, the “Emergency” crooner talked about her journey so far-the lessons and experiences.

Over the course of the 2-year period, Wendy Shay has faced so many controversies.

Speaking on them and answering a question about whether the media has been fair to her in their reportage, the award-winning singer stated that the media “could do better.”

“I was very inexperienced. And there were some things I wouldn’t do now, some choice of words… there are some things I would really think about before I do or before I wear. With the experience or with the inexperience that I had it gave the media news or it gave them the opportunity to say some stuff about me,” she stated.

Wendy Shay also added that she could use a little bit of constructive criticisms from the media when she goes wrong.

“Of course there are some things that I can actually takeI wish the media  would have you know maybe instead of the bashing, they should give me constructive criticisms.

‘It would be nice to tell me what I did wrong and tell me what to do next time… instead of saying for instance Wendy Shay shows ‘tonga’, we can use better headlines,” she added.

Watch Interview below: