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Watch: Fans support and love us so we have to give back to them- Wendy Shay



The conversation surrounding whether celebrities must  give back to their fans in whatever forms has been trending especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

While some people believe celebrities do not owe their fans, others have disagreed saying that the fans contribute to make these celebrities as successful as they are.

One of such persons who does not entirely agree to that narrative is singer Wendy Shay.

According to the “Stevie Wonder” hitmaker, she believes strongly in giving back to fans because they contribute to making her who she is.

In a sit down interview with Ameyaw TV celebrating her 2-years musical journey, the award-winning singer opined that giving back to fans only makes them love and respect you even more.

“I don’t entirely agree with that. I believe that they support us, they love us, whatever we do they are there for us so we also have to give back in such situations or circumstances. They also have to feel the reason why they are following us their leader, you have to also give something back so that they will respect you and then love you till the end and even more,” she explained.

Wendy Shay is currently promoting her new single featuring Bosom PYung titled, “Emergency.”

Watch interview below: