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WATCH: Mother of Becca accuses her son-in-law of being a thief and more

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WATCH: Mother of Becca accuses her son-in-law of being a thief and more

Most Ghanaians were officially introduced to Madam Julie Yiadom-Oti, the mother of singer Becca, when the musician held a concert to celebrate her 10 years in music in  October 2017.

An emotional Becca introduced her mother with so much joy and appreciation on stage during the concert. However, it appears all is not well, from a recent interview with Madam Yiadom-Oti.

She granted an explosive interview claiming that Becca’s husband, Tobi, has branded her as a witch and cut her off from reaching Becca.

Madam Yiadom-Oti spoke with passion and anger about her sour relationship with Dr Tobi and added that it started during Becca and Tobi’s wedding.

According to her, she was sidelined. She claims she hasn’t spoken to Becca close to a year now. Madam Yiadom-Oti insinuated that Tobi is a thief, who is warding her off, so he would have a chance to manage the wealth of Becca.

Watch snippets of the interview below:

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Becca’s Husband Is A Thief So He Thinks I’ll Be Stealing From My Daughter As Well; Says Her Mother • • Mother of Ghanaian singer, Becca, has granted an explosive interview in reaction to claims that Becca’s husband, Tobi, has branded her as a witch and cut her off from reaching her daughter. The singer’s mother confirmed her sour relationship with son-in-law and added that it started way back from her daughter’s wedding, where she was sidelined. Speaking to Chris-Vincent of Ghana, she said she hasn’t spoken to her daughter close to a year now. Talking with some rage and disappointment in the near-tear conversation, she fired back at Tobi with repugnant words. [Press Play] More and link to full explosive interview in our instastory. _______________________________________________________ #FameBugs #Ghana #BeccaHearts #TobiDaniels #ZylofonMedia #Singer #Africa #Ghanaian #Celebrities #Gossip #Enews #FameBugs

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.



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  2. Gbade

    July 1, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    I am not surprised in any way to hear Becca’s mother calling her son In law “Tobi” names. And how she said that she is been branded as a witch . I will not generalize it that a particular people of a country or tribe are like this or that but to simply say it is human nature, characters and values system. There are good people in every society and equally are bad people. So it also apply to Ghana.
    However, my points are this, inter marriages between Ghanaians and Nigerians has never been easy as people may think, especially for men. Many Nigeria men may share this opinion with me by experience. As I said, no generalization because our experiences are differ. The facts of the matter is the moment you entered in to the marriage, the contest has started just like Ghana black stars and the green eagles of Nigeria. This contest may not start by any of the two people in marriage but originated mostly from the parents. Though some of the ladies buy into this destructive ideas of their parents and beginning to play dangerous games in marriage to proof to their husbands, they are the best and when divorce eventually happen the man always be the bad and wicked one, probably a thief if not an opportunist.
    Therefore, to madam, Becca’s mother. I will advice you to reference God in all your dealings. Live your daughter to build her family and enjoy her marriage if she had not given you any reason to interfere. People will call you witch or wizard if you behave like one. An intelligent man can sense danger far away and protect himself and his dear family. An intelligent and virtuous woman will do anything to protect her husband and entire family too. Making the man look bad as been an ancient trick to attract sympathy and to gather necessary support.
    People like you have caused so much irreparable damage to marriages that involves your daughters and Nigeria men, you make the good intentioned men to suffer for the crime they did not commit and the only crime is they married your daughters.
    My advise to ladies is this, every action will be judged according to your intentions and motives, always remember their is always an invisible party in every transaction and he is an ultimate judge without nationality. What shall it profit a man or woman gained the whole world and lost his or her soul. Reference God and do what is right.

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