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Trading options is a game of numbers. Get your numbers right and inflate your bank account. Get it wrong and you are out of the game. It’s a game of precision that requires an elaborate trading strategy. With sites such as WealthPress, you can now do your options trading with confidence. You don’t have to master everything to make consistent wins. With basic knowledge, you can now make consistent profits from options trading. On these lines, here is all you should know about WealthPress.

So, what’s WealthPress? How can it help you with your options trading? How does it work? Why should you choose WealthPress? If these are the questions you need answering, stick around. This comprehensive review is going to delve and help you understand all things WealthPress. For more information, visit

To The Basics

Developed by a trading options master Roger Scott, WealthPress is a precision trading system/program that features long stock and long call options. Thus, you have an opportunity to trade with either of the options. You can also choose to go with both options. It’s also important to note that all signals have a short term time horizon. On average, a trading position should be to help for about 2 weeks. However, some of them might be help for longer periods. It all dependent on the prevailing market action. Holding a trade for two weeks will necessitate revaluation and liquidation. In a nutshell, WealthPress is a product from an options trader master and it’s explicitly created for traders who want to make a real fortune.

Trading Mistakes You Should Avoid

Making real money in stock trading depends on the strategies you use. It also depends on your persistence and discipline. However, mistakes can cost you dearly. That’s why you need to avoid the following common mistakes when going about your stock trading.

Using Strategies That Doesn’t Match With Your Outlook

Developing an outlook that reflects your explicit beliefs is an important component. You can either use the technical or fundamental analysis when developing an outlook. With technical analysis, you have an option that deals with interpreting market action (volume or price). This is presented in the form of a chart to identify support, resistance, as well as business trending areas. This outlook helps you to understand the actual outlook of the value of a given company. Thus, when choosing an option strategy, ensure that you can fit into your explicit needs.

Don’t Choose a Wrong Expiration

Time is an important aspect when it comes to stock trading. According to Roger Scott from WealthPress, getting it right with the expiry date can save you a lot and improve your chances of making profits. Remember, options trading is all about timing. The good thing is that you can develop an outlook with an explicit expiry date.

Don’t Choose Wong Position Size

Fear and greed are two major causes o position-sizing errors. Greed will lead to poor decisions. For instance, being too greedy will push you into trading too large position sizes. So, even if you are staring at a loss and you need to act first to salvage something, stay away from greed. It won’t take you anywhere.

Also, don’t let fear influence your decision-making process. It will lead to poor decisions when it comes to position trading sizes. Also, don’t let fear lead you into trading too small. Doing so might deny you opportunities to make big returns.

Don’t Ignore Volatility

Implied volatility, which is actually a measure of the expected future market volatility, is key when it comes to determining the optimum premium price. Thus, you need to determine whether the premium is expensive or affordable. This will help you determine the option strategy to implement when doing your stock trading. WealthPress offers an innovative Option Statistics tool you can leverage on to determine the level of volatility of an option. The program is easy to use and has been developed by an experienced stock trader.

Don’t Forget to Use Probability

Like gambling, stock trading is highly dependent on probability. So, if you don’t use probability when trading, you might end up making consistent losses. So, it’s important to consider the probability of the strategy you implement. It will help you determine where to trade. One of the benefits of probability is that it puts the future happenings into perspective. It also helps determine if the risk is worth taking. WealthPress uses innovative probability techniques to predict the direction of the stock. With WealthPress, you have a solution that can remove options directional bias from your trading.

Don’t Focus on Expiration Graph

A good trader must consistently check the risk that is associated with a trade. Also, it’s good to evaluate whether the risk is worth taking. So, don’t just solely focus on the positions expiry graph. It won’t reveal the level of risks involved. Instead, consider using profit and loss calculator tools. They will accurately predict the price movement—both current and future.

Don’t Forget To Have A Trading Plan

Planning is a key component as far as stock trading is concerned. According to Roger Smith from WealthPress, a trading plan will help you organize your trading schedule and prioritize the best options. So, not having a plan is a deadly mistake. A trade should contain the following items:

  • The amount you can risk per trade
  • How to find opportunities on the stock market.
  •  The actual time you are willing to enter a trade
  • An elaborate exit strategy

The Bottom-Line

In the past, options trading was a preserve for the chosen few. Those who had trading knowledge would make real money from options trading. Thus, without trading skills, you couldn’t make it. However, with the introduction of trading programs like WealthPress, options traders can trade with confidence. There is no experience needed. No skills required. All you need is to learn how to use the WealthPress program. The above information contains all you need to know about WealthPress and the trading mistakes you should avoid.



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