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What Types of Metals Can Be Recycled?



Scrap metal recycling is the most efficient waste metal disposal method. It is cost-effective and a perfect way to conserve the environment and create employment opportunities for individuals around you. Additionally, recycling allows you to save energy and minimize business expenses.

Nonetheless, before venturing into this noble course, you need to understand that not all metals are recyclable. Among the critical steps of scrap metal recycling is sorting the materials to ensure that only the recyclable materials go into the processing furnace. You need only the best quality metals to get quality end products, and that’s why you ought to take your time in the collection and sorting process.

Suppose you experience any issues establishing the right metals to recycle. In that case, you should entrust the task to a reputable Scrap yard in Atlanta, and with their knowledge and expertise, you are guaranteed the best results possible.

The Four Common Recyclable Metals

Not every metal is reusable. Fortunately, most of the widely used and versatile metals are easily recyclable. Without further ado, here is a glance at some of the recyclable metals.



Aluminum is commonly known for its versatility in making a range of products such as cans, car parts, doors, sidings, and utensils, to mention a few. One of the aspects that make this metal stand out amid other benefits is its high quality, which allows it to retain its properties even after several recycling procedures. Aluminum is loved for its fast turnaround time from waste metal to unmatched consumer products. Recycling aluminum is beneficial as it helps you save up to 98% of the energy you would have used to create products from virgin metal.


Iron is mainly used for gas heaters and pipes, but you can also find it in most vintage items around homes and businesses. It is also among the most corrosive metals, a characteristic that has forced most individuals to shift to other choices such as steel. Nonetheless, iron is a super valuable scrap metal that retains its quality properties after recycling to create valuable new items if kept away from corrosion agents.


Copper is among the expensive metals in the market, but the price is worth this metal’s value. Even the scrap copper metals command a reasonable price due to the quality and versatility. Copper is used in various applications, including electric wires and pipes, which explain its high value. You should always hold on to your waste copper metals for recycling as you’ll get to save a lot for your business.


Steel is among the widely used metals for both residential and business appliances. You will find it in cars, house appliances, utensils, furniture, and construction sites. You will be surprised to know how much you can do with those steel scrap metals lying in the scrap yard. Steel has magnetic properties, which qualifies it as a recyclable material. You can easily separate the valuable metal from impurities to ensure that you only work with the best quality.



While the list of recyclable metals is endless, the mentioned options are the most recommended for commercial recycling. Also, you should study each of them to establish if it is fit for your intended project.

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