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Why Should I Choose an iPhone XR?



If you want the benefits of the iPhone X without breaking the bank, one option is the recently rolled-out iPhone XR. Much like the iPhone 5c, it offers the more benefits than its predecessors and comes in several eye-popping colors.


Buying a new phone is a huge commitment, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are several factors you should consider like specs, functionality and the aesthetics of the device. Luckily, we are here to make that job easier for you. So, if you are debating whether you should take this phone home with you, keep reading.

Customization Options

As well as the assortment of colors, there are many ways to customize your iPhone XR. For example, your phone will be pre-loaded with custom wallpapers.These custom wallpapers will often match the color of your iPhone XR. So, if you have a red phone, expect lots of complimentary red-themed wallpapers!

You can also customize your phone with a case. When it comes to the  best iPhone XR cases, there are a lot of choices. From a charging case to a shock-proof case, there’s a near-limitless offering of designs at all kinds of price-ranges. All you need to do is pick out the one you like best. You can find various iPhone XR cases both online and in stores.

Impressive Battery Life

Apple claims that the iPhone XR has the best battery life of a phone so far – even better than its high-end siblings the X and the XS. With battery life in turn being a make-or-break factor in many people’s decision to buy a phone, it is important to take that into account.

According to Apple, the XR can handle 16 hours of playback time, 25 hours of wireless talk time and 15 hours of internet browsing. So, if you want a phone for the long haul, it looks like the iPhone XR is the ideal product.


The design of the iPhone XR makes it lightweight and easy to carry. While the iPhone X and XS are made with a bulky stainless steel frame, the XR is built from a customized aluminum alloy. It’s a similar metal to what is used on aircrafts, and it helps to keep the phone light as a feather. At the same time, however, the aluminum alloy can still pack a punch and cause some damage.


Liquid Retina Display

The iPhone XR is the first product to roll out this all-new kind of display. It’s reportedly the most realistic color-display on the market. It also has the biggest LCD screen Apple ever included on an iPhone, standing at 6.1 inches. It makes its mark as the first LCD Apple screen to support functionalities like Tap-To-Wake and True Tone.

Single-Lens Portrait Mode

Portrait Mode was originally rolled out as part of the X’s dual camera system. Although the XR only has a single camera lens, it still replicates the popular Portrait Mode feature. The XR’s singular camera is able to pick up on the details of the subject and subtly separate that person from the background with an effect known as ‘bokeh’.

This bokeh effect can in turn be adjusted with Apple’s depth control feature to ensure you are getting the most out of Portrait Mode.

Is This the Phone For You?

Ultimately, there are several benefits to Apple’s latest budget phone like it’s legendary battery life and screen size. The iPhone XR is a financially friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality. If you want to purchase an iPhone XR, you can do so online or at the Apple Store.