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Video: Salma Mumin’s Muslim mom complain about her “tiny dress” as they head out to dinner



Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin’s mom is just like any conservative Muslim mom, and as such, expects their daughters to cover up when they are out in public. 

The actress shared videos and photos  of her and her mom on her Instagram page yesterday  after treating her to a special dinner at her restaurant, “Salma’s Eatery.”

“Dinner with MAMA SALMA AT @salmaseatry 😁. Do we look alike? Well wait till you see me with my dad, we are like twins 👯‍♀️,” she captioned the photos/videos.

In one of the videos, at home, before they headed out to dinner, Salma’s mom is heard complaining about the dress she’s wearing.

“The sleeves of your dress are too tiny”, Mama Salma is heard saying in the “Waali” dialect about the black dress Salma was wearing.

Salma however responded saying; “it’s the style of the dress.”

Watch video below:


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