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23 Teams Qualify for Semi-Finals in CLUB Beer’s 5on5 Amateur Football Tournament



CLUB Beer’s 5on5 tournament for both male and female amateur football players has completed its regional qualifiers with a series of matches held simultaneously across the country. 


In the male category, Addy Stars, Ermar FC, Lucky Stars, Boys Boys, and Beach Stars emerged winners in the Greater Accra Region, while Ohene Ba, Andrews Team, and Evens Team topped in the Ashanti Region. 


Other male teams that made it to the semi-finals include Friends of Gatosa, Rehoboth, Igbo Club, A Team, Super Stars, Snokca FC, Chelsea FC, 5-Stars, and  Dream Chasers respectively from other regions.


Qualifying teams for the female category are Wisdom Ladies and Bishop Ladies, Greater Accra Region; Upper Queens, Upper West Region; Giggles, Do the Do, and Bela 5. 


Speaking at the regional qualifiers at Dansoman, Accra, ABL’s Head of Marketing, Ms. Ewurafua Addo-Atuah, remarked that ‘we received more than 1,000 entries from amateur teams across the country and have been playing knock-out matches at local community levels, with the winners battling it out at the regional qualifiers”.


The 23 teams will play at the semi-finals on Sunday, 19thMay, 2019 at the Zulka Sports Arena, Dansoman from 12pm where four (4) teams per category will be selected to participate in the ultimate showdown for a chance to be crowned national amateur champions on the 26thof May. 

Ms. Addo-Atuah said “the tournament has so far been thrilling, and contributed tremendously to CLUB’s exceptional legacy as Ghana’s quintessential, and number one selling beer”. 

CLUB 5on5 Amateur Football Tournament

The CLUB 5on5 Amateur Football Tournament was launched on 11thMarch, 2019 as part of a continental football gala across eight other African countries in the Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABInBev) family. 

The winning teams from Ghana will represent the country in a tournament in Tanzania in June 2019, with the Africa winners eventually travelling to Europe for the ultimate football experience.


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Hilemzi Foundation to feed 500 needy children on January 7



Hilemzi Foundation
“Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return.” – Roy T. Bennett

Hilemzi Foundation is set to embark on another “Feed The Street Needy 2023”, a project which seeks to feed 500 needy children in selected localities within Ghana on Saturday, January 7, 2023.

The issue of streetism is very pathetic, to say the least. The ugly truth of some Ghanaian children who sleep on our streets, in front of shops, homes, and even in disgusting places in our environments cannot go unnoticed. Problems of rural-urban migration, broken homes, and poverty spearhead the causes of streetism in Ghana today, that’s why Hilemzi Foundation is here to support.

One of the foundation’s wishes is, no children are to be seen on the streets, hustling under the scorching sun with all the risks involved, not knowing what the outcome of the day would be.

Hilemzi Foundation believes given the right opportunity, these children who find themselves on the streets would make better choices and make a better living. With a long-term project of building a training center to house some of these street children in time to come, by making them feel wanted and important to the country.

Hilemzi Foundation believes in making the country a better place. Where else do we start, if not starving a child who has to run after cars with his merchandise just so he can afford a single meal. Although the long-term goal is to gradually reduce or eradicate streetism with support from government agencies and international bodies. The foundation wants to start by making the street children know that they matter and that they are cared for especially in the country.

This year’s edition seeks to feed over five hundred (500) children in selected localities within Ghana and also assure them of advocating for streetism to be abolished in the country. Also, to provide them with some items and interact with them, to encourage and make them feel loved.

The foundation has targeted an amount of ten thousand Ghana cedis (ghc10,000.00) for this year’s project.

Hilemzi Foundation is appealing to and calling on individuals, non-governmental organizations, corporate institutions, and all Ghanaians to sponsor or partner with them to make a difference in the lives of these underprivileged ones who find themselves in such unfortunate circumstances.

To donate, kindly send your fund to this MTN mobile money number 0549752545 (Hilda Emeruwa Oluchi).

As much as GHc1 is no longer money trust me your Ghc1 is money to them and can still save a life (….it can still buy 2 sackets mineral water which when multiplied by 10 is equal to the value of a bag of mineral water) this is to say what you call little indeed still makes a mighty ocean as the saying goes.

So please donate to help Hilemzi Foundation again feed the street needy and make them believe that Matthew 6:25-34 will forever be yeah and Amen ( their maker who feeds the birds of the skies and grasses of the land without them worrying about what to eat the following day is still the same God who made a promise to them never to leave them hungry.

Follow Hilemzi Foundation on Instagram

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Scent of Africa launches Chapter 2 of its “Eternal Legends” Collection



Photo 1 Tanal Ghandour

Scent of Africa, a Fine Fragrance House, established by Ghandour Cosmetics Ltd., has released its second new luxury fragrance duo, Hagé (for men) and Laïka (for women), in an exclusive media event. This second out of three His and Her fragrance duos launched this year continues in the tradition of the Eternal Legends Collection, drawing inspiration from legends in African mythology, resources such as the Company’s production hub in Accra, indigenous ingredients from across the continent, and its extraordinary, patented bottle design.

The much-anticipated event MCed by The Stylish KOD, brought together media, influencers, bloggers, retailers, and the Scent of Africa team, in an interpretation of African identity, luxury, and modernity. The Event held at NsuomNam (Meat of the Sea), the most innovative pan-African seafood restaurant with their carefully curated menu by internationally celebrated Chef Mick Élysée, located in the heart of Accra, was vibrant and colourful, filled with the avant-garde millennial energy that the fragrance embodies. It also featured cocktails that incorporated some ingredients used in the making of the fragrance and live band music from the iconic artist Efya.product images hage laika 1

Hagé is a leathery scent created by renowned Perfumer Jordi Fernandez, evocative of its inspiration of Agé, the god of hunting, wild animals, and wide-open spaces revered by the Fon, also called Dahomey people found in Benin, Nigeria, and Togo. The key ingredients of the fragrance include Armoise and Cedarwood from Morocco and Geranium from Egypt. The fragrance’s personality is of a man with heightened senses and intuition who never lets go of his prey, a goal, or conquest. Hagé is worn like a sensory and sensual superpower leaving an irresistible, lasting trail.

Laïka is a floral fruity fragrance signed by international Perfumer Nathalie Cetto. The famous Swahili love song, Malaïka, lends the fragrance its theme. This feminine muse is as inspirational as an angel, adored and celebrated. She is an embodiment of pure light whose loving nature wins people over and garners respect through her wisdom. The sensory elements of Buchu from South Africa, Pomegranate, a bouquet of Roses and Orange Blossom from Morocco and Tunisia, and Vanilla from Madagascar allow fluidity and contrast between softness and energy. This perfume will surround its wearer from her crown like a halo and spread around her body like wings.

The new duo takes centre stage and glows from the light its predecessor shone. Ripples from the successful Chapter 1 release of the first duo, the woody, spicy scent of Rakh “The Winner” and the rich, fruity floral bouquet of Nefee “The Queen” signed by Master Perfumer Olivier Pescheux and Perfumer Delphine Lebeau respectively is still being felt. Ceremoniously launched on 6th March 2022, the duo was recognized in September 2022 with a bronze trophy in the “Perfumes and Fragrances” category at the #Pentawards2022 – the world’s leading and most prestigious packaging design competition hosted in London this year. Subsequently, in October 2022, Scent of Africa exhibited at the Tax-Free World Association (TFWA) World Conference and Exhibition 2022 in Cannes, France, introducing the duo to the duty-free and travel retail world. As the page turns on Chapter 1, it sets a riveting tone for the story to climax in Chapter 2. The third and last Chapter 3 in the collection is expected to be released in 2023.

Tanal Ghandour, Founder of Scent of Africa, said, “Scent of Africa celebrates the unity and diversity of the African continent while contributing to dispersing its beautiful culture throughout the world by showcasing the creativity and prowess of its people through high perfumery. Importantly, it also responds to the demand for personalization in an increasingly inclusive world where Beauty evolves by offering a brand infused with the soul and olfactory jewels of the African continent, made in Ghana for the world.”

As Africa’s culture advances in fashion, art, culinary, and entertainment industries, Scent of Africa contributes to this trend by distinguishing itself in the fine fragrance market with its unique purpose and messaging. As the fragrance blazes the trail of high perfumery, we see it already resonate with people of African descent and patrons of luxury perfumes worldwide looking for something phenomenal.

The Eternal Legends Eaux de Parfum Collection comes in 50ml and 10ml sizes. They can be found in luxury retail perfume shops in Ghana, such as Paris 2, Zino, Galaxxxy Perfumery, Aurora, and Dufry in Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport. To connect with the brand on digital platforms, visit its website and on social media (Instagram, Facebook & YouTube) via the handle @scentofafrica to learn about these fragrances rising out of Africa and diffusing across the continent and beyond.

Photo 2 highlishts 1 Photo 2 highlishts 2 Photo 2 highlishts 3 Photo 2 highlishts 4 Photo 2 highlishts 5 Photo 2 highlishts 6 Photo 2 highlishts 7 Photo 2 highlishts 8 Photo 2 highlishts 9 1

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What Are Cervical Cancer Symptoms & When to See a Doctor?




advanced cervical cancer rates rising among us women 1440x810 1

For every ailment, there’s a cause, a symptom, and a cure, and cervical cancer is no different. Cervical is derived from the root word, ‘cervix’ which can only be found in women. (more…)

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5 Best Sneakers To Wear With Dresses – Our Top Picks!



Slip on sneakers

When it comes to dressing up for any casual or special event, there’s nothing quite as timeless as a well-fitted pair of sneakers for women. They can easily enhance any look, from casual to dressy. Sure, you could go for traditional and wear high heels or pumps, but let’s face it: those things can get pretty old after a while. There are plenty of other options that will make you look more classy, and sneakers are one of them. But what can be the best sneakers to wear with dresses?

This article will share our top picks for sneakers. From sporty styles to classic designs, we have enough on our plate for everyone. So whether you’re looking for a versatile pair of sneakers or something special and unique for a certain occasion, read the article.

Slip-on sneakers

When trying to find the perfect sneakers to wear with dresses, you should choose styles that look more elegant and feminine. One particularly versatile option is slip-on sneakers. They can be dressed up or down and are especially good for wearing skirts or dresses. These sneakers have a comfortable, flexible leather or fabric upper that will contour to your foot as you walk. Too often, slip-on is low-key or stiff to mesh, which works with almost any outfit.

Moreover, they come in numerous sizes and can be tailored to fit even the most slender feet. The sleek minimal style of slip-on sneakers helps to balance your outfit. Wear a dress with a lacy design along the neckline or hemline. Or choose a simple solid dress and pair your white sneakers with the dress. As always, make sure to accessorize your look appropriately

Knitted Sneakers

Most women rely on knitted, breathable sneakers when going to events or work. However,  pairing these sneakers with dresses can be tricky. If you’re looking for a unique way to add some zing to your look, go for a pair of brightly colored knit sneakers. The perfect sneakers to wear with dresses are knit sneakers. This type of sneaker has a breathable and low-top construction, giving the shoe a feminine appearance.

These flattering shoes have a rubber outsole for better traction and grip. They have a mesh upper that allows air to flow, making them very cool and comfortable. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable, and you can easily wear them without being sweaty and tired. Moreover, the fitted closure and breathable upper makes these shoes more significant than others. One of the hottest trends right now is pairing knitted sneakers with dresses for a chic and casual look. If your dress is longer, you can wear high-top sneakers, and if your dress has a shorter length, you should wear low-profile knitted sneakers.

Lace-up Sneakers

Lace-up sneakers are the perfect addition to your wardrobe because they are cool and can create a sleek classier look. Whether you are wearing formal or contemporary, these laced sneakers will give you a perfect finishing touch. They have cushioned heel collars, padded insoles, and an open-lacing system with 4 to 5 eyelets. From memory foam to gel, you can have them with many features. Lace-up sneakers are mostly made of synthetic leather or fabric lining that can be waterproof and breathable. Mid-soles have shock-absorbent qualities, so you don’t have to worry about strained feet.

Lace-up sneakers are all the rage these days, and women everywhere are trying to figure out how to style them with their dresses.Sneakers with a low profile or, in other words, dips below your ankle bones look stunning with all dresses and even skirts. Lace-ups are one of the best white sneakers to wear with dresses. A black-sheared mini dress with white sneakers is a quick go-to outfit idea. You can also wear long floral dresses with tassel earrings for a warm evening look. On colder days, go for sweater dresses instead. You can also consider white trainers to wear with dresses. They are highly recommended for those who need to stay on their feet for long hours.

Air Cushion Sneakers

Air cushion sneakers are a type of shoe designed to provide extra cushioning and support. They are often made with various materials, including mesh and foam, and usually have a thick sole containing an air pocket. It helps to absorb impact and shocks, making them perfect for several activities like running or walking. Air cushion sneakers can also benefit people with sore feet or back problems.

Sneakers make your outlook more girlish and casual. They can elevate any outfit, whether casual jeans and tee combo or a more dressed-up look. And when it comes to pairing them with dresses, there are countless possibilities. For a casual look, pair air cushion sneakers with a denim dress. Add a leather jacket and some jewelry to finish the look. Try pairing air cushion sneakers with a floral dress for something more girlish. A cardigan and some pretty accessories will complete the ensemble perfectly. This dress and sneakers outfit idea is perfect for lunch, hangouts, and other casual events. You can select some air cushion sneakers online such as buying a perfect pair of women’s sneakers from Dream Pairs that is one of the best women’s footwear brands.

Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers are easy-to-clean, lightweight, and one of the best sneakers to wear with dresses. There are a few things to remember when shopping for canvas sneakers for women. First, consider the style of the shoe. Low-top and high-top options are available, as well as slip-on and lace-up styles. You’ll also want to think about the color and pattern of the shoe. Solid colors and plain shoes always look decent and classy, but you can also find canvas sneakers with many prints and patterns.

When talking about pairing canvas sneakers and dresses together, a long maxi dress or bodycon will look great. You can also consider wearing wrap dresses with white sneakers for a trendy modern look. Also, don’t forget accessories. A scarf, sunglasses, belt, and earrings will add glam to your feminine side. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to rock canvas sneakers with any type of dress like a fashionista!


Most of us tend to stick with a similar style regarding sneakers. But what if you want to try something different and dress a little more? With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of five sneakers considered perfect sneakers to wear with dresses. Whatever you choose, make sure your sneakers fit well and are comfortable to walk in.

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Night of 1029 Laughs & Music – The Biggest Comedy Festival Beckons!!



WhatsApp Image 2022 12 06 at 12.29.01

There are 12 months in the year, one 26th December, but a 1000 laughs for a rib cracking night. For 17 years, 26thDecember has and remains the biggest most anticipated comedy festival, and event powerhouse, Charterhouse is set to provide a premium night of comedy dubbed – A Night of 1029 Laughs & Music.

Referred to as Ghana’s foremost STAND-UP Comedy Show, this year’s event will feature the champions’ league of comedians; from the UK, Series 13 of Britain’s Got Talent finalists, Kojo Anim; from Nigeria Bovi and Kenny Blaq; and from Ghana Lekzy De Comic, OB Amponsah and Funny Face. Kuami Eugene and Cina Soul will be in the music corner to serenade you to some good music.

Mark 26th December on your calendar, 8pm on your clocks, and Grand Arena (Accra International Conference Centre) on your GPS Maps, for an incredible comedy experience. Purchase tickets online by dialing *713*33*00# or visit Nallem shop at Accra Mall and Charterhouse. For VIP table reservations, kindly call 0501288520. Anticipate as organizers of this premium event is set to bring you an exclusive night for you to let your hair down and end the year on a note of rib cracking laugher.

The Night of 1029 Laughs and Music is brought to you in partnership with YFM, Peace FM, Okay FM, Duks and powered by Charterhouse

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Maintenance & Benefits of Curlyme Deep Wave Wigs



What the lace wigs

Deep wave wigs are getting a lot of attention these days. Women prefer a deep wave wig over traditional hair wigs. Real human hair deep wave wigs are popular among girls and women because of their versatility. Most deep wave hair bundles come in a healthy state, giving you a natural looking hairstyle.

1. What is a deep wave wig?

A deep wave wig is a popular type of curly human hair wig. It is available in a variety of styles, including straight, curly and wavy hair. Its texture is similar to body waves, loose waves, or natural waves, but with a tighter curl. With many different styling techniques, it can maintain the style for a long time.

If you want to add more volume to your natural hair, a deep wave wig is a great choice as it blends in very well with your hair and looks bouncy and thick. You should take proper care of your deep wavy hair and treat yourself to prevent your hair from falling and tangling.

Its pattern is similar to Jerry’s curly pattern. Its hair texture has soft waves, it looks luxurious and adds volume to your hair. If properly cared for, your deep wave hair should last for at least a year.

2. How to care for a deep wave wig

You should always maintain your wig so that it stays put. This will make the wigs shinier and last longer.

●     To brush

You should be extra careful when combing deep wavy hair. Otherwise, the curls will be easy to release. We recommend using a wide toothbrush because a regular brush, or just a paddle brush, can cause the coils to open up when brushing. When brushing hair, make sure to start at the ends and work your way down to the roots.

●     Wash

Washing is an important step in the care of your deep wavy hair. Before brushing your deep wave, comb it with your fingers to make sure as many strands of hair are flowing freely. After that, wash the hair with warm water. You should finger comb your hair to reduce knots. This will allow you to wash your hair properly without damaging it.

●     Maintaining your deep wave wigs once they are loose

It is normal for curls to loosen a bit over time. Since they are made from virgin human hair, you can curl them with a medium-heat curling wand or even a set of plastic curlers.

Benefits of deep wave wigs

  • A wig can help you achieve a more natural appearance.
  • Provide multiple hairstyles.
  • These wigs have a longer lifespan than other types of wigs.
  • A wig will protect your natural curls from damage.
  • A deep wave wig can allow you to experiment with a new look.
  • Deep wave wigs do not irritate your scalp.

3. Why should you buy a deep wave wig?

Deep wavy hair pieces have bouncy curls that give off an air of sophistication. It’s ideal for weddings, dinner dates, and almost any other occasion. If you want to look like a classy celebrity without breaking the bank, consider getting a deep wave wig. These wigs have a luxurious texture that blends well with naturally curly hair. As a result, you can use it as hair extensions to add length as well as volume to your hair.

4. Why choose Curlyme Hair?

Curlyme Hair sells high quality human hair wigs to customers worldwide. Our deep wave wigs have a full, bouncy and soft feel. They are available in a variety of styles, colors as well as lengths. Deep Wave Glueless Human Hair Wigs and Short and Long Deep Wave on HD Lace are also available in our store. Buy good quality human hair pieces from the Curlyme online store, where you can buy now and pay later.


Deep wave wigs are the most popular and best selling wigs on the market right now. Many girls go for a deep wave wig not only because it is easy to maintain, but also because it can be worn as if it were your own natural hair. These are a great choice for adding extra hair to your own natural hair as they blend well and look thicker and fuller.

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