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4 Most Common Causes of Trucking Accidents



Truck accidents make up great portions of vehicular accidents as about five hundred thousand of all accidents are done by commercial trucks, with five thousand of these accidents leading to death. If you have been in a truck accident or seen one, then you already know how this can be devastating and dangerous for both the safety of everyone on the road. With such a big number of truck accidents, all we can do is try to reduce the number of truck accidents on the road to achieve safety whenever there are commercial trucks. The following are the 4 most common causes of trucking accidents that everyone should be aware of.

Drivers are Usually Tired

It’s not a secret that being a truck driver is not the most exciting job in the world, so drivers tend to get tired really fast, especially if drivers are overworked. Normally, any truck driver will tell you that they have to drive for long distances for extended periods of time with little to no rest during their journey. 


Truck drivers usually have to comply with strict schedules because companies require their cargo to be at a particular destination in a short amount of time; thus, putting truck drivers under a lot of pressure to deliver the cargo in time. The sporadic work hours will not allow for much sleep and they’re likely to become fatigued during one of their rides with little coordination or concentration, increasing the likelihood of an accident. Because there is no way of fixing the boredom of driving a truck all day long, there should be measures implemented especially for this job, like altering the schedules of truck drivers to allow for adequate rest time during their work hours. 



As we have mentioned before, truck drivers always have to stick to certain deadlines for deliveries, which can sometimes be impossible due to many factors, mainly the poor weather conditions, the short time in which they have to deliver the goods, and traffic jams in some parts of the city. 

Sometimes,  it might be inevitable for truck drivers to miss their deadlines. However, this can increase the chance of them losing their job, which places them under the pressure of speeding up past the speed limit even in poor weather or dangerous roads. Truck accident attorneys at also explain that overspeeding is one of the main contributors to trucking accidents as truck drivers going past the speed limit will very likely veer off the road, which can end up with them colliding with another car and endangering everyone on the road. Even if drivers are not tired and overworked, they still will have little time to react before a collision occurs.

Cargo is

Not Loaded According to the Rules

Loading the truck with the cargo is a process that has to go according to the rules mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These rules have to do with the height, weight, length, and overall size of the cargo you’re about to load. There are also special procedures that cargo loading teams have to follow and failing to do can be very fatal for people on the road. 

It’s not uncommon for cargo loading teams to make small mistakes as they’re doing the cargo securement process, which can cause the load to fall off the road and cause car accidents for the unwary driver. Thus, cargo loading should be done with care and overseen by a specialist to ensure that everything is set and that the truck is ready for the road. In addition to this, there is now technology that prevents such mistakes from happening, like sensors, data analytics, and monitors. So, equipping a truck with these tools can literally be a lifesaver.


Truck Driver’s Error

Despite the awareness regarding following the rules and safety drivers, truck drivers are still prone to making mistakes. For example, they can be tired, driving faster than the speed limit, distracted, eating, talking over the phone, or under the influence of drugs while driving. All these reasons can lead to accidents. So, it’s important for drivers, especially truck drivers to avoid such mistakes, even if only 22% of truck accidents happened due to the driver’s mistake.

Truck drivers drive long distances for many hours. Driving a large vehicle on the road is dangerous, even if there is no perceived danger on the road. Because there are about 81% of truck accidents caused by human errors, truck drivers should practice defensive driving. This includes keeping a safe distance from other drivers, and being patient, especially if there are reckless drivers on the road. You can learn more about truck accidents lawyer here.

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