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‘4play Reloaded’ for Christmas: Who is doing who this time?



One of the best selling Ghanaian home movies of 2010 ‘4Play’, which tells the stories of four industrious young ladies and friends, who were caught up in deceptive web of love with the wrong men, makes a return with ‘4Play Reloaded’ this Christmas.

‘4PLAY’ revolved around four very different relations and everything else in-between:  the Good Jezel and Rex (played by Jacky Appiah and John Dumelo); the Bad Ruby and Daron (played by Yvonne Okoro and Omar Sherrif Captan); the Ugly Angie and Alvin (played by Roseline Ngassih and Majid Michel); and finally the Dirty Nivera( played by Juliet Ibrahim).

At the age of 30, Nivera is still not married and is dating a 16 year old boy Kojo (Jason Sarpong). Not satisfied with Kojo’s sexual performance, Nivera goes on to sleep with Rex who is happily married to her best friend Jazel.

Angie is fat and ugly but likes handsome guys. She meets Alvin, a poor but handsome womanizer, who’s kind of woman is the total opposite of Angie. She takes him to a voodoo priest to charm him, so he would fall for her. Even though she succeeded, the charm got broken when Alvin went behind to sleep with her best friend Ruby. Ruby, on the other hand is married to Daron.  Even though she is cheating on him with Alvin, little did Ruby know that Daron was in a homosexual relationship with another man.

The story gets even more intriguing in ‘4play Reloaded’ where Nivera is pregnant for Kojo. Together with her friend, Nivera visits her cousin (played by Yvonne Nelson) who happens to be sleeping with Kojo and her dream man – Kojo’s father.  Angie and Alvin are divorced and Alvin meets up with another lady who asks for nothing but sex. She asks him to do the house chores and washes her panties, until Alvin had no option but to go beg Angie to take him back.

Also, Ruby’s lawyer has fallen in love with her but she is still in love with Daron who has still not given up on his love for her. He breaks up with his gay partner and makes up with Ruby.  Jazel and Rex are happily married with a baby girl. Jazel sets Rex up with another girl to test his faithfulness to her but the other woman ends up falling in love with Rex and gets pregnant in the process.

Catch the twists and turns in ‘4play Reloaded’ at the grand premiere at the Silverbird Cinema, December 17.