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5 Best Android Apps to Listen Music Offline During Covid-19 Lockdown!



Covid-19 has certainly taken down the world by storm within a matter of a few weeks. Billions of people around the world are locked down in their homes. It needs a lot of patience and mental stability to stay at home for months and this is where listening to music heals you up nicely! 

We know that there are many apps that work only with an active internet connection, but if you’re looking for apps you can listen to music without Wi-Fi, you’ve arrived at the right place. We’ve tested quite a few Android apps to find the best music app without wifi or mobile data, amazing, right?! 

So let’s check out some of the finest Android apps that can play music even without Wi-Fi on your smartphones and tablets!

#1. Pandora!

Pandora works offline and online both depending up on your choice. It’s one of the leading music player apps around the world. Pick your favorite artists, genres etc and customize your own Pandora station according to your music taste. Once you keep listening to songs, you can always give thumbs up if you want to add that particular song to your Pandora station, if not, give a thumbs down to remove it, vice-versa! Moreover, you can also add various podcasts in your songs collection. Creating playlists in Pandora is pretty simple as well. It is also good for music lessons. Give it a try and you’ll never regret it if your sole purpose is to use it as offline music player app. 

#2. SoundCloud!

You won’t get those so called popular songs on this app, instead, you will find thousands of artists who record their songs and post on SoundCloud. Even, you can share your talent too on the app when you’re online. It doesn’t play the songs offline, instead, you need to save them offline and listen to them whenever you feel stressed or want to relax for some time. Besides being a music app, it’s more like a social media app. Find new artists every day and save their songs to listen to music offline. 

#3. PowerAmp Music Player!

It’s the most popular offline music app for Android so far. Apart from just listening to songs offline, it is a power house to edit the tracks as per your customizations. Be it bass or treble adjustment or equalizer, it has got everything at your fingertips. Adjust everything as per your needs to enjoy the music your way. We loved the mono mixing and gapless playback options available in PowerAmp Music Player. 

#4. Spotify!

Spotify is the #1 app on App Store and Play Store in Music category. Of course, it must be on top of this list but the fact that it gives offline music playing option only for paid subscribers, it has come down to the 4th position in today’s list. We don’t think there’s a need of explanation about what comes with Spotify as you might have used it already. Once you get the paid plan, you’ll get ad-free experience, added shuffle play option with unlimited skips, and of course, offline music. It has to be your first choice to listen to music offline if you already have Spotify paid subscription on your Android devices. 

#5. Deezer Music Player!

Be it any artist around the world or any song you love, you’ll never regret Deezer Music Player once you install it. It has got over millions of songs in its library that are never ending. One can easily save the songs offline and listen to them later on when needed. It’s also easy to create a playlist if needed (if you’re saving too many random songs). And this also saves your data if you’re listening to a few songs on repeat mode. Apart from this, it also has most of the radio stations compatible and that’s just like icing on the cake! 

That’s it for today, folks!

Final Verdict!

So these were some of the finest Android apps that allow you to play music offline. And to heal you from loneliness and mental instability in Covid-19, these apps are no less than your personal friends during such times. Which app are you going to use on your devices? Let us know in the comment section below right away! Stay home, stay safe!