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5 ways to identify fraudulent business and avoid getting insta-scammed



In the era of social media marketing, it is easy to fall victim to people/business who scam people through Instagram. These steps would help you identify fraudulent accounts easily.

Last 2years, I got insta-scammed (scammed through Instagram), a business page promoting shoes and bags failed to deliver a product I paid for after I made payment through mobile money.

The experience left a mark on me and made me extra cautious when dealing with businesses on social media.


These steps helped…


What reviews do people leave in the comments section of the business post?

Do the business itself share reviews from its customers?

An honest business or service provider mostly shares reviews from other clients to attract new ones. If a business page hardly shares reviews and people leave bad reviews of the service in their comment section, stay away.


If a business never gets comments on their post, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

2. Watch out for fake giveaways.

Beyond looking for the reviews, you should be immediately suspicious if a business page is constantly having giveaways and promos. Where a business fails to name it’s giveaway winners, it wasn’t real to begin with.

This is a trick used by fraudulent businesses on social media to attract buyers.

3. Is the price reasonable?

A business page selling a 30″ inches long authentic human hair wig cap for 500gh should be a RED FLAG as that price is undoubtedly unreasonable.


When buying from an Instagram business, always cross-check the price with other businesses to know if it’s legit before making payments. Most fraudulent business pages reduce their prices to get more victims, don’t fall for the cheap price tags.

4. Do they use original photos and videos in their post?

Legit businesses mostly watermark their photos and photos with their names/handles.

Fraudulent businesses use videos/photos of others to advertise and can’t watermark them. If a page is constantly posting products that aren’t watermarked with their names/logos don’t buy from them!

Unwatermarked product ad


Watermarked product ad

5. Does it have a physical place?

Yes, the most social media-based business does not have physical spaces but it’s better to deal with the ones that do.

This makes it easier for you to visit their location if you get the wrong product you bought or have any unsatisfactory service.

Hardly buy from businesses that are out of your region if the business fails the four points mentioned above.


Fraudulent businesses mostly use delivery as an excuse to dupe people and never delivery what is paid for.
As a general rule, anyone who posts pictures of money and talks about investment opportunities is probably troubled so don’t venture such account for business at all.

It is best to buy from VERIFIED and businesses that have the things listed above.

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