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7 Biggest Lessons for YouTubers



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What do experts say are some of the biggest lessons for creators on YouTube?

1. YouTube is a long game.

Plan to stick to YouTube for a long time. Yes, there are viral stars who blow up quickly but for most people it takes years of persistence and hard work. For example, beauty creator Tati released 3.5 videos per month for the PAST 10 YEARS. Thus, dont give up. Challenges and pain will come .. but fight through it.

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2. Try new things with your content.

One of the biggest things that works for creators is UNIQUENESS. Your videos will do better the more different and unique they are. Thus, try new things. Don’t be afraid to try something crazy. The worst thing to do is to blend in and be exactly like everyone else.


3. The best way to monetize your videos is with sponsorships.

This is because small and big youtubers can all make money by selling advertising to businesses. You can just start reaching out via email to relevant businesses and get them to advertise with you. BUT … make sure the video which you are proposing seems perfect for that specific business.

4. Shock your viewers at the beginning of your videos.

Most creators lose viewers during the first 30 seconds. Thus, make sure the beginning of your video has something POWERFUL and GRABS attention.

5. Make your video all action.

Don’t focus on watch time but focus to make the shortest video possible with the most VALUE to the viewer. The videos that perform the best are usually less than 10 minutes. Thus, create shorter videos and remove all fluff.

6. One video can change your life.

This is interesting because it gives all of us hope. For example Cardi B was an unknown artist struggling in New York until her viral hit Bodak Yellow blew up and gained 1 billion views. Thus, keep hope alive because its possible.

7. Promote your videos to reach more people.

The more people watch your video, the more people can SHARE your video. This is important because if 100k people watch and 1k share with their 300 friends, then you reach an extra 300k people for free. Through Promolta you can distribute your YouTube videos on blogs, games, apps, and websites. This way real people will discover your content and can share with friends.

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Sweet Dreams in Style: Finding the Perfect Pajamas for You



Screenshot 2023 11 30 at 11.23.15

1. Introduction to Pajama Fashion

Once a mere necessity for a good night’s sleep, pajamas have transcended their traditional role, morphing into a significant fashion statement. The evolution of pajama fashion mirrors changes in societal norms and cultural tastes. From simple nightgowns to chic loungewear sets, pajamas now play a pivotal role in our wardrobe, offering both comfort and style. The journey of pajamas from mere sleepwear to trendy outfits showcases the dynamic nature of fashion and its ability to adapt to our evolving lifestyle needs.

2. The Role of Fabrics in Comfort and Style

In the world of sleepwear, the fabric is a silent comforter, whispering ease into our nighttime attire. Pajamas crafted from cotton breathe life into summer nights, offering a cool embrace. Meanwhile, silk slides over the skin with a promise of luxury, perfect for those seeking a touch of elegance in their slumber. Every material, from the snug warmth of flannel to the gentle caress of satin, serves a dual purpose: ensuring our utmost comfort and enhancing the visual appeal of our bedtime ensemble. The right fabric doesn’t just dress us for sleep; it sets the stage for a night of peaceful dreams and stylish repose.

3. Exploring Pajama Styles and Cuts


The world of pajamas is a kaleidoscope of styles and cuts, each uniquely suited to different tastes and body shapes. Consider the jacquard cotton pajama set, a harmonious blend of style and comfort. Its intricate patterns speak to those who admire detail and texture in their sleepwear. For a touch of sleek sophistication, the v-neck ice silk pajama stands out. Its smooth fabric glides over the skin, offering a cool, luxurious feel that’s perfect for warmer nights or those who prefer a featherlight touch.
Then, there’s the charm of the retro or vintage cotton gauze pajama set. This style is a nod to the past, where comfort met simplicity in a lightweight, breathable fabric, ideal for those who treasure a classic, airy feel in their night attire.
Each style serves more than the purpose of comfort; it’s a reflection of personal aesthetics and a celebration of individuality. Finding the right pajamas becomes not just about a good night’s sleep but an expression of personal style, making every night a journey into comfort and fashion.