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Airtel boss speaks at La Presby School during Citizenship Day Celebrations



The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) celebrated Citizenship Day by organizing a series of lectures on educating students in various institutions across the country on the 1992 constitution. Citizenship Day which was held on the 4th of May this year received a big boost with the Managing Director of Airtel Ghana, Philip Sowah being invited to speak to the pupils at La Presbyterian B Primary and Junior Secondary School in Accra. Philip Sowah who spent time speaking with the pupils asked the pupils to recite the national anthem as a means of finding out if they could, and indeed, they recited it beautifully, generating a feeling of nationalism in the classroom. He then picked several aspects of the anthem and simplified it so the young minds could understand. “As citizens of Ghana, we should live in harmony and treat people fairly, the way we would like others to treat us” he said. A proud Ghanaian, Philip Sowah challenged them to take pride in their citizenship and to aspire to the greatest heights that their minds would allow them to go.  His departing words to the pupils were that they should read a lot and come to school and study hard. In emphasizing reading he stressed that it is impossible to be successful in this world without being able to read. Without reading and a good education, it would be difficult for them to progress and become the ‘big men and women’ that they all aspired to be. Civic Education Officer at the NCCE, John Doe said Citizenship Day celebrations were about educating the citizenry on their rights and duties as the future leaders of Ghana.   The programme was organized by NCCE to give the pupils the chance to meet and talk with role models of this country who lived or grew up in their communities.  For Ghana to develop well, it was important for the future leaders to know and obey national laws. Mr. Doe explained to the pupils that the 10 ways of being a good citizen can be summarized as follows; volunteering to be active; obeying the laws and rules; knowing and understanding the National Anthem and Pledge; respect for authority; respecting the National Flag; being a good neighbor; protecting the environment and national property; reporting people who do wrong; keeping the environment clean; and respecting the rights of others. Head of Corporate Communications and External Affairs of Airtel Ghana, Donald Gwira, reiterated Airtel’s desire to contribute in its small way in keeping the spirit of patriotism in Ghana high whiles contributing to the country’s development.]]>

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